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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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Oh dear, that site is truly awful. I however have a hair-crime to report. Today I saw a woman who had short hair (as in shorter than a bob) and she had two clip in plaits like 8 year olds wear. The worst thing? The clips were bright yellow and the hair turned blue towards the end of the plait...
i guess the bridesmaids are there to make the bride look better, or something..

but going to the lecture today in front of me walks a girl i a bright yellow sweater, waist lenght, black thights, purple suede boots and a white knitted wool hat. why the hell would you wear a knitted hat in 20 degrees? to hold her brain when it starts to melt from all the colour? and if you're wearing thights, you should wear a shirt that covers a bit.
I especially don't get it in Canada. God knows there is ample opportunity to wear a toque all winter and most of spring and fall...
When I was little, my father had me terrified of wearing sandles on elevators. Well, guess what: Crocs gets caight in elevators too.
I saw a girl wearing a knit hat to a ska show recently, when it was 95 degrees inside and outside the venue. I'm still trying to figure that one out, it doesn't get cold enough here in the winter to need a hat.

Last night at the grocery store:

College-aged guy, cheesy, 70's style mustache and soul patch (that actually made him look better)
Dirty, orange high top sneakers with no laces
Dirty socks hiked up
Blue and white baggy shorts with vertical stripes and flowers between the stripes and geometric patterns in the stripes
Blue and white polo shirt with huge stripes running horizontally
Turquoise bandanna worn as a headband
Requisite bottle of cheap booze and pizza

The guy ahead of me in the checkout line commented about how people don't know how to dress around here. I couldn't agree more.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Sep 17 2007, 08:08 PM) *
When I was little, my father had me terrified of wearing sandles on elevators. Well, guess what: Crocs gets caight in elevators too.

it says that most of the accidents have occured in children wearing them;

well that's what stoopid breeders get for dressing innocent- young- kids in ugly shoes!
Lovely woman, lovely outfit: satin pencil skirt, strappy silver sandals, hair up, sweater falling off a bare shoulder. But hey, at 9:30 in the morning, it looks like you didn't make it home last night.
Today I saw denim capris with a scalloped hem and ugly silver beading/embroidery along aforementioned hem. As if that wasn't bad enough, the woman had white socks on with flip flops. The socks were kind of jammed between her toes to accomodate the shoes.

I also saw a guy with a brown v-neck sweater underneath a blue fleece pullover (it was 73 degrees out today). His bottom half was also layered: above-the-knee blue shorts made out of Dickies material, with calf-lenth blue plaid shorts UNDERNEATH the other shorts, and black socks pulled up to mee the bottom pair of shorts.
In the supermarket....
At least 4 people shopping in pajama pants.

Two women with the only watermelon National Geographic centerfold circa 1986 wearing thin white tank tops, wait I'm lying, one was so stained yellow in the armpits that almost were at her waist, that I might be confused with the color...., NO BRA! I mean I'm all for comfort, but come ON! Please, no free ballin if your balls are sliding down your chest and bigger than anything sold in the produce aisle.

A very orange, ban de solied store brand sprayed fake tan chick wearing a too small coo coo for cocoa puffs brown tee rolling up at the hem over her belly rolls, black and white suspenders, cut off shorts that were 10 sizes too big, (seriously, it looked like the suspenders were holding up a barrel), white knee sweat socks, one with red stripes across the top, the other blue, and sky blue multi colored paint splashed crocs.

Between the plucking chicken fiasco, and the shit I saw at Keyfood, I need a bleach bath.
Socks with flip flops!!!! That's worse than crocs!!!!

I also get the comfort thing, but I do not need to see the shade of your nipples.
I also get the comfort thing, but I do not need to see the shade of your nipples.

Seconded! I saw an old woman (and here I mean the otherside of 70) the other day wearing what was clearly a see through shirt without a bra on and it was... disturbing. She had clearly once been a large breasted gal as well.
Maybe it is because I was brought up as a Conservative Jew but man one of the Holiest Days of the year which is why it is called the High Holidays, it is NOT appropriate to wear your black sweatsuit and gymshoes to synogage.

Nor is it appropriate to wear jeans.

But Happy New Year, one of my resolutions is to not be such a fuckin bitch.

