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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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I saw a pair of camouflage-print gauchos at Target. They were hideous just hanging on the rack.
Brown gauchos, flip flops, and a VERY short, very tight white tee-shirt with a glittery playboy logo on the chest.

...on a middle-aged woman.
remember those extremely bizarre hammer-esque pants that someone posted a link to a few months ago? from the urban outfitters' website, i think? i believe the context was 'omigod, why on earth would anybody buy these?'

i saw a girl on the street wearing them today.

actually, it was very sad because A) she was a very cute girl, and B) from, like, the knee up, it didn't look bad. i thought at first that she was wearing a cute long black skirt. but then my eyes moved down. and oy, the hammerocity of it all!
Man on the bus today, wearing a t-shirt reading "FREE MUSTACHE RIDES". Oh ya.
At the health food store yesterday, she mullet in a banana clip.
On the street... tie-dye brown & blue & white skirt, all little pleats, lots of sequins. The waistband bit was made from the top part of a pair of jeans It looked nasty. Too-short pink tshirt, glittery logo... pasty belly hanging out in front.
It looked like laundry day, except she had so few clothes she had to go steal her eight-year-old sister's stuff.

AP... pleeeeease start a photoblog *puppy eyes* You can't seriously keep them to yourself
Coral lady.
Who was coral lady?
She was a woman who occassionaly came into the store I worked in.

She matched, head to toe..well except her hair, it was white.

She wore coral eyeshadow, coral blush, coral lipstick, coral nail polish. As if that wasn't bad enough she had the coral top and bottoms to match. I still shiver at the thought.
I am going to be Coral Lady when I grow up/old, I'm afraid.
Whoa...coral eyeshadow!
I want to meet that lady and find out where she got her coral eyeshadow. I want some!
I need to report myself today. I have breached the officewear/eveningwear divide.

I am wearing bootcut jeans and black leather slides - okay so far, right? But I am wearing them with an extremely low-cut black top. The actual V ends BELOW my push-up bra, though it is filled in with black lace to about mid-bra. The bra is black, at least! I am also wearing a gauzy turquoise shawl with multi-coloured and metallic embroidery. I'm wearing it because I don't like showing my arm "flaps," but it's too hot to wear a jacket.

There! I've confessed! Now I am cleansed!
well, doodle, if you're going to out yourself...
i'm wearing a skirt. a tiered peasant skirt. it's chocolate brown, but the bottom tier is a bleached orangey-brown. paired with my thomson rivers university chemistry competition tshirt
in the spirit of togetherness: I sport my Birkenstocks. *raises fist* I will never surrender!
heh, maybe we should all head over to the confessions thread...

oh, and doodle, i meant to say, i wouldn't call your shirt as you describe it a crime, but more of a welcome distraction :P
Never, ever surrender the birks, luci.

tyger, I think I saw a few women wearing that exact combo on the TRU campus this afternoon, LOL!

*shimmies to show off boobie-jiggle*
Ha! Someone on here criticized Danskos, but I think I own an actual cool pair of them. They have sides and a back and maryjane straps. They are not clogs, dammit!!

and -- those *dark purple* * glitter* clogs by Dansko are oddly appealing.

And I LIKE tiered skits, ms tyger, as long as they're not too foofy. A long tiered skirt is great. I think you sound cute, very cute.

I also kind of like those bright colored rubber clogs with holes in them. NOw, i woudn't WEAR THEM -- in the city -- but for my boyfriend down in ptown? His old mandals are wearing out (he wears them on beach only!!!!!!!!) so I just may suprise giftie him a pair o holy clogs when we do vacay...

and that is all
very bizarre CoF at the bus stop today. tall, lanky, nerdy-looking white guy wearing thick, square glasses, a cheap dove-grey suit, dark brown loafers...and cornrows.

in a ponytail.

Epinephrine, maybe it was K-Fed?

I have a tiered skirt.
omg, i want to date that fella. he's bold man fo shore!
oh, i love my tiered skirt, too. but with a too-big white tshirt proudly proclaiming something about thomson rivers university chemistry program, i decided it was bad enough to not make it out in public.

my life has been relatively cof free lately. probably because i'm not going to school right now. i'm sure my eyes will go back to being assaulted daily in september
whammy! are you talking about the Marcelle Danskos?? they are sort of like maryjane clogs? i think i may buy them for work. they are comfy as all hell, and would be practical for my retail job.

my recurring CoFs include:
too much leopard print
too much black
over the top makeup and hair
my weird collection of big belt buckles (i am talking Rodeo Winner looking things...HUGE! but i love 'em, and no one is going to make me give them up)
...and the occasional running to the store in my PJs.
i have a pair of cherry red danskos, maryjane wedge heels, very cute. but so f-ing uncomfortable! what's with that little indented trough all the way round the edge eh? the worst shoes ever i think. AND i think the colour was just sprayed on the leather instead of it being dyed. cheap shit for such expensive shoes.

know what the worst CoF is? bad posture. this girl in my building, slim, cute, snappy dresser. slouchy humped back stance that makes her boobs look like they start at the waist. argh, i want to introduce her to yoga.
I posted about a lady wearing bright blue (not quite royal) Danskos with too short mom washed out blue slacks and some kind of not coordinated socks but I can't remember details now. It was more about the highwaters and off socks(and the Hawaiian print shirt combo).
I actually love my danskos! I just bought a pair of black professional clogs because with my painful foot condition I had no somewhat dressy shoes. They feel great. And I love my birks too. Guess I'm kinda a shoe COF'er but I'm ok with that.
oