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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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see on my dear sweet hubby. patagonia khaki docker style pants (boring, but fine) wool socks with black dansko clogs (he loves these and i too find them comfy but not overly fashionable, particularly on a man) dark green mock turtle neck with (here is the kicker) an old, very very old, used to fit him in college maybe, preppy v-necked cashmere sweater that is, shall we say, umm, midriff. the green shirt underneath was sticking out the bottom. makes me laugh to picture it in my head. yup, thats my honey.
my boyfriend wears shirts that are too short too! He's small-framed so it looks really bad (almost like a dashboard hula doll), but he wants people to see his belt (some stupid studded thing with a misfits buckle that no one cares to see). Then he wonders why guys hit on him at the bar. Could it be the belly shirt??? And the other half the time he has his pants hiked up like an old man because heaven forbid you see his underwear! I'm not a fan of pants worn really low on guys- i actually saw a guy wearing them around his thighs once and you could see his junk sitting there in his boxers- but no one's going to have a heart attack if the waistband peeks out of your pants. It's better than wearing them up around your nipples.
Oh and you know what else he does? When his pants are too long he cuffs them.
part of what i find so funny is that the women that work for him have commented to several times that there have been great improvements. and for the most part hs fashion is soo much better now. there are just some habits that are hart to break. but i give him credit that when he dresses up he really does it well and looks so hot!
Wow, and I thought the purple velour strapless shortie jumpsuit I saw Saturday night was bad...

Could someone make sure the people responsible for the comeback of the worst of 80's fashion get hit by a bus? Please?
There is a woman who works in the same building as I, and she wears just above the knee capris, but instead of wearing them with sandals, she wears them with knee high boots, so her knees are hanging out of these pants. No tights. Blech.

And today she's wearing high heels with white socks!!!
OK, I post very rarely and I don't know that I've ever posted in this thread, but seriously...

Seen while driving through a university town earlier this week, a college-aged girl walking down the street wearing:
- Crimson red strapless smocked babydoll dress (super-short)
- Bright orange tights
- Turquoise blue leg warmers with stirrup straps at the bottom,
- Leg warmer straps worn OVER black or dark gray Dansko-clog-type shoes
- Hot pink sunglasses with enormous round lenses to finish off the look.

I'm no fashion maven, but if this look is "in" just kill me now please.
I saw a woman today (getting lunch) wearing red ruby high heels, with like beige cargo pants, a burgandy top, and some kind of white see-through button up shirt on top. Just come on now. I am thinking to, either she is trying to appear sexy with the shoes or she has a Wizard of Oz fetish.
Footwear maker Crocs Inc. is closing a manufacturing plant in Quebec City, putting 600 people out of work, as the company moves production to cheaper areas.

The company, which is based in Niwot, Colo., said late Monday that the closure comes amid reduced demand for its products.
I'm sincerely sorry for the factory employees, but--
(A nicer shoe manufacturer should move in with a factory. Like Converse, as it was a struggle to find a plain black pair in my size!)
I saw a woman today wearing a hot pink top (you know the kind that has sleeves and a neck, but no shoulders). This was matched with jeans with bleached fronts, overdyed the same hot pink, so that the jeans were purply with huge hot pink stripes down them.

It wasn't so much that the outfit didn't work, as that it was working overtime.
In the grocery store, from the bottom up:

Black stilletos
Panty hose (yes, really)
Black/grey pinstriped gauchos with a cuff
White sleeveless wife beater-like thing
HUGE baubles turqoise


Plus....what month IS this? She could have at least gotten with the spring colors! blink.gif

with spring has come tacky cloths and bad fashion sense. Blech.
Seen last night at Alex Cuba's Juno celebration concert:

Woman, late 20s early 30s, fairly pretty

Bright red, Alex Cuba t-shirt
Over blue t-shirt
With pale pink highwaisted jeans! that completely gave her mom pooch. There may have been pleats in those jeans too, I don't know, I was scared and turned away.

