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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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QUOTE(nickclick @ Feb 1 2008, 09:43 PM) *
this poor woman at work. she's really the sweetest thing ever. but holy christmas the mom jeans today were sooo high and soooo poofy in the crotch area. and her hair is parted severely down the the middle with grey scragly roots. she's a perfect candidate for 'what not to wear.'

That sounds like my boyfriend's mom... chest-high diaper jeans and hair parted down the middle. I saw her "dress up" once and she was wearing a sweater with a peasant skirt that came down to halfway between her knees and ankles, with white socks and ugly clogs. She's really pretty and in decent shape for her age too so it's like whaaaaaaaaaat? She works at a casino and has to wear a hideous uniform.
I helped put on a massive DIY craft fair yesterday: soooooo many fashion crimes, you would have thought we only advertised in star trek/ren faire/WB cartoon enthusiast conventions. Men with scraggly balding ponytails and middle management black Reeboks fighting for fashion cluelessness with Hot Topic Goth/Raver baggy bondage pantaloon wearing recent parolees. Then there were the women who equate artsy indie with tie-dyed broomstick skirts and bellydancing bracelets over dayglo Crocs.

Considering those things were never in fashion, you could almost excuse them. The overarch weedwhacker hairdo'd, t-shirt minidress, leggings, arm AND legwarmer wearing, jelly braceleted emo girl who was stomping around in mismatched high heeled chucks, though? Not so much, girl. You should know better. Pick one trend and stick with it. Also, one belt is plenty, especially seeing as you're not actually WEARING PANTS!

The 80's. Just when you thought it was safe to get dressed again.
Saw a chick today riding a bike with blue basketball shorts, gray leg warmers, an aqua tshirt, And some type of sweater. WOw.... she looked a mess. Her hair was all over the place like birds had been nesting in it. Sexy fashion statement! LOL
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Feb 1 2008, 07:07 PM) *
And clearly the adage you know what they say about men with big feet does not apply to skater boys.

*dabs tea off monitor and keyboard*

My hilarious male friend refers to guys' skinny jeans as 'emo cut jeans'. It's really kinda perfect.
Ok Black lipstick...or Dark brown..No No!
I just wish I had the *nerve* that some of these people do to take those risks.

but there's got to be a calm balance between 'nerve' and 'taste' in play somewhere or something does go awry.
boys with skinny jeans that are too short. so you get a good inch of sock showing. why is that suddenly cool?
I call men who rock skinny jeans sperm killers.
Skinny jeans and high tops. I saw a girl wearing this and I
Oh man, saw this particularly large woman today with a multicolored silk top and some winter white leggings. BUT the top was too short and you could see every dimple in her butt through those tights. Oh gosh.... it was not attractive. Then she had on some flat shoes that were turning over on the sides and ashy/crusty feet. I tell ya... shameful cuz she thought she was cute.
I love Diablo Cody just as much as the nexct Bustie, but what the hell was she wearing on the Oscars tonight? It was like some weird chettah print garbage bag. And I swear it was so fluttery & weird in the front that it looked like we might see her Britney. I don't care if it was a Dior or not, the thing was total fug.
What is it with white boots? Unless you are doing a sexy nurse routine, they are not necessary.
I hate white boots, too. Even more than that, I hate white belts.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Feb 25 2008, 05:30 AM) *
And I swear it was so fluttery & weird in the front that it looked like we might see her Britney.

haha I'm going to start calling my crotch that. My real name is Brittany so it'll work doubly.
I saw this girl wearing some strange type of boots today. They were the size of mukluks but instead of just being furry all over it looked as though it was made of pieces of a shredded dog! It was like layers and layers of these weird furry strips just blowing around in the wind.

I don't know what bothers me more, the fact that someone made these or the fact that someone saw them and thought they would be a great fashion choice.
I have to say I'm irritated with the fact that anti-style is a style. It was fine when not many people did it, but when your parents are buying your anti-style clothes at walmart, it's not okay.
smelly hipsters. you are NOT cool. YOU smell! Badly! it is a small ass record store. take a fuckin shower. fuckin hipsters.
Not sure if this qualifies as a full blow COF but I found it odd anyway. At the bank today the young female teller was wearing a perfectly fine blouse, fitted jacket and trouser combination except that there must have been a good 2 to 3 inches of skin showing between waist of pants and top. Doesn't seem like bank employee wear to me.
Woman walking down the street with shoulder-blade length golden brown hair....and four inches of pale grey roots! SOOOO bad!! SOOOOOOOOOOO bad!
I did that. I couldn't figure out another option to grow out my hair. My 'temporary' hair colour would not come out, even when my hair dresser spent hours stripping it, there's no gray dye to cover up the other colour. It was hell.