I mean, nice sweat suit.

I vended at Strangefolk Festival last week, and they asked me for a zine contribution. I came up with this, and thought of you ladies while writing it. Enjoy. smile.gif

15 Rules for Dressing Yourself

Or: Things your mom never told you but probably should've.

1. A sports bra is not a top. Hence the word "bra". I don't care how hot it is outside. I don't care if your skin is actually boiling off your bones as you read this. You can still wear a shirt.

2. Men. Speedos. Really? Out of hundreds of styles of swimwear, you picked up a banana hammock and said "Yes, this feels right." Are you a blind tourist or do you just hate eyes?

3. Tweety bird does not belong anywhere on your clothing. Unless the look you're going for is "Winnebago Warrior", your attire should be WB-free. This ESPECIALLY applies to Taz tattoos.

4. Women, your skin should never be darker than your hair. Remember this rule if you don't want to resemble your handbag in your mid thirties.

5. College age girls are the worst dressed people in the world who are not currently homeless. No one wants to see your pajama bottoms and bunny slippers out in public, particularly if it's already noon.

6. Remember, comfortable doesn't always equal "should be seen outside of the house, or even through an open window". Sometimes it's a sign to others that you have, in fact, slept in those pants.

7. Anyone who's ever seen the movie "Big Daddy" knows why you don't let your kids dress themselves.

8. Men, cologne from the supermarket is not your friend. And unless your choice of mate is a lowland gorilla, you should run briskly from anything labeled "Musk".

9. Face tattoos pretty much tell the world you make bad life choices. If it's a path Mike Tyson's been down, it's probably a good one to avoid.

10. If it looks like your sixth grade art teacher would have worn it, it's time to burn it. Caftans and wooden jewelry the size of dinner plates have never been in, ever.

11. Purple and orange are the team colours of sexual dysfunction.

12. God put hair on men's toes as a sign they weren't to be aired in public. Sure, shoes are a bummer in the summer, but so is looking at acres and acres of hobbit feet.

13. Star Wars is a litmus test for dorks. If Boba Fett is on your shirt, you don't need a date.

14. Sir, if the hem of your t-shirt extends below your crotch, you are wearing a dress.

15. If you have a visor on your head, you'd better be serving me a tennis ball or a large order of fries.

I'm Beqi. I'm just doing my job to make the world a more beautiful place, one Six Flags patron at a time.
those are great!
Those are so funny! i feel like passing them out as pamphlets on the street to "spread the word"
Yesterday I saw an otherwise attractive young woman wearing black knit pants with flared legs, a tailored white blouse trimmed with white lace, and a black, t-back sports bra. the sports bra was on OVER the white blouse.
The current fad in my area is leggings. Bleach blonde girls walk around campus wearing various colours of skin tight leggings thinking that they look fashionable. Perhaps fashionable, but leggings are definitely not for everyone.
Yesterday I went to a music festival put on by the local "alternative rock" station. With a lineup that included Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Jimmy Eat World and Plain White T's, there was quite a variety of people there, as well as quite a few COF's. Some of the highlights include:

--Girls wearing floaty tunics with leggings, no pants
--One guy who had the name of a really rich suburb in my area tattooed on his back (because apparently the real thugs come from Scottsdale)
--Two girls who decided that since it was 93 degrees out and sunny, they should just skip the clothes and wear their bikinis. No pants, shorts, or skirts, just the swim wear with flip-flops and sneakers.
--Teenage girl with orange skin and bleached hair wearing a skirt that looked like a denim belt and a bikini top
--On the opposite end of the spectrum, I saw at least two teenage boys wearing knit caps and hoodies in the afternoon when it was still fucking hot as hell
--Girls who were wearing extremely tight jeans and shirts, with the dreaded muffin top in full effect
--Some guy at one of the booths wearing a women's one-piece bathing suit, cape and Mexican wrestling mask (okay, that one was kinda cool)
--Several Vera Bradley bags
--Trucker hats
--Kids wearing t-shirts with band logos that they probably picked up at Wal-Mart the day before because they wanted to look "cool," even though they probably couldn't tell you the name of the lead singer or even name one of their songs
--This one I wouldn't consider a COF anywhere else, but a girl wearing a green, patchwork, floor-length dress with a turtle appliqu├ęd on front, that looked like it belonged more at Bonaroo or a bluegrass festival. The dress was cute, but out of place.