Despite my love of this thread, I don't usually post here, but when the 16 yr old I was with pointed it out in utter horror, all I could think of was posting here.
woman last night at the bar:

big, chunky-heeled black sandals
a strapless denim dress that had the tube-top style smocking at the top so it stays up
a ratty brown cardigan sweater
teased and sprayed a la 1992 hair

also, what is with guys wearing button down flannel shirts tucked in?? i saw at least 3 of those last night. it just makes yer butt look lumpy boys!

eta, i forgot about the girl wearing a so-long-she's-tripping-on-it white gauze skirt with dark undies underneath. don't people own mirrors???
Friday at Sam's Club:

Older lady, about 62.

White jeans with some kind of sequined-painted madness in flowers going down the right leg. Teal blue sleeveless shell. BLACK underwear under the white jeans. Teal blue sparkly sandals. Bleached out hair. BLACK BRA with cut-out nipples under the teal blue shell.


Please pass the bleach, thank you. ohmy.gif blink.gif


Cut out nipples? Like nursing bra or something you'd buy at Fredericks? I hope it wasn't DIY.
Cut out nipples??? Here's hoping the undies weren't cut out cooch.
No, it was one of those Frederick's type things for sure. But it was so OBVIOUS!! It was one of those teal blue shells that's so thin and stretchy...almost like made out of what pantyhose are made of. Does that make sense?

And then I found myself with this horrified stare on my face, just all homed-in on the nipple-izer bra and shit! Gah! I just seriously could NOT believe....all that black under all..of...that. unsure.gif

Heh. That's funny. If I don't think about it too hard.

Man-capris with socks and shoes.
I have a CoF ?

are the black knit gaucho's a CoF? I realise the size, top & shoes worn with would factor in, but I finally bought a pair today & luv them- they're like dressier yoga pants for comfort.

just in general: women my-ish age (late 30's/early 40's) w/ teen Prom Queen daughters that try to dress IDENTICALLY to them & have attitudes when you look at them like ' what the fuck? you're not fooling anyone & look SILLY!'

= still shuddering from teal & black nipplage.=

The nipples make my crimes seem tame, but what the hell.

Woman, 40s, in a white tank, crocs, and TIE DYED STIRRUP PANTS. Doing yardwork, but still. It's not like you're invisible.

Today at the Zoo: White Trash Grampa, complete with grey mullet, prison tattoos, 'stache, cigarette, tight light jeans, farmer tan, horrid grammar, and missing teeth. He had what looked to be about 8765876587658 grandkids, but since the moms and dads weren't that much older than the kids, it's hard to tell who belonged to who.
Only if your ass munches them behind your back, Freckle.
Bustygirl, are you serious???


what are people thinking when they leave the house. Hell, even when I'm sick I at least wear nice fleece pants and matching shirt.
dear lady who tried to pet my dog at 7am

I think it was your light denim gaucho-length wide-leg mom jeans that scared him. Combined with circa mid-90s blocky heeled ankle boots*. Or your nipples, which we could cleary see through your white t-shirt.


*the type that look a little like ankle-high riding boots, all loose at the leg and square-toed and fugly

busty: yeeech on the granddad.

and the nipple-show? whyyyyyy?

I should admit I wasn't exactly hott at 7am, but at least I was wearing a coat and had put a hat on over my bed-hair.
Since when did nipples become the fashion statement du jour?

OT but remember when fake nipples were all the fad? There was a SATC episode about it.

It seems the crocs fad is dying, I hope.
Remember those ballet style scoop neck long sleeve tops that had snap crotches like onesies? Popular early to mid-ninties? Right. Those.

Driving through a local business district at lunchtime today: woman in her late 20's/early 30's wearing above mentioned top in white over some black pants. But when I say over, I mean over, with the crotch unsnapped so she's got a long dangling piece in front and back. WTF?! I couldn't even tell you anything else about her "look", I couldn't get past "is she really, really wearing that? has there been some sort of accident?" mentally.

