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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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*runs screaming into thread*

the crocs have mated with uggs to produce... FUR LINED CROCS

I think my head just exploded with fear.
Oh no...

My husband got crocs a number of weeks ago (I complained here). He recently broke them when tromping through a swamp. I cheered the death of the crocs when he informed me he was getting more - he loves them... he said he never wants any other footwear.

Then he said he would even buy snow crocs if they made them...

... and now they do...
those are seriously gross looking!! the red ones looked like something formerly furry turned inside out.

in addition, did you know that crocs apparently also made Super Hero boots?

see for yourself :§ion=products
Furry crocs? Croc boots? Dear cod. *bleaches brain*

A question...after what date during the year, approximately, is it no longer a CoF to wear knee-high leather boots in the evening? I'm getting impatient. smile.gif

omg! why?why?why?

*rushes out of thread with hand over mouth to hold in vomit*
In school today I saw a girl wearing a fluorescent orange, fitted, midriff-bearing t-shirt, light blue plaid flannel pants that were tapered with elastic at the bottom, and sneakers the same color as her fluorescent orange shirt...
I'm not sure if she saw me grimacing at her...
I've seen those evil croc boots in the flesh.

Llamas, I never thought kneww high boots were a COF. I'd wear 'em now.

Humanist, I need to go vomit and the thought of that outfit! Blech.

Fur lined crocs??? Oh fuck, those are white trash. Just when I thought crocs couldn't get any uglier. Oh.My.
omg I have died and found myself in faux sheepskin croc hell

IS THIS what I DESERVE in my attempt to RETURN to bust?
christ on the cross, mornington pass the freakin eyebleach.
I think it is an elaborate hoax on Mornington's part. It has to be. *shudder*

I don't get the boots in summer thing. Y'know, maybe in LA but here in Canada, you spend too much of the year *having* to wear boots, I want my toes in the sun as soon as the snow melts.

Glamour magazine's Dos and Don'ts irk me. Most of the time I get it, but I think they're being pretty anal. Then every once in a while they pick someone who is doing something so over the top, that its a look. A look they don't get, and they should just leave it alone, because anyone who is working that look probably isn't getting their fashion tips from Glamour.
Nope, the Manolo had a link to them as well. They seem really unpractical and I can't imagine anyone wearing them outside in cold weather. How are you supposed to walk through rain or snow without getting your feet wet?

I feel the same way about the do's and don'ts too, dusty. Also, a lot of their do's seem rather boring to me.
freckle, those boots are god awful!!!

And mornington, pass me some eye bleach, too...those are just unpleasant.

missjoy, try to sabotoge your mr.'s crocs, if at all possible.
apparently downtown is where it is at to find CoFs.

Woman in a sparkly bra covered with a black fishnet mesh shirt.

Man in a black t-shirt with a pastel yellow sweater TIED AROUND HIS NECK! So 80's it was unbelievable and I love me some 80's but this was ridiculous.
Yes, missladyj, downtown Chicago is the place to be.

Today I saw a man with a Weiner's Circle tank over a sweat-shirt and basketball shorts. Not too out of control, right? Did I mention that he has somesort of chest mounted platform on which a little chiuaua (sp) sits? It is like a hard cased backpack that opens up so the dog can look out on the world.

Which brings me to my question. Bad fashion is one thing. But should this thread include people who are just a flagrant advertisment for Weird? It seems mean (but oh so delicious.)
I ran in here to say that I heard crocs is releasing a clothing line.

runs and hides
walkingbitch - say it ain't so?!?!
what , are we talking like- everyday wearable wetsuits or something??
that's all that comes to mind as they make Rubber Shoes.

misslady, I have a longsleeved fishnet shirt, but I have only worn it once to the Stones concert,
my t-shirt.
time & place is everything sometimes.

kittenb: freaky!!
it was like, HIS dog?
not one he was just holding for someone else?
not knocking men & their choice of dogs, it's just that a tiny one like that, well, OBVIOUSLY he was incredibly secure w/ himself & must have high self esteem.

