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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Sep 16 2008, 07:48 AM) *
Oh, one other thing. Can someone please explain to me girls who wear skinny jeans and then buckle their gladiator sandals over top of the jeans?! It's not even edgy, it just looks stupid and uncomfortable.

Ha! I have seen this once or twice. It is the most ridiculous thing.

A few weekends ago, I was at the mall and saw a black girl wearing a cute safari green romper outfit (shorts & top sewn together, with buttons down the front). The shorts were a little on the shorty-short side and rolled up for maximum exposure. But what really made the outfit almost laughable were her gladiator sandals that came up all the way to her knees. I mean, they were *way* overdone. It would have looked ok if the sandals just came to her ankles, or maybe a little way up the calf. But these were monster gladiators that encased her whole lower leg and just looked scary, like she was trying too hard to be uber-fashionable.
seen at walmart: woman wearing white stretchy pants that were practically sheer so that we could totally tell she was wearing white lace boy shorts underneath! paired with a too short, too tight pink and white striped strapless top. she had a new baby with her, so the top i could excuse as a case of trying to wear the pre-baby clothes a little too soon, but there was no excuse for those pants! i was completely mesmerised by the panty line. it was ridiculous.
oh, and i only saw her from the back. i have no idea what fashion crimes might have been goin' on on the other side.
These boots are just fucking evil.

When did having a heel become "psychological"? I first saw the heel-less heels over the summer as sandals. Maybe I quit ballet too soon.
There is a part of me that likes those boots, but more for seducing some guy than any practical reason. Wearing them outside and in public, now that is another story.

I disagree about the "psychological" aspect of the heel, I know my feet would start hurting after a short time of walking in those.
I do love the comment about a heel being "psychological." As if needing a stable ground to walk on is some sort of weakness of character.
Of course, my great shoe news these days is that I finally invested in a pair of Dansko clogs. The only shoes I can wear right now that gives me no foot pain. biggrin.gif I don't think I have a weak character but I do have really bad feet.

In other news: I am pretty sure that I saw Chicago's answer to Delta Dawn this morning. She had long balck hair pulled loosely into a banana clip and a grey fabric pouf attached to a barrett on the side. Her outfit was a long red and grey plaid skirt with a grey turtleneck. She had these old faux pearls that were tied in a knot where they must have come undone. You could see where the thread was yellowed with age. The woman was probably in her 50's but there was something very sad about the way everything was aged.
hmmm, i think those boots are fabulous in a bedroom role play sort of way.
im fascinated by those boots. i want to see a video of someone trying to walk in them.

who else thinks that posh's spine tattoos make her look like either some sort of crested hyena or ridgeback or something, or else cultivating a totally eighties rattail?

also, i love that becks put a hand on her ass to "balance" her.
haha I thought the same thing about the tattoo.

Victoria Beckham is just so ugly... pug-nosed stick figure with a really horrid boob job, and I don't think her style is nice either.
plus she's so ORANGE!
OH NO THEY DI-INT! who called it??
Sadly, I believe it was me. *sigh* Will they never learn? That shit was awful the first time around, yo.
omg, I remember my dad had a pink sweatshirt made out of that stuff from before I was born. My mom trashed it when I was in middle school, thank goodness!
It's the reemergence of hyper colour shirts???

I'll admit I had one when I was, like 10. hey, it's forgiveable! I was 10! Not like I'm wearing one now.
I also had one. I begged my Ma for it. I'm pretty sure every child of the 80's had one. I was hoping this was one of the things that never came back.
I did not have one, as my mom thought they were teh stupid. She was, of course, right.

Random CoF in the hall at work: woman wearing a beige suit jacket, matching beige long/straight skirt, pink fold-over ankle socks (!), and beige pumps. I was so confused.
I didn't have one either, but I have vivid memories of them. Fifth grade, with sky-high bangs and pegged jeans. Oy, the pain.

