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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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Nickclick, I think that's kinda cute. I'm a huge fan of socks, fun one's that is.
has anyone seen the new line of Crocs?
It's their "fashion" line, and I think it looks good. Cute + comfortable. BUT I also think the pricing is ridiculous. I might try them if they scale the pricing down, they look nice for work/school wear.
I have to admit, some of those are nice boots, but a little pricey.
Last night I unexpectedly came face-to-face with the fur-lined crocs display at Nordstrom. I had to explain to the male friend with whom I was on the phone why I suddenly said 'ewwwwwww.' I wonder how long it will take cubewear-coordinated gal to get a pair for winter? laugh.gif

And the tasseled (sp?) loafers are cute. Not $149 worth of cute, however.
Oooooh.... I must ask my friend if her dad will be doing the fashion line of Crocs... those are a LOT better than the foam-rubber crap. blink.gif
A woman on the tram- pretty, blond, mid-twenties- she could have slapped on almost anything and looked good. But she chose this:

-slutty summer sandals, in white with coloured beading, wide shiny ribbons that wrapped around her ankles, high metal heels, and open toes. It was like Malibu Barbie couldn't decide whether to be a ballerina or a stripper.
-nude hose, with visible toe reinforcements (because it's winter, clearly not sandal weather)
-over the hose: bastard children of knee socks and legwarmers- they went from mid-foot to knee, and the heels were cut out (have you seen these, people?). In purple. Not that the colour matters at this point.

I didn't see the rest because she was wearing a (surprisingly tasteful!) black coat. I can only imagine.
Edie, it was like Mailbu Barbie could decide whether to be a ballerina or a stripper! Bwaaaaahahahahahaha, that's fucking hilarious!

Went I went to go pick up my mom's xmas gift I saw a woman, mid 40's who was wearing a thigh high black coat, the coat was nice, but it was everything else. She was wearing knee high boots, but you couldn't see the skirt under the coat, so it looked she was wearing a coat and skirt. She also wasn't wearing hose, keeping in mind here, that where I am, it is currently around the -30C mark.

Then there was what she had done to her head. She had bleached blonde hair, in tacky 80's fashioon, her make up...oh dear. She had bright blue smeared in a line across her eye lid, so it didn't even cover the whole lid, and this horrible blinding, highlighter pink lipstick. It was hideous.

I wanted to tell her that the 80's called and it wants EVERYTHING back, woman had the never to stare me up and down. Bah.
Seen at the bus stop on my drive to work today:

Cute gal, nice shape, wearing waist-length wool-type jacket, furry knee-high boots, miniskirt that might show her underwear (provided she's wearing any), and NO STOCKINGS OR TIGHTS! BARE LEGS! And she's standing there, checking the bus schedule, her watch, and bouncing up and down because she's cold. I have only four words for this.....

Seen on a good friend who has no fashion sense (and I don't know how to tell her to not leave the house when she looks like this):

Baby blue empire waisted t-shirt, grey ribbed tights. Black boots.

The tights are not pants! I don't know how to tell her that SHE IS RUNNING AROUND PANTSLESS!!!!!
i think the long shirt over leggings with boots on can be a cute look, if the shirt is long enough to cover the butt so it doesn't look odd, BUT... at least have the leggings go all the way into the boots! i saw this girl and she had on the capri-length leggings with the boots that left a five inch gap between the end of the legging and the top of the boot. not so cute.
ohmy.gif Seen at the airport on December 23rd (yargh, travelling before Christmas):

- 45-50 yr old woman
- fake blonde hair with black roots and hot pink streaks
- pink camouflage bomber jacket with fake fur hood trim (like a 13-yr-old would wear)
- fake leather pants that were baggy, tapered, and tight at the same time in all the wrong places
- pink clogs
- BAD makeup

I was sooooo curious to see who she was waiting for as I wanted to see what he/she/they were dressed like smile.gif
mid-30s woman, a friend of my cousin's at christmas dinner. yesterday. not 1987.

frosted hair, mild but noticable front poodle-poof
frosted pink lipstick, under darker lipliner
fake tan, only on face
ill-fitting bra (with boob-lets sprouting on top)
white turtle-neck
high-waisted tight jeans
white boots with a million buckles and a silver stiletto heel

Are you sure that wasn't Beth Chapman of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" fame?

j/k, I love Beth, she's very honest about her appearance
Personally, I feel anything by Victorias Secret with the word PINK scrawled on it anywhere is an insult to fashion. I mean it's just so boring and dull. And we girls are supposed to get all excited and flip our lids cuz the word PINK scrawled across our sweatpants is making us look like a big dumb doofus. Uh-o-kaaaay. What does it even mean? I mean, if you like the color pink, just wear a pink-colored pair of pants, right? I mean, what does it mean? It simply means Victorias Secret, right? I'm sorry but VS would have to pay ME to wear that for them, and then honestly I still wouldn't because it's just so empty and no class having like "look at me! I'm wearing Victorias secret Pink, they couldn't even put a little bit of thought or taste into the logo on this item before charging me $50 for it!"
Ya know what "pink" can be a euphenism for right? wink, wink, nudge, nudge wink.gif

That is the reason I will never be caught dead wearing said brand. Yuck. What really bugs me are the teenage girls who wear the sweats two sizes too small with "pink" scrawled across their butt, then the requisite hoodie and tank top all with "pink" garishly plastered on it. This isn't fashion peeps, it's a crime.
Octobersky, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's a bit, um, interesting to have clothing/undies with such an appropriate euphemism all over them! I hope whomever designed the line did it on purpose.