I saw (W (eird)) CoF's are totally appropriate for this thread.

and while I don't mean to beat the anti croc thread to death, would icky nasty thick dragon toenails on open slipper type croc's qualify as a CoF? damn the mr for pointing the guy out; he actually giggled when he did, knowing I'd be so grossed out. I mean, we're all pretty much in agreement & general opinion of them. (some exception of course, I'm not giving up my sandals any time soon here sister!)

seen at walmart (which is what I get, it's a veritable Freakshow of offenses): woman in denim short shorts with So-Much-Cellulite & dark tan that it looked like curdled and hardened cottage cheese.

as I kept running into her (damn annoying when you cannot seem to escape people like that, and you keep waiting for her to show her ass every time she bends over & is in front of you) it lead me to some thoughtful reflection:

what if some of these people honestly Don't Know they are doing wrong?
I was working at the hospital and everyday i see a veritable line of America's most wanted come in...however this man topped the list. he came to visit his grandmother with dirty denim shorts. To top it off he was wearing an oversize bowling shirt with the tasmanian devil on it. The shirt was was bared open, so all the world could see his matching tasmanian devil tattoo. I nearly vomited.
wait a minute wait a fuckin minute. He had a shirt with the tasmanian devil on it that matched his tattoo? Hahahahahahahaha oh shit that is FUNNY!!!
bwah-ha-ha-ha! oh dear oh dear oh dear

i own a crochet-style net jumper, it's kindof pretty (my mum bought it for me) but I'm just not convinced. I have been seeing a lot of string vests in neon colours recently, though. Not sure what that's about.

confession: I have been considering buying a pair of those water-crocs, that you can wear in water. But there is a reason: I might start rowing again, and need shoes I can wear in water that won't fall off. Because the stones at the bottom of the thames are slippery, and flip-flops fall off.

i really wish i'd saved the photoshopped bottle of eye bleach someone sent me...
Nothing like an outdoor film festival to bring out the CoF!!! Including:

- a tee shirt cut into fringe with beads on it
- walking shorts paired with a very low-cut top on a woman who had to be at least 70
I heard about the croc clothing line some time ago, after reading walkingbitch's post, I did some research. The clothing, they say, is going tobe made out of the same material. Ummm, fetish clothes for the suburban family???

Those are horrific CoF's.

Men in rally short shorts. Um. ewwww.
Fetish clothes for the suburban family! hahahahaa

Okay, the Taz thing is pretty funny.
lol on the Taz matching. And gasp in horror at the croc clothing line. Suburban fetish indeed. Although I confess to considering buying the croc "Alice", because they look like normal shoes.

Well, it was 105 today, so COF's abound. I totally understand sacrificing fashion for comfort, but there need to be limits, people! Seen today on my campus:

Cute girl, my age (22) , wearing run of the mill sorority Tee and those cotton athletic short-shorts, EXCEPT she had cut the little slits on the side up to the WAISTBAND! The sides were flapping open so you could see her nasty granny panties! Why!?!

Also, attractive girl with a ghetto-fab hairdo that must have added 5 inches to her hieght and I'm sure is very difficult to maintian in this weather. She had on hot pink satin booty shorts so tight that they created a stomach roll. Equally tight flourescent orange strappy cami, allowing her to show her pink satin push-up bra that matched her shorts! Accesories were metallic orange platform flip-flops and pink nail polish. She gets props for matching, but minus points for going to class dressed like a hooker.
aaahhh, back to school and the college campus Cof's i think we should all start carrying camera's

seen yesterday at the mall.