At least I couldn't see her nipples from my car.
are these for REAL?
Wha? I'm so confused. I thought one of the main goals when wearing tights and leggings was to keep the crotch from ending up around your knees!

Makes the guy I saw last night with a Def Leppard t-shirt tucked into tight almost-white faded jeans and a bleach blonde mullet seem almost logical.
I'm not even sure what to say. I'm too busy being dumbfounded. I'm sitting here slack jawed.

what's even worse is that someone out there is going to pay $82.00 for leggings that look like they've been pooped in. Classy.
well, good. Maybe short legs will become stylish (isn't it fucked up that physical characteristics go in and out of style?) and then my body will finally conform to something and it will be easy to find clothes! Or I guess I could wait for flat butts, big boobs, and flabby stomachs to be "in." haha.
but... but... it looks like the model is wearing a nappy! a full one... blink.gif
This thread has amused for years now, and it has now reached an all time low in utterly revolting CoFs.

The dangling crotches!?!? I mean this almost belongs in the "grody gross out" thread! blink.gif
I thought this cannot EVER be topped, but, of course the shit filled nappy leggings..

Now the two things kind of merge in my mind, imagine the leggings worn with the unsnapped crotch thing.
That would make such a great Helloween costume! laugh.gif

I think I'm going to call them casino pants. My friend works at the casino and she's seen people who don't want to leave their slot machines, so they piss and shit themselves rather than go to the restroom.
if those came in blue they'd make you a dead ringer for a oompa loompa.
( & imagine if the wearer were even slightly bow-legged?!)

I cannnot stand the feeling of my pantyhose slipping down- ack !

and hellotampon- seriously??
wow! that is all I can say. I mean . . . well, wow!
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ May 5 2008, 12:04 PM) *
and hellotampon- seriously??

white mesh mary jane type shoes. White pants. She looks like a swiffer.

Hellotampon, ewwww!
Yesterday, bus ride....oh lordessa....

Now I just want to preface this by saying I work in a plus size clothing shop. I believe plus-sized women are beautiful, and helping them look good and feel good is what I do. But why are there so many who won't wear a frigging BRA???? It's just undignified.

Anyway, seen on the bus: plus-size woman, wearing a baggy, faded, mauve tank top, which rode up at the top of her jeans, the kind of jeans that came all the way up to the top of her belly, almost right under her braless boobs. Low hanging boobs. Kind of like mine, which are getting old, I'll admit, but I wear a really GOOD BRA, dammit. Then she kept rubbing her hand down underneath her tank top, in between her breasts. I think she was even rubbing her hand underneath her boobs, maybe to wipe away the sweat. Hello? It wasn't hot - I was wearing a cardigan with my tank top. And yeah, maybe if you lifted those boobs up with a GOOD BRA, they wouldn't get so sweaty underneath. Need I mention that her 2 kids were running kind of wild when I boarded the bus? No, I'm sure I need not.

She was fairly young and pretty, too, in a pale, freckled, strawberry blonde way. I wanted to haul her right to the store I work in, fit her for a GOOD BRA, find her some decent clothes, and give her a little mascara and lipgloss.
QUOTE(falljackets @ May 2 2008, 12:55 PM) *
are these for REAL?

Those pants are traveling pants! You put your cellphone, keys, wallet, etc. in there so you don't get pickpocketed. And I bet you could tuck a couple changes of clothes down there, too. Extra pair o' kicks maybe.
i know i'm going back a couple days here, but fj, those pants are the very strangest things i've seen in a very long time.

doodle, i hear ya. i'm a big girl too, and i refuse to leave my house in sweats/jammie pants or without a bra cuz it just looks sloppy and i refuse to fit the stereotype of fat and sloppy. i think the only time i've left my house in jammies in 5 years i was going to the er!

as long as i'm here.... i saw one of the things i hate the most yesterday. a woman wearing shorts made of cut-off sweats that were wedged up her crotch but long on the sides. i always just want to go up to people like that and tug their pants back into place. argh!
Duran Duran concert last night and the crimes! they were a'plenty!

