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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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polystyrene heels.

white polystyrene heels.

big blocky white polystyrene heels.

oh dear sweet lord she really is wearing big blocky white polystyrene heels.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *breathe* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Oh my, I just had to look up polysterene in Wikipedia, because I couldn't imagine you were really talking about styrofoam!?
*shakes head in disbelieve*
*raises hand* "Oh! oh! Teacher! I don't understand ... styrofoam footwear, that is!"

Or for that matter, WHY people are still flaunting crocs in front of my face. It's over people! It never really began!

And just when you thought it was safe to take your eyeballs outside, here we have another, from an unlikely source. I have to tell you, she didn't look like the type. Down at the local recycle-your-rags boutique. There is a real cool punky chick working the counter. Normally, she'll be edgy...but GOOD edgy, you know...

But here is a fashion risk which should not be attempted at home. Ahem. Destroyed denim bermuda cut-off shorts, very, cool...keep your eyes moving down the legs, now STOP. At a pair of...destroyed, filthy cowboy boots. rut row.

Now girls I'm all about a grubby punk. And a cowboy boot wearin' cowgirl too. And ~ MAYBE ~ PERHAPS ~ this COULD have worked on the right body.? Not that her's wasn't good, it's's just not the right body for this outfit. For one, the shorts were much, much, much too tight to be worn with a short t-shirt such as the one "rocked". Maybe a longer shirt would have made a difference? But a non-descript, short, belly t-shirt, with these love-handle-bulging bermudas was a bit more than the coolest pair o' cowgirl boots in the world could be expected to apologize for.

But I'm still rooting for her though, because I know she can do better, I've seen her work and I'm going to assume she forgot to put on her glasses today when she looked in the mirror. If she's out there, I want her to know it's time to come home.
I also had to look up polystyrene heels. It was horrifying. Who does that?? Not even a fucking emo kid would do that.
The first one to find a picture of these alleged Styrofoam shoes gets a prize, because I googled it and couldn't find a picture, and I'm dying to see one.
i went in search of the polystyrene heel and found this instead.
Ow, those make my feet hurt just looking at them.

Last week saw a lady wearing workout pants with something written across the ass, but to add to the attractiveness she had the cuffs folded across and then rolled up making them really skinny at the ankle. (Like we used to in about 1990 with our jeans).
I saw those shoes modeled on one of the morning shows, and the female anchors were all walking around on their, well, tiptoes bc that's what it makes you do.
of course the magazine fashion editor that was blabbing on & on about how 'cool' or whatever they were, was standing still and (probably leaning as I recall them showing her against some sort of counter too, w/ only her chest & feet showing) not trying to walk, so of course she looked ok in them.

stoopid stoopid.

cof: old ladies (w/ saggy asses) wearing sweatpants.
Those shoes are ridiculous. I don't think they are designed for anything except to make the wearer look like an absolute fool for blowing money on another fashion victim item.

Cod, now that summer is here, allllll the fashion crimes are coming out of the woodwork. Seriously. I need me some eye bleach now.

Tight t-shirts and tank tops. Like, wayyyy too fucking tight. Seriously. There is an age and a body shape for this, and it is about 18 - 20 and very thin (and I'm speaking as a non-thin woman), and you ought to bloody well be on your way to the bar to pick up some stud for the night. Other than that....ugh. I'm sorry. I'm a huge believer in being free to wear what you want to wear, and in breaking some of the so-called "rules" about what we should and shouldn't be allowed to wear for our age and body type......but some things are just about looking in the mirror once in awhile.
Mornington, was it these? Crocs with heels

Speaking of shoes...FitFlops. Bad, or really bad? I tried on a pair this weekend, and they are just so freaking comfortable. So comfortable that I'm considering paying fifty bucks for ugly flipflops. blink.gif
I actually thought the crocs w/ heels weren't terribly hideous
=runs away cowering=
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Jun 24 2008, 11:27 PM) *
I actually thought the crocs w/ heels weren't terribly hideous
=runs away cowering=

Haha, me too unsure.gif
a vast improvement on the regular crocs at least
SWEAT socks, culture? why didn't you say so explicitly? EWWWWWWWW. all bunchy and EWWWWWW! no, i'm talking about little slippy thin girlie socks. QUITE different.