mother teen daughter combo (totally can not remember what the daughter was wearing) mom was wearing short chiffon butterfly print dress. (would have been cute on a 7 year old girl) face with so much make-up her age was indeterminable as i am pretty sure if she smiled or made any expression at all the make-up would have cracked. piles of blonde curls some pinned up some left down around her caked face. oh, and matte pale pink lipstick ala porn star. fake tan, and 5inch platform cork wedge metalic strappy ankle wrap sandals.
yesterday, walking down the street in the late afternoon:

dude, late 20's, wearing: nondescript gray tshirt, horrible frat/surfer pukka shell necklace, flip flops (bad enough on their own) and...wait for it...FLANNEL PAJAMA PANTS PRINTED WITH THE LED ZEPPELIN LOGO ALLOVER. putting aside, if we even can, the fact that he was wearing nightwear on the city streets during daylight hours, it was fuckin 100 degrees in LA yesterday. who wears FLANNEL in 100 degree weather????
All these COF's make me want to vomit.

There is a woman I always see at the grocery store and she is one walking COF every time I see her.

She has bad bad big curly, frizzy 80's hair, complete with bangs. Her glasses are big and 80's and her make up is tacky blue colours with pale pink lipstick.

Her outfit is pink, 60's gym bunny, short shorts with slits inthe side, and her she wears those horrible tube socks with white shoes. I think she's trolling around for a husband. Blech.
Seriously mouse!! I saw a guy the other day wearing plaid pj bottom's and it was hot and humid. What kind of guy wears pajama bottoms into public anyway?? For that matter, I think guys look silly in them all together. Why not just wear boxers or whatever to bed?

Culture, I too hate blue eyeshadow. I always think of My Girl, when Jamie Lee Curtis says 'a girl can never wear too much blue eyeshadow'...whenever I see it, so I giggle a bit.
Tube socks!

I shall not breathe a word of the blue eyeshadow to Maimy.

When it got down to a chilly 70 degrees in Santa Monica, I'd routinely see people wearing stocking caps. Weaklings.

Hey, I have a friend who has pajama pants with the Rolling Stones lips/tongue logo all over them. They've got to be at least 25 years old at this point. I love her, but I wouldn't hesitate to shoot her if she wore them past her front door.
"Hey, I have a friend who has pajama pants with the Rolling Stones lips/tongue logo all over them. They've got to be at least 25 years old at this point. I love her, but I wouldn't hesitate to shoot her if she wore them past her front door."

raisin, i would take that to mean you are indeed a true friend.
If you are wearing white pants, make sure that I don't see you're big o' pink thong or whatever through them.

I saw a woman wearing an all white outfit. The clothes weren't ugly, but she looked like a cloud.

What is with camel toe? I don't need to see your labia!
uh, i LOVE blue eyeshadow. i have this awesome turquoise shade that i wear all the time. also purple and orange. i know mornington agrees with me on this.

but paired with frosted
Nothing but the best, Shiny! laugh.gif wub.gif
In terms of blue eye shadow, the woman was wearing that tacky frosted 80's blue. I don't have a problem with blue eye shadow, and I'm a huge fan of purple. In fact I'm wearing some right now.
Apparently, pants are optional on my campus.

I saw several young ladies sporting those tunics that are so popular. As dresses. I promise, ladies, those are meant to be worn as tops. With pants. Stop showing me your ass, please.

I ran into Miss ghetto-fab hairdo today, apparently we have the same bus route. Today she was wearing a black bra. I know this because it was made extremely visible by the silver metallic imitation leather tube top she wore. With leggings. NOT knit black pants, no, hosiery-style leggings. I was very thankful for her unfortunately visible thong, I'm not sure I can deal with full frontal nudity at 8 am.
Getting to know the Canadian university life, and yeah, you don't need pants for that.

The other night I saw a girl wearing a mens shirt with a belt as a dress. I think the worst part was that the shirt was see trough, so now everyone knows what kind of knickers she wears. And the belt was not pretty either.