Just when I was ready to get my head buzzed, BFF dragged me to a hairdresser who specializes in long hair.
i just returned from atlantic city. casinos are the runways of fashion criminals. i witnessed...

a permed mullet
a bedazzled windbreaker suit, as well as eyeglasses, shoes, and purses
rainbow-colored camo
so many muffin tops i thought i was in a bakery
elvis, maybe

and i lost money.
maude save me from those nasty beige suede-looking mukluks that everybody and her grandmother is wearing these days. with pants, with leggings, with miniskirts, with long skirts, with freaking gauchos for chrissake! i thought gauchos finally died last summer. and it's not so much the quality of the cof being committed, though believe me, it is great, it's the freaking quantity. i had to run to target for the momster last night, and i must have seen at least twenty pairs of those boots just from the car to the front door. and my mom gets to park handicapped, so we're talking maybe 30 feet.
*runs into thread*

MY EYES!!! My eyes!!

*throws up*

I saw someone wearing fuschia pink ankle ugg style boots at the mall today. They were the thing nightmares of made of. They were HIDEOUS!

*takes a shower of bleach*
it's a shame about CH's eyes...

Seen on the bus:
Woman, mid to late twenties, attractive and mildly overweight, wearing:
TINY bright ass pink polo shirt (so tight that it created arm rolls)
hermetically sealed (waaaaay too tight) beige (matched her skin tone) KNICKER style sweatpants
with white fuzzy ankle length uggs

also, young woman, 18-20 , I didn't notice the majority of her outfit because I was blinded by the hideousness of her skirt.
It was that shiny cheap satin material, black, with an asymmetrical hem and huge metal zippers all over it. The worst part was that the largest zipper ran horizontally across her buttocks. So it looked like it was there in case of emergency, if you catch my drift. It also made me think of that song "I can tell you shop at Hot Topic".
Saturday night:

Young guy, early 20s, at a night club
Sunglasses (even though the sun went down four hours ago)
White striped polo shirt (extra baggy, of course)
Navy blue shorts with ducks printed all over them
Black skate-style sneakers with skulls printed on them

Guess it's a good thing he escaped from the fire with his life.
I have seen so many girls at work today wearing the tightest uniform shirts... it's the strangest thing you can actually see their belly buttons through their shirts... it's so gross. Parents should make them change before they leave the house.
Head-to-toe neon pink velour
'nuff said
starship, all they need are those neon pink uggs, and the outfit is complete! I give you...peptobismol!!!!
i got to work and realized i had on high waters....why can i never remember to only wear these pants with flats <sigh>
sweat pants and Dress shoes???? What the hell is that?
Ok, I've got one...
Yesterday at the fabric store, woman wearing a black (or navy) shirt (the only ok part), a shin length skirt of teal, pink, light blue, and either black or navy plaid, tan and black hiking socks folded into a cuff and dirty orange(!) crocs. Oh, and it was topped off with a large kerchief-y scarf of an entirely different plaid.
I'm thinking of getting crocs, actually. It's killing me but I guess the mary-jane style ones aren't bad. When I go to Europe in the summer I'm going to need something comfy for walking and waterproof for public showers and I don't want to carry several pairs of shoes in my backpack. Plus I work for myself right now but I'm eventually going to need to get a job in a real facility and I always see nurses wearing crocs so they must be useful in that area too.

If anyone has any suggestions for functional shoes that aren't so fashion-criminal, bring them on!
Danskos are among the most comfy shoes out there -- I have a dressy pair that I wear to events where I need to be on my feet all night -- they were a great investment. I got them cause my sis wore hers on a vacation and they were great for walking all over. BUT they won't be able to help you in the shower, though...
Land's End has waterproof walking sandals:;origin=index
It might be debatable whether or not they're less fashion-criminal, but at least they're not as ubiquitous. Land's End also has slides made from the same material as Crocs. I'd say they're less offensive than regular Crocs.
I saw something truly awful yesterday at the grocery store (not as awful as bright pink uggs, but still horrible).

I mom, who was probably in her 40's was wearing high heeled converse-type sneaker boots, capri sweat pants, and some horrible black shirt. Her hair was pulled off to the side and was dyed a bad black that didn't match her and she was wearing a news boy hat. She looked like an older, white suburban Jenny from the Block.

Young-ish skeezer couple walking into the Walmart yesterday. She was wearing black dress-type polyester pants, a white, neon-pink and black striped sweater with 3/4 length sleeves, and...and...shower flip flops. With the pasty-white and ungroomed-for-spring feet. Her pinky toenails were long, too. Surprised she didn't click when she walked. I swar.

Spotted today in the mall. Girl, about 17 or 18. Wearing: a long-sleeved V-neck top, white & black horizontal stripes. With light blue PLAID shorts. Lawd Jesus. On feet were Wallabees with ankle-length white socks.