Nickclick, that outfit makes my brain hurt.

And I would just like to express my joy that Christmas sweater season is over for this year.
i was in severe pain, it's true.

yes, llamas! what's slightly worse than those boxy, cartoon-embroidered, and possibly bedazzled christmas sweaters is when one is paired with a christmas-themed turtleneck. and what's the worst worse is when a whole family of turtleneck-ed christmas sweater-ed freaks gets their photo taken at Kmart, forever remembered and sent to me on a christmas card.

Kmart should not be used for either clothes shopping or portraiture.
Thanks to the Day After Christmas sales at the Dayton (OH) Mall I have a COF that needs reporting.

Roundish woman, about 5'5" with mousy brown hair, I think spiral permed, in an oatmeal colored baggy sweater w/a riped hem SHORT mini-skirt, oatmeal crocheted knee socks and dirty beige suede clogs.

Spotted at a Starbucks in the wealthy part of town on a Sunday morning at 10am no less:

tiny all of 5" woman wearing
4 inch stiletto heels in a leopard print
skin tight leopard print pants/leggings
tight cropped black sweater with fur trim
giant black purse with yet more leopard print (the purse was a big as she was)
leathery over tanned skin
ridculously fake eyelashes
visable lip liner with lighter lipstick

and no the various leopard prints did not match, it was just such a visual assult on the eyes so early in the morning....

COF while i was at the grocery
30 something woman attractive but the whole outfit ruined it
Hiking boots
Leggings that only came to mid-calf, meaning there was awkward space between the shoes and leggings
Patchwork quilted shorts
Brown long sleeved shirt with vest over it.

Shorts over leggings is fine in a gym but in any other circumstance makes me vom.
Oh, I know what "pink" refers to. It's just a bit ~ oh I don't know ~ ON THE NOSE? ~ for me (or anyone with any actual style or fashion sense in my book sorry)...I mean, what if guys walked around with some sort of logo like BLUE ~ just to REMIND folk they have a cock. I just hate Victorias Secret I guess...the way they try to act like it's not enough to simply have T & A, like you've gotta buy special ASSEMBLY LINE clothing, identical to every other woman around you in order to be sexy. Which has NOTHING to do with what sexy is. Believe me, I remind my men of my PINK whenever I please, I simply don't need to plaster it on for every homeless guy I run into on the street to see in order to like myself. Fortunately for me, clothing with words are out of style now anyway. Victorias Secret got into the game about 5 years too late with their stupid line of clothes with phrases/words on it, it's going to be over very soon.
general observation at the gym today:
by and large the populace (not a lot of regulars w/ the influx of holiday guilt-memberships) looked like a cross-sampling of the cast of high school musical clashing w/ carny side show convention.
and no, it wasn't pretty. <shudder>
Grocery store COF today:

mid-40's woman
overbleached blonde straw hair
overtanned face
heavy eye makeup
Cruella DeVille-type fake dalmatian-looking bomber jacket (when the hell did bomber jackets come back???)
black too-tight jeans
black-and-pink Vans sneakers done up like the teenagers do them with the laces just pulled through, with the shoe tongues up high, and not tied

Like hello, did she steal her daughter's shoes and then decide to buck all motherhood traditions and NOT tie them up?

I, however, was wearing tweedy trousers, a short wool double-breasted & belted jacket (Stacey & Clinton would approve!), black button-down shirt, and black low heels with POINTY toes.

Oh yeah, I was rockin' the WNTW rules....
Hilarious Meijer parking lot CoF:
teenage boy
red skinny jeans
skateboard shoes
But what really made this one was that he was attempting to sag said red skinny jeans. Dude, you either get to be emo OR gangsta at one time. Not both.
Gaaaaaa sagging skinny jeans with no ball room. I do not want to see the size of a 16 year olds pecker.

I saw a woman wearing knee high white boots, and it's winter here, we get a lot of snow. your shoes should not match what is falling out of the sky. White and winter = uglay.

Does anyone remember those horrible high heeled converse-like shoes. Oh those were horrible. Converse sneakers are cool, as stiletto boots they are not.
I dont wanna see skinny jeans on a man anyway. Sorry just not attractive to me! And unless they've got a wonderful butt, no tight jeans on a man either. If you have to tuck your "package" in order to properly fit into your jeans... get a bigger size fellas! Then again, I have no fashion sense whatsoever so, who am I to say anything lol.
dang... double posted. How do you delete?????
oops double post
Ugg boots, everywhere. I can't wait to get away from this university and its 'fashions'.
skinny jeans on men are just wrong. especially if they happen to have big it just me who thinks dungarees should remain exclusive to 1 year old boys?
skinny jeans on men = boo. Denim can be so sexy on a man, when it's done right. And when it's done wrong it can be tragic.