I guess I'm the only person who hates shorts. The shorter, the better seems to be the theme here. It's not even warm!
Dude, just stay away from the mall:

What university are you at, Lux?
Turquoise Croc flip flops with big fake gemstones glued all over them. Need I say more?
that was hilarious, Dusty!
I'm doing a semester at Queen's University. A lot of time to spot fashion victims in a small town...
William Sledd is my new favorite person
yesterday was my second spotting of the pastel sweater tied around some douche bags neck. This time it was a hideous pastel green/turquoise. Ugh
I was driving past a funeral home the other day, and walking out was a woman who was wearing tacky bright green crocs. To a funeral! Wha the hell is that?
Two croc sightings: First lady, wearing a great pinstriped suit and crocs. Which just made no sense at all. Then I at the store I saw a pair of multi-color pink and lime green sort of tie dyed looking crocs, very pukey.

Also at the store, there was a lady wearing a one piece jumper style denim dress down to her ankles, with big buttons. She might as well have been wearing a moomoo.

Then later, I saw a girl about my age wearing an ill fitting polo shirt, it looked stretched out and baggy for some reason. And she definately need a better fitting bra. She was wearing a strange black khaki pencil skirt with pockets and big buttonson the back. And strappy wedge shoes which looked to dressy for the casual outfit. Maybe even things had fit right it would have been okay, but it just didn't look right.
Has anyone seen those crocs that look like your grandfather's loafers mated with a croc? Those are my least favorite.
i hate to admit it because i love her, but my boyfriend's future sister-in-law was a COF at her bridal shower yesterday. the shower was not a surprise, she's 33 years old, and she arrived wearing a walmart junior's dept tank top, tucked into a mini jean skirt, sheer but white panty house, black square-toed pumps. and this is the woman choosing what i'm going to wear and how i'm to do my hair in a few weeks. ick.
oh, nickclick, cross your fingers for a wedding planner to help her choose.
nope, no wedding planner, but thanks for the well wishes. my only consolation is that the only people who will see me in the giant satin purple beaded dress and undoubtedly overdone hair will be people who know her and her 'style.'
A few years ago I was in a friend's wedding - our families are really close, we grew up together, blah, blah. I always thought she had good taste until I saw the bridesmaid's dress I was expected to wear. It was a horrible bluish/purplish color that looked good on absolutely no one - not to mention the dress was strapless and made for Amazon Barbie dolls. I'm a D to DD cup and my mom had to take in the top for me!!! To add insult to injury I had to pay $250 for the piece of crap.

Then to top off the whole mess it was arranged that all us bridesmaid's were getting our hair done for the occasion - paid for by the bride's family so I really couldn't say no. Suffice to say I left the salon looking like someone had plopped a giant mushroom cap on my head with these strange tendril curl thingys hanging down. This was the hairstylist's interpretation of the "sleek updo" I asked for - I had even specified "something like Phoebe or Rachel from Friend's" (not that i'm a huge fan, just figured it would be a safe point of reference) - not even close. I then had to dash to my grandpa's and refix my hair. Gah. What a day. Several close friends commented on how the dress was not my style, so it did make me feel somewhat better - so yeah Nickclick don't worry about the giant purple people eater you have to wear - you have my utmost sympathies.

Taking full advantage of the open bar at the reception did help me forget how bad the dress was though!! laugh.gif
I think it's a rule with weddings that bridesmaids have to wear awful things. The worst I've suffered was when at age 17 I was put in the same cute-sy fluffed up dress as my 2 year old cousin. It was awful... I actually looked like a loo roll holder. But my aunt has been stuck in the worst part of 80s fashion as long as I can remember. Ick.
If I ever get married I'm gonna tell people the colour theme and let them choose their own dress.
I wonder if some brides do COF's for their bridesmaides on purpose? Most bridesmaides dresses make me throw up a little in my mouth.
*delurk* -- gotta stay with the classics!:

Janeinane, that sight fucking rocks! I have tears in my eyes from it!
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