Stripes & plaid a'splosion!
Dear oh, so unfortunate woman,

I'm not trying to be a bitch here. This is for your own good. You have a different build than most. A potato with a slight waist, if you will. That pale lemon-y cheongsam top was awful. The fabric unforgiving, you bulged at odd intervals. The beige patterned skirt didn't help. It hit your legs all wrong & was loose where it should have been tight & tight where it should have been loose. Again with the bulge. But the worst . . . the WORST was the thick black tights & clunky black old lady shoes. The straps called attention to your cankles & created an awkward line. And the haircut, glasses, & makeup aren't helping either. Please call Stacy & Clinton. PLEASE. For the sake of my eyesight.

last weekend it was sunny and nearly warm outside, which made an unavoidable drive near the pitt campus particularly heinous.
i'm used to seeing LOTS of pajama pants, uggs, sweats, and flip-flops, but this was even worse:
side-ponytail-sporting girl, wearing cut-off, REALLY short, light (almost white) denim shorts with the pockets sticking out the legs, on TOP of black ankle-length leggings. on top, a super-thin, light-pink ribbed tank (black bra underneath, of course) under a half-length, crocheted, white, bolero-type half-grandma/half-hooker short-sleeved sweater thing. AND those huge, girl-skater shoes with no laces, and no socks. i shuddered.
Whoa, sounds like she stepped off the set of an 80's sitcom (or just left Urban Outfitters, same difference).
QUOTE(lilacwine13 @ Mar 26 2008, 02:49 PM) *
Whoa, sounds like she stepped off the set of an 80's sitcom (or just left Urban Outfitters, same difference).

i can't believe hideous clothes are making a comeback. well, not really a "comeback", as designers don't really encourage them, but are becoming more popular in "trendy" stores...that shit wasn't even cute in the 80s! it seems like some newer clothes i see in shops or on people are so UGLY they're "hip"? are these kids thinking "hey, let's just buy the ugliest thing we can find? that'd be rad!" ick.
there are no new fashions anymore. unimaginative designers have to fool the youth into recycling old ones

I dont know if it constitutes 'fashion' but i keep seeing those super-short (like 1/2 inch) fringes/bangs.whywhywhy
Saw a woman in the dr. office today with tattered grey sweat pants, a faded blue tshirt, and some bright pink fuzzy slippers. While she probably coulda gotten away with it at HOME, she should have kept it at home and not in public. BLecccchh, she looked dirty.
I've had some questionable outfits I've worn to the doctor's office, it usually indicates how sick I am if I can't dress myself somewhat coherently.

The outfit that pisses me off right now is the giant boxy t-shirt that looks like a nightgown. I remember those tshirts when they were in and they looked just as bad then. Next thing you know, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany will be coming back on tour. Then again, at least they weren't in rehab or getting pregnant with their backup dancers.
This woman I saw in the bank last week was totally fug: she was probably in her late twenties and attractive enough, but her outfit was a NIGHTMARE. She had on this cheap looking sparkly gold top with a HUGE rose made out of the same fabric hanging off the front, black too-long dress pants, ho-y gold stilettos, a brown leather jacket, and a baseball cap, with a ponytail pulled through the back. Half of her was way over dressed, like she was about to hit). And of course she was walking around like she was hot shit.

And a man on the bus: totally normal looking, drab even, from the front (jeans and grey shirt). A kind of husky, tall blond guy with facial hair- decent looking by any standards. It's clear he had his long hair pulled back- not my thing, but some dig it. But when he turned around, I saw that his hair was not in the normal low man-ponytail, but a high ponytail. Yes, a high ponytail. And held with a scrunchie. Yes, a scrunchie.
Um, dude high ponytail held with scrunchie is prolly the funniest thing I've ever heard. It creates a mental image that becomes exponentially funnier the longer it's held.... laugh.gif
ROTFL! scrunchie ponytail - ha!

so, i have to say. i saw THE LARGEST gaggle of blue shirts and khaki pants today in a meeting. of nearly 30 people in our new employee training, i counted 18 blue button down shirts - all paired with khakis, and 8 women (not in blue shirts), leaving a very small number of boys sans blue... who woke up and told all these men that this was the "outfit of choice"??? doesn't anyone have a personality any more? gah!
I suppose it was only a matter of time, what w/leggings being popular again, but I was still not prepared to see:

:Charcoal, rather sheer stirrup pants!!!
:Flats so that you could see the stirrup strap.
:Grey shirt just big enough to cover her ass (keep in mind the pants were rather sheer).

And the girl was really cute and had a tall thin figure. It made me sad to see her fall victim to stirrup pants. sad.gif
scrunchie on a man? Stirrup pants????

primark (cheap fashion knockoff place) does skinny jeans with stirrups.

they always remind me of jodpurs

the scrunchie man made me throw up a little in my mouth...
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