Now I'm really dreading to find out what other god-awful trends are going to come back.

i did not have a hypercolor shirt but oooohhh how i wanted one. gaaahh!
I don't remember if I had hypercolor clothes, but I did have a multi-colored fluorescent jacket and a hot pink/stonewash hat that I got for my 4th birthday. I thought I was so cool. And I had a shirt with a lizard on it, and when you went out in the sun the lizard turned different colors.

And this is a bit later, but does anyone remember those hats where the brim was flipped up in the front and pinned up with a big flower? I'm trying to google a picture but I can't find one. I'd forgotten all about them until I found a drawing of a girl wearing one in a really old notebook of mine.
oh yes, the hats! i had not just one but two of them.
Christine Nectarine
I had so many of those hats! Some with flowers, some with bows on the front. In denim.
I bought a handmade one of them from a vendor in the pike street market. It is red velvet with a silk flower. I still have it. I haven't worn it since junior high, that was the last time it was cool.
ahhh yes, the Blossom style hats. I had a white one.
OMG! Blossom ref! Hee! We weren't supposed to be able to wear hats in school, but the Blossom girls got away with it. I refused to take off my Greek fisherman's cap on the way out the door as a sophmore & got suspended for it. So only cute girl with cute hats were exempt.
I had one of those... maroon velvet with a sunflower. Mind you, I also owned one of those caps with the flap of fabric at the back to protect your neck... in bright yellow. I believe there is a picture skulking in a family album of me in that hat, an oversized tshirt, and neon cycle shorts. I was six and I was COOL.

Also: woman on the tube wearing pegged trousers. But not slightly pegged, these were only a small step away from being hammer pants (except in suit material). High mom-waisted too, so of course she looked wide-hipped and flat-arsed. She'd teamed them with an oversize grey tshirt that she'd tied at the waist. I think I was on the tube with Madonna circa Like A Virgin
Oh my sweet Dear Maude!

This morning at McDonald's.....I was waiting for the drive through, and this guy walks out the door to his schleppy Buick, all souped up with raised-up back end on it! Gaaaaah! ohmy.gif

TOP to BOTTOM: Balding badly on top, dyed-black hair---longer than shoulder blade length, and stringy. Red and black thigh-length basketball jersey, with Lynnerd Skynnerd appliqued onto it in BIG LETTERS. Omg...keep going down, and you get to the LEOPARD printed pajama pants...they were this weird color of rust behind the black splotches. And finally, at the bottom of this bleach-my-eyeballs-for-eternity special, and you get the snake-skin cowboy boots with silver freaking pointy toes. Well worn. huh.gif


I had a pair of stretchy rainbow suspenders when I was 12, a la Mork & Mindy.
ohhhh the blossom hats. I REMEMBER the blossom hats. i had a straw version with a big sunflower on the front and i wore it everrrrywhere. being born IN the 80s and a late bloomer at that, i was a leetle too late for real 80s fashion. those blossom hats, though, were hot riiight when i was starting to want to be cool and have fashionable clothes (like 1993/4? am i right?). i remember sunflowers were really big. i had a dress with sunflowers all over it, and a really tacky sunflower-print belly shirt too. to be worn with leggings with lace on the cuffs, OF COURSE.

i have to say my best LA celebrity encounter was when i served mayim bialik a vegetable sandwich. she was very pregnant. i totally didn't recognize her until i rang up her credit card and saw her name, and then my brain went "OMG BLOSSOM!!!!!!!!!!!111!!". i played it totally cool though.
Blossom was 90-95, I think. I remember having a huge crush on her brother, the junkie on that show. Never a Joey Lawrence fan, but my friend & I had a long running joke about him. One year she sent me a picture frame with a mag cut of JL with a paper insert that said "Whoa!"
QUOTE(thirtiesgirl @ Oct 8 2008, 06:20 PM) *
I had a pair of stretchy rainbow suspenders when I was 12, a la Mork & Mindy.

So did I smile.gif Somewhere there is a picture of my little bro and I and I am wearing said suspenders with decorative pins on them over a white turtleneck and jeans with a colored belt. 'Cause you know you need both suspenders AND a belt. Plus my mom had put my hair in pigtails with little yarn ties. Anybody who was a child in the seventies has to remember those....I think I was about 7 at the time.