Seen on the bus today:
A very pretty sorority leader type girl wearing:
black wool peacoat jacket (cute)
black open toe stiletto (like 4") patent pumps (cute)
sequined short black cami (not so cute)
TIGHT faded navy "knicker" athletic leggings. From like, the slutty section of walmart. They were truly hideous.

and, it's freezing outside! It's so cold that I'm actually wearing my shearling boots and down jacket. So I want to know where she was going on campus in open toe stilettos and horrible leggings. Mind you, this was at midday in the middle of classes. And it was raining.
It really was like a fashion car wreck, I could not look away.
Everyone here wears leggings, its like some sort of aerobics video gone wrong.
Skinny jeans on men make it look like they have hips. Ew, bad.
I had to go to the university near me to drop some things off, and it was Uggs and pajama pant everywhere. I wanted to vomit.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 14 2008, 07:59 PM) *
Does anyone remember those horrible high heeled converse-like shoes. Oh those were horrible. Converse sneakers are cool, as stiletto boots they are not.

oh my, those were terrible. and let's hope we're talking past tense. god forbid they still exist and are in use. or the similar-ly corny work boots with heels, or beach flip-flops with heels.
also... the timberland boots as high-heels thing. why????

ok. on the bus.
man. late-20s, maybe mid-30s.
tight pale blue stonewash jeans
patterned (subtle but nasty) shirt, unbuttoned to mid-chest
assorted medalions
lots of big rings
white fur coat.


on the skinny jeans thing, some boys rock it. many don't. i can live with it. what I wish to burn, however, is the skinny jeans worn halfway down thier backside so we can all see thier boxers. noooooo /darth vader voice
I have to jump on the bandwagon of hating guys in skinny jeans. However, what bothers me even more is that there is this guy in my program who not only wears skinny jeans but wears some that are so short that the highest they reach is about halfway up is ass! Why does he think this is a good look? And how on earth could it possibly be comfortable to have your jeans feel like they are falling down (cause they kind of are) all the time.
Whenever I see pants hanging half off ass, I always want to go and rip them off.
The adorable early-20s drummer I kinda, um, got cozy with last weekend admitted to me that he was wearing girls' low-rise jeans. If it's a common practice, that explains a lot of the half ass among boys of that age.

And I spotted some wedge sneakers in the Nordstrom shoe department on Saturday. Not as bad as the stilletto heeled ones, but still fug.
If you are a grown woman who, when wearing lipstick, and it looks like you took pink highliter and smeared it on your face, put the liptick down.

I saw this on a woman yesterday, it was ooglay.
Definitely saw a man wearing a fanny pack the other day.
oh jeez. did he have a pot belly? cuz that's the worst, when they wear it slung under the pot belly. men shouldn't leave the house with such things, much less pants that don't have pockets in which to hold their wallet or whatev.
i saw a cof today that made me immediately think I had to come and post about it.

Knee length brown skirt, not so bad, but wearing with knee high white boots with a brown heel (I've said it before, when there is snow on the ground, you're boots or pants or skirt, should now match the precipitation), a navy blue blouse and a black vest. It was horrifying. It was the boots, it was like a train wreck I could not look away they were so ugly.
COF (admittedly at a seedy bowling alley/karaoke bar so i wasn't expecting glamour) last weekend:

middle-aged woman, frosted blonde hair and frosty pink'n'blue makeup.

long grey sweater, which came down to about the crease between the buttcheeks and thighs.



seriously, she was wearing a sweater and fishnets. NOT EVEN LEGGINGS.
nick: that's affirmative on the pot belly *cringe*
Whenever I see pants hanging half off ass, I always want to go and rip them off.

Or drop a penny in the ass bank.
this poor woman at work. she's really the sweetest thing ever. but holy christmas the mom jeans today were sooo high and soooo poofy in the crotch area. and her hair is parted severely down the the middle with grey scragly roots. she's a perfect candidate for 'what not to wear.'
A note on the marsupial people: My father was one. And yes, he wore it beneath his I'm-eight-months-pregnant belly. He wore it because he needed to carry a lot of stuff in his wallet & like George Costanza, it fucked with his back. When he got to where he was going, he held it under his arm much like I do with a handbag. His leaving the house battlecry was, "Has anybody seen my purse?!"

Sadly, that was the *least* of his CoF offenses.
16 year old boys-Saggy skinny jeans-huge skateboard shoes...I hate it has anyone else noticed that the guys skinny jeans are waaaay skinnier than the girls skinny jeans?
And clearly the adage you know what they say about men with big feet does not apply to skater boys.
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