i have to admit i'm fascinated by the heel-less heels. i don't really like snakeskin and i don't like platform shoes and i'm morally opposed to paying over three times average rent on fashion, but the IDEA of it is compelling. i'd like to try walking in them, or at the very least see a video of someone walking in them.

last night, at a bar girl wearing flared jeans, a tank top that looked like she'd had it since fifth grade (in the sense of it being thick and pilled and nondescript and ill-fitting, not in the sense of it being vintage, alas), plastic flip flops AND a headband. like, an across-the-forehead, i'm-pretending-to-be-pocohontas headband. now, the neo-hippie thing is REAL big in my part of town and has been for a while. i'm neutral, i guess. vaguely for. i could think of a lot of worse trends. but i mean--maybe i'm being catty? but if you're going to try to rock a look, especially the weirdest, stupidest, most-hard-to-pull-off part of a look, commitment does a lot. half-assed fashion-whoring makes you look even stupider than full-on fashion whoring, imho.

she would've looked totally fine without the headband, and the headband could've been pulled off excusably with a floaty dress and some cowboy boots. shame.
Indeed mouse. Sweat socks.

what is the deal with rolling up sweat pants?? It does not look good, it looks stupid.
I'm thinking that the rolled-up sweatpants can be traced back, at least on a mainstream basis, to the evil that is Victoria's Secret Pink. But I could be wrong, as thinking about this too hard makes my brain ache.

And the heeled Crocs are certainly better than the regular ones. They had to be. laugh.gif
not them. These things looked like someone had taken a perfectly normal pair of blue shoes, loped the heels off, and stuck polystyrene (ok, styrofoam) blocks in thier place.

and those crocs are not as bad as normal crocs, but that's like saying Stalin wasn't as bad as Hitler. /sillyness

mouse - i've been seeing a few of those stupid across-the-forehead headbands myself... and they always look ridiculous.
I think ya'll have a different idea of old lady clothes. I'm talking Quacker Factory, people.
Since when was it acceptable to wear head to toe white and look like a tampon?

I get it if you're doing the bride thing, but if you're not, looking like said tampon is just weird.
Yeah, my neck did a rubbery U-turn first time confronted with the headband. It's like no matter how you slice it, that is always just going to make one look exactly like she's going out for a part as an "indian" in the 1970s-80s primary school Thanksgiving play. Get you a construction paper plate Turkey and the look. is complete. ly. not good.
i don't MIND the headband as long as it goes with the outfit. incongruous headbands,

though i may just be numb to's so bad in my neck of the woods that once i found a homemade headband on my front stoop, black elastic with a REAL BIRD HEAD stapled to the front of it. swear to god. i even have a picture. don't click if you have a weak stomach or are a vegetarian: insane bird headband. i think it might have once belonged to devendra banhart...

i don't like the heeled crocs. i think they are butt-ugly, honestly. at least regular crocs have a purpose (though the majority of people wear them outside of that purpose). i did kind of like the ballet flat crocs, though. doesn't look like they sell them anymore.

nothing too bad today. i actually saw the opposite, a heroine of fashion--i saw a girl wearing the cutest dress ever, but i was too shy to ask her where she got it. she was walking down the street with someone else and i felt it would've been weird. it was yellow with rickrack along the edge, a tiny peter pan collar, some intense crocheted edging on the short puff sleeves, and beautifully embroidered all over. coveted HARD. COF, though: she was wearing it over pants sad.gif
The "indian" hath "scalped" a bird. ? A bird. This is hawking back to some primary school tales of legend and horror that I had hoped not revisit for some time to come. Did the bird come and try to take her land away or what?
Wow. That was disturbing.

There used to be this wicked cool old lady that came into a shop I once worked in. Like she wore hats & gloves & shit in the early nineties. She had this bitchin' purple feathered hat that had a an odd feature. Front & center was a single LARGE clutching bird foot decorated with ribbon & a huge faux amethyst. More than ten years later I still remember her name.
re: bird headband: blink.gif ok, that's just weird.

as for you remembering that woman's name aural, i think that is soooo super sweet. i lurves old people. esp. the stylish ones.
Creepy bird headband indeed! Here's some more creepy hair accessories! Take a gander at THIS monstrosity
oh fuckety fuck...double post. sorry
laugh.gif Aaaaahhhaaahahahahhaaaahhhaaaaa!! laugh.gif

I actuallly love the crowhat! *ducks*
Looks like something a dark character in a Tim Burton movie would wear.