The crimes seemed to veer between trying too hard and not trying hard enough.

Ex. trying to hard: Tee-shirt, belted over cut hem denim mini that did unfortunate things to her ass, w/black leggings and checked Vans, with a peach ruffled headband w/bow!

Ex. not trying hard enough: Baggy pink cotton pants that were both high-waisted and tapered legs and at least one size too big, baggy tee-shirt and a fanny pack!

Both outfits came w/the requisit haircut that was dyed blonde, cut straight just past the shoulders w/ straight-cut but poufed bangs. I don't know how else to explain it but it makes everyone's head look like a flat, spiral permed, rectangle.

Come on ladies! Just because you are seeing a band that started in the '80's does not mean that you get to dress in the same clothes you wore then.

I was getting to the point that I wanted to thank every woman who looked well put together.
Oh Kittenb!! You lucky, lucky woman! I REALLY wanted to see Duran Duran but just couldn't afford it. Breaks my heart sad.gif Don't want to derail the thread but was the concert good?

A fanny pack - WTF?!? Who actually puts on one of those, looks in a mirror and says "yeah, this is it?" Ditto for the peach headband/bitch bow combo. I wore a bitch bow once - as part of my Halloween costume. This does not function IRL.
The concert was AWSOME! I was very impressed with myself that I could remember so many of the words. The light show was really good too which might be an odd thing to notice but it was good.

The best part was that, for the whole show, Simon was singing only to me. My boyfriend says that wasn't the case but I think he was just jelous. tongue.gif
TUBE TOPS! There is no reason for tube tops. But I saw at least THREE girls at the bar tonight in tube tops. From the small & perky to the nonononononononono types.
I went to my graduation today. Most of the other graduates and faculty members are middle aged women. Of course you can only see everyone's feet sticking out from under their gowns. My boyfriend said that it was the worst collection of women's footwear he'd ever seen in his life. It was definitely horrible. Everything was just so clunky and chunky and sensible and not in a good way.
If you are going to wear high heels, don't tromp around like an elephant or a child dressed up in her mothers clothes looking really uncomfortable and unsure of yourself. Either practice in them at home or WEAR FLATS.
thank you.

congrats on your graduation dayglow!
QUOTE(kittenb @ May 16 2008, 07:48 PM) *
The concert was AWSOME! I was very impressed with myself that I could remember so many of the words. The light show was really good too which might be an odd thing to notice but it was good.

The best part was that, for the whole show, Simon was singing only to me. My boyfriend says that wasn't the case but I think he was just jelous. tongue.gif

Well of course he was jealous, Simon is hot. See John Taylor would be playing bass just for me and only me. Strange how crushes you have had since you were 11 stay with you. wink.gif

When I subbed at a high school some of the girls would wear heels and I just found it totally amusing to watch them totter about in them. Of course I wasn't exactly graceful in them when I was their age either. I was in my early twenties when a drag queen finally showed me how to walk properly in heels.
If you are going to wear high heels, don't tromp around like an elephant or a child dressed up in her mothers clothes looking really uncomfortable and unsure of yourself. Either practice in them at home or WEAR FLATS.

This is a huge pet peeve of mine! I can't stand seeing people clomping around in heels. It's funny, I never wear heels, and I recently bought some. I keep saying I have to practice around the house before I wear them, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
Amen on the heels. I love me some flats, but I'm 5'10". If you don't want to wear flats, how about 2 inch heels instead of 5 inch ones? I was at a thing last night and saw a few girls slowly teetering around on huge heels, looking like they were gonna fall at any moment. Not to mention that there was FREE WINE at this event, people.
I'll never forget seeing this girl in high school winging herself around a corner in unsteady heels with a vacant look in her eyes because she was so intent on getting where she going quickly without falling on her face. She almost plowed me down and didn't even notice.
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