And, my personal favorite:
--Guy in his thirties, wearing a gray cowboy hat, black t-shirt, and a black Speedo. Didn't get a look at his shoes, I couldn't get past the Speedo.

The music was great, I had fun, and seeing horrendously dressed people is just part of what makes it fun.
a sports bra over a blouse?? *shudders*

bustygirl, that rawks!
busty, too funny. although i may have broken #10 once or twice (i do love the dorothy spornak/mrs. roper look).
sorry about ruining your day lananas. not that i use my leggings at campus, i think it's appropriate to wear actual clothes to lectures (no training outfits, please). but i must admit that i kind of like leggings, and in a right ensamble they can look good. maybe not for everyone, though.
and i have to repeat, it's still to warm in eastern canada to wear beenies.
Hey Lux,

You didn't ruin my day! I may have come across as a little bit harsh... I agree that they can look good with certain outfits, most definitely. However, when people where leggings and only leggings, and don't have a body for it (some people can actually pull it off, if only few), it is a fashion faux pas. And Eastern Canada is still waay too warm.
Is it wrong to criticize what people wear at the gym? The other day, I saw a woman in yellow cut-offs that I swear were some sort of shiny plush material, like velor, and a tie die shirt, sleeves cut off, w/a fanny pack cinching it all together. Her shoes were clunky and her socks were thick men's style white.
seen yesterday in ikea carpark: woman mid 40s wearing hot pink, velour tracksuit bottoms tucked into brown uggs, brown top with midriff -front and back- hanging out. It was unfortunate..
midriff should be covered no matter how trim and fit post 27 years of age. and it definatly should never 'hang' out.

uggs are for . . . well never mind, i don't really see any reason for uggs
hot pink 90's style high waisted jeans, a white t-shirt and a light pink half sweater, topped off with a big half ponytail that was poofy, thick black eyeliner, and white sneakers.
I fucking hate uggs boots. I cannot fucking stand them. I rank them up there with crocs. They make me insane with anger.

I forgot to tell my preggers friend that a really annoying pseudo-friend was coming to her baby shower; as my punishment, she is threatening to buy her baby Uggs and make her wear them in my presence. laugh.gif
Hare Krishna robes with periwinkle Crocs.
Dusty, that is horrifying!
I thought of all you fabulous bitches when at work a coworker tried to tell me that crocs go with certain kinds of jeans.

i was adamant. I told him that they DO NOT GO WITH ANYTHING. I also said I don't care how comfortable they are they are, and will always be ugly.

I was exchanging some shoes and the salesman asked me if I wanted to see any Uggs, I declined. Politely I might add.

sometimes, I impress even myself. plus I am really really modest. that's what so great about me. modesty, definately
The other day, BEDAZZLED CROCS!!! I swear to god, I almost went blind....

Today, Girl in her early twenties wearing a giant college hooded sweat shirt, with a teeny tiny denim miny shirt, and uggs. It must be ugg season.

Oh i hate the whole uggs-with mini skirt look. At my school it's practically the uniform. Why would anyone wear winter boots with a mini skirt?
Ugg boots have their place. It happens to be in the same room as a roaring fire and lots of alcohol. Not outside, with mini skirts. Never outside! I come from the land of uggs and they are slippers!
ananke, i have been saying this for years! although with the prevalence of people wearing pyjamas as streetwear, no doubt next we'll see carpet slippers on young women (instead of the regular crazy lady down the road)
What's with the boots -furry ugg copies- that actually look like slippers? I saw a girl wearing a pair the other day and I'm sure they were slippers; they were fluffy.
Gaaa, it's attack of the ugly foot wear. Crocs in the summer and uggs and shag carpet material boots in the winter. Blech. I saw a young woman wearing uggs yesterday when I went grocery shopping.
QUOTE(dusty @ Oct 9 2007, 02:31 PM) *
Hare Krishna robes with periwinkle Crocs.

I know I should be slapped for this but I can't help but think that is kind of awsome. I just wish they were Bedazzled!
thanks for the laugh of my day kittenb; I HATE that commerical and the freaky woman who peddles them!