(...darn that shitty flash took 5 min to load...)

Just a thought: That gross bird headband, maybe it was used for some kind of pagan ritual?
Hair hats = wigs
Ha! Very true, culture. Those things are damn ugly.

The bird thing reminds me of the Sex and the City movie. At one point, Carrie says, "I wore a bird on my head!!"
i bought crocs for my kids, but i refuse to wear them, they make my feet look huge. but i kind of like the high heel ones, too.

i have a question for all you fashionistas ( smile.gif ). would it be an unforgivable crime to wear a short, pleated denim skirt over black leggings? i have a skirt that i just love, it's kind of schoolgirl-style except it's denim, but it's so short i feel very self-conscious wearing it anywhere. would i be a walking CoF if i wore it with leggings?
I believe I was a -I know better- CoF yesterday: white thong undies ( I know, tmi- sorry!) under a white print skirt. the skirt was patterened and Lined though, and the top of my shirt came over & down my waiste some too, so I don't think the outline was a horrific as it could have been, but still, I was so paranoid ( bc I couldn't find my nude undies) I made the mr & frecklette walk behind me when in the sun. blink.gif

Cof: tiny girl, maybe a size 2, wearing (sort of) a skin tight banana yellow tank top that fell above her teny tiny belly- with equally tight short jean shorts, which were low rise which only increased the unlikely reality of muffin top based on her under-weightment.
I could not help myself.. as we passed I said sort of but not really under my breath " put some damn clothes on!!"
bc come on- we were at a military base PX- joes everywhere- it was much more the 'workin' a pole' kind of outfit than anything else- and there are family's w/ kids that shop there!

summer- ugh.

double ugh on the hair hats- how gross!
damona: i see that around here all the time, and while it's not me, if you're comfy, then go for it!
damona: leggings really aren't so bad as long as you don't try to pass them off as pants wink.gif

pherber: thank you for loving the bird headband. yes, disturbing, like everyone else said, but also hilarious. to me. and my friend who was there when i found it and who took it to the bar and made other people wear it.

pagan ritual? probably not. coked-up hipster psych-rock stage outfit? more likely.
Mouse: it does sound fun. Sometimes, there's nothing left to do but laugh...if not, you might cry

If I had that headband, I would wear it on karaoke night and get a song by Nellie Furtado. Steal everyone else's thunder away through props.

But back to the discussion at hand: hats! hats of all sizes, types and descriptions, some with hair. Nothing to add really except that I am for hats, I support them, and I love seeing people under the age of 65 wearing hats that are not toboggans. (Esp. in 90 degree weather, don't make me relive it). Now if only I could get some of you going to church on Sunday in your new hats, or maybe down to the horse races.
I second/3rd the loving of hats!!
each winter I anxiously wait & watch for the temp here to drop below 50* consistently so I can break out my Irish Hanah Hat: a mixed tweeds soft fedora of sorts that is adorably cute.
I'm a big one for rocking over-sized sun hats in the summer time too; I know I'm no beauty queen, but I can wear a hat like nobody's business . wink.gif

seen at the US Department of Immigration in Durham today, CoF: young woman, early 20's, thin.
wearing brown tweed short-shorts, ruched on the sides to make shorter- fitted white business blouse w/ brown vest over- and 4 inch peep toe dress heels. oh, and might I add that while I 99% of the time enjoy a good tatoo, the rose on her left ankle w/ the windy leaves & thorns left a confusion to the statement it appeared she mostly was trying to make.
Ah, I looove hats, too!
They provide such an aura of drama and mystery.
I've got a small collection of floppy velvet hats in different shapes.
They're like the one's moviestars from the 1920/30s wore, but less formal.