Quietmadness, that sounds HORRIFYING!
quiet, all i can say to that is WOW!
yeah uggh... he probably fancies himself as the perfect combination of pimp/kid rock chic.

Mouse, I had the same hat. Straw with a sunflower. I wore it with a white oxford shirt, embroidered vest, and *indigo* jeans. I was born in 85.
quietmadness - were you in Cincinnati when you beheld that vision? 'Cause that sounds like a Bengals fan.

I recently saw a movie a friend made that I was in in about 1993. Sure enough I was wearing a big 'ol hat with a flower on it. I loved that hat.
oh yes, the embroidered vests! '83 here.

i've officially found proof that the nineties are back. is it just me, or are this and this and this straight out of my so-called life? the skinny plaid! oh gawd.
Oooooh! Even at a tender age, Octobersky had pieces of flair!
Yes, but I don't think I had the required number of pieces of flair though. I'm not even sure what they said.... wink.gif

Jeez, isn't just a little too soon for a 90's fashion redux? I mean we're barely fifteen years past....
mouse: looking at that, I feel like I've died and woken up in Cher from Clueless' wardrobe
Christine Nectarine
mouse, you are so right on those!

i agree, it seems a tad premature for a 90's flashback. i guess we're all in for a make-over like Ty! "hope it's not sporadically!"
So funny, I just caught Clueless on TV this morning. I love that movie.
OK - crime spotted on 17 year old student yesterday.

White blouse with cut-out panelly bits (fine) but which buttonned down the back (not so sure)
the craziest "shorts" I think I've ever seen: electric blue seersucker edged with fuschia binding, a really high and wide elasticised waist and this enormous ballooning flare out over the hips and thighs.
Very odd indeed. I wondered, "evidence of generation gap (I'm 30) or true crime of fashion?"
I like a little ballooning on shorts? but not if they're super-high-waisted that just sounds funny-lookin,.

Now today we have a young lady wandering the streets with a radical military theme...brigade looking (polly styrene circa 1980!) hardhat; high-neck, black, double-breasted jacket both zipping and buttoning all down the front; balloony olive parachute pants pegged at the bottom via a tucking into the army boots; accessorized by a colorful and very vivid flashback of 'nam. Walking a tiny french terrier. Not bad.
ack, mouse, those outfits look like they are straight out of Angela's wardrobe!

Speaking of crimes of fashion...

Fare the well, Mr. Blackwell.

I shall miss your snark.

i couldn't decide between bringing politics into crimes of fashion, or crimes of fashion into politics, so i'm punishing the both! muahahaha....

anyway, some folks posit that sarah palin's $150K shopping spree was actually absolutely necessary. hee hee....
Come now. Two months and not a one has seen a CoF?!?! blink.gif
This is a guy I caught walking around the Ohio Renaissance Festival last fall. It is a crocheted full body suit that someone had to have hand-made at some point. He found it in a thrift store in Toronto:

The Man-Onesie:

I imagine someone trying to thank their grandmother for this thing and then swiftly donating it.
That is both horrible and awesome at the same time. laugh.gif
May I say that I'm repelled by typical retail maven/"hip young thing" workplace chic? To clarify what I mean, these are women who wear polyester bootcut pants (or some other unnatural fiber, although cotton twill makes an occasional appearance), almost always in black, often pinstriped, with a little jacket or sweater over it, or (even worse) the girly-cut stretch cotton button down shirt, usually in some annoying color like hot pink. And always always always (it never fails) worn with pointy toed, high heeled black boots. I am so tired of this typical workplace outfit worn by so many retail sales clerks, and many other working women, particularly during the colder months. There was a bevy of them at my workplace today, and it just made me sad. Where is the sense of style and individuality? Where is the sense of whimsy (for something other than a hot pink shirt)? Where are the natural fibers?
alluna, i gotta say, i'm a little jealous of all those CoF's. laugh.gif
oh WORD, thirties! i think you just articulated something i've always hated and yet never realized.
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