I think I was my own CoF today: smoke grey stretch workout leggings (the ones that aren't tights but are body hugging & narrower at the ankle) w/ a lightly smoky grey patterened hanging right mid-butt (cute actually) shirt w/ sneaks.
granted I really was actually at the gym working out, but no one else even There was wearing anything like that, and then I ran my errands, but I tied my jacket around my waist to cover my ass. (which truthfully looked pretty darn good even though I think it's too big!)

I am sorry. sad.gif
bearing in mind it's now october here, which I believe qualifies as autumn - a man in a zip-up hoodie and tracksuit trousers. presentable enough, except the jacket was unzipped and he was wearing nothing underneath.

and he had a beer gut.
I wouldn't have minded the crocs so much with the hare krishna robes, but they clashed.

I can't universally hate crocs, because the first person I saw wear them, the admin at our union local, totally rocks them.
QUOTE(mornington @ Oct 11 2007, 05:37 PM) *
bearing in mind it's now october here, which I believe qualifies as autumn - a man in a zip-up hoodie and tracksuit trousers. presentable enough, except the jacket was unzipped and he was wearing nothing underneath.

and he had a beer gut.

I must admit to being a COF this morning.

I went to swim laps then teach my water aerobics class and woke up later than I'd have liked. So I left the house in my pajamas. This consisted of Lepoard print wide leg slighty shiny and furry pajama pants, black t-shirt, black sweat shirt with the collar cut out ( very 80's ) jean jacket, and pumas all of this hot mess was made even worse because I wasn't wearing a bra which as a well endowed women, is never ever attractive. I ended up at the grocery store too.

This is my penance. Bad missladyj.( slaps own hand really hard)

My loving husband even tried to stop me. But I wouldnt listen to him. I was really comfortable which is no excuse. I should know better
I should also add that i reeked of chlorine since I forgot to bring lotions with me. I am so gross.
blink.gif From the bottom: blink.gif

Chunky-soled blackish brown sketcher-type shoes, SQUARE toed.
Stirrup pants, no socks. Yes, STIRRUPS (not leggings.) They were this yellowish color of spandex-y stuff. Almost yellowish greenish like. Ewwww...

Rabbit fur jacket with spots all over it over a nasty white wife beater T-shirt.

But those damnable stirrups over the ugly square toed shoes? Yeah...

I swar.

Bleach me now, please!

at the aquarium saturday:

vans, no laces
baggy, knee-length plaid shorts
ratty fugazi t-shirt
plaid flannel (that didn't match the plaid of the shorts)
shoulder length buttrock hair
soul patch, freakin' soul patch!

hi, 1992 called. it wants its look back

hey, at least he/she/it was consistent...

*passes bleach to quietmadness*

I myself would like to report the wearing of tights under leggings, to create a sort of patterned multi-layed effect. Also, I have no idea what was going on sunday, but there were busloads of over-made-up fugly "fashionistas" heading the same way. The leggings sans any sort of shorts/skirt caught my eye. As did the long tweed "city shorts" over brown patterned tights worn with clumpy (actually, in a nice way clumpy) brown boots. why did she just not wear trousers?
long bottle-blonde curly mullet
some black outfit with red roses on the chest and fake fur trim (kinda mid-90s)
big, frosted pink purse shaped like a clamshell (the ugliest thing I've ever seen) with a huge silver clasp
frosted pink lipstick

and the guy she was with had a mullet. We saw them approaching the store from outside and my boss said, "Brittany! Stay right there! YOU wait on them."

Hello all! I <3 this thread! I work for a timeshare company, (in Vegas no less!) so I look forward to being able to share in the CoF's because I see a lot on a daily basis!
I am so tired of the terrible 80's refugee giant thick shiny belts for no reason, especially as worn around those weird shirt-dress things. Gah.

Also, there is this lady who works in my building that is SCARY. Big poofy 80's hair alllll moussed up, really really scary-assed eye makeup with evil drawn-on eyebrows, and don't even get me started on the earrings and shoulderpads. I swear, every time I see her I have to pull out my cell phone and assure myself that it is, indeed, still 2007. Urrrrgh.

Won't someone please come and take the 80's back where they belong?
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