I'm still looking for a summer straw hat, though.
The stores basically have two kinds:
Over the top elegant "Breakfast at Tiffany's" style, or "old farmer Joe" gardening hats.
Not suitable at all for my lowlife bohemian vintage doll look.

mouse, sorry- I meant the hair hat, that looks like a scarecrow, (or raven?)
your suggestion made me LMAO, though, because I know a few coked-up hipster psych-rock bands IRL!
Sadly, they have zero imagination with their stage outfits.. I actually wished they'd wear something funny like the bird headband. laugh.gif
i also love hats, but not hair hats, errrrr wigs.
i lurve me some hats too!

but CoF:

was talking to a guy on the bus, and i looked down at my bag and saw his shoes. they were basket ball hightops, non chuck tailors, these looked like air jordans, but blue, but here is the CoF: the top of the shoe (everything above the foot bedincluding the tounge) was made out of clear plastic.... great! i can see your socks!

who had this shitty idea?
Ahem. Everybody knows that clear shoes are for brides and strippers.
wait...brides TOO?
E-yep. First time I saw this was when I witnessed a lady appropriately talking to another lady at work about her daughter's upcoming matrimonial ceremony, showing her the clear slippers she had bought the virgin maiden to wear underneath her dress so they "didn't show." Why? I guess it was supposed to be obvious yet I maybe failed to recognize said reason. The only thing I could come up with was that they looked like "Cinderella" or "glass" slippers. You know ... anytime you're trying to achieve that "princess look".
Well, who are these designed for? Emo strippers? tongue.gif
seriously? is it not proper for a bride to wear shoes? are men not supposed to know that women have feet until they are wedded? maybe next they will make bridal shoes out of that real life invisibility cloak shit science just invented.

ETA: those converse are HORRIBLE. and anyway, clear plastic is a waste on anything that you aren't keeping fish in.

I have to say on the issue of clear shoes they just never work. Mostly because they make any feet look disgusting, sweaty and meat like.

I mostly came by to mention a major CoF against humanity I saw today. It was a blonde woman mid-forties, a bit overweight. She was wearing shorts so short you could see her underwear and a butterfly tank top. The worst part were the flip-flop kitten heels she was wearing with it. I cannot for some reason stand the sight of heels with shorts. Especially kitten heels. To top it off her husband was wearing jeans and a tank top that said "SEX".
flip flop heels are the stupidest! it is impossible to wear such an item without clomping around like a goddamn pony! stop trying to make casual slob chic!
oh god, i think i'm going to have clear plastic nightmares tonite.... and lil pink,
disgusting, sweaty and meat like.

ugh. but so accurate. and that sighting.... god, so glad i don't live in colorada anymore. that sex shirt would have had me blow groceries all over the guy....

... wait, that'd be an impovement!

*giggles* clomping like a pony...hi mouse...
I have to report what I saw yesterday at the corner store. This wasn't so much a crime of fashion as it was a crime of hair. It was some sort of extreme mullet! I came into the store just in time to see a woman with most of her head shaved except for the very back which was like a long mane of hair that went all the way down to her waist. I just don't get it.
A teeshirt that was dirty along with old faded jeans that were straight off the construction site.
At my best friend's late mother's viewing.
God I hate that town.

If you would like to see any of the other COF's I had to witness, just go here: Women Within. The home of all of those clothes that make you say, "Where do people get these clothes?!"
Almost everything looks like a sack!
That website reminded me of the clothes they have at Pamida, which is rather depressing.

And in case anyone was wondering when acid washed jeans were coming back, wonder no more.
acidwash has been enjoying a renaissance for a while, along with the rest of the 80's. i don't mind it, even, gasp, think it can look good if done right (i have a friend who for real can rock a pair of acid wash skinny jeans with zippers on the ankles, and she's totally a bustie-but-doesn't-know-it type), but if they start bringing back high-waisted, pleated-front, lace & pink bows acidwash, i may have to put up a fuss.

i'm just glad that the 80's trend, thus far, has been confined to relatively mild items and we haven't yet had to deal with shoulderpads. i don't know what i would do if shoulderpads returned. also mall bangs.

that woman within site is all the worse for having their plus-size fashions modeled by women who are not plus size. idgi...ANYTHING is going to look like a sack if it's ten sizes too big for you. how is that appealing or making anyone want to buy anything? show a model that fills out the clothes and they might look more flattering! also, woman within? TERRIBLE NAME FOR PLUS SIZE STORE! "really, i know there's a woman inside of me, somewhere deep within this extra padding, there's a who longs to wear clothes much too large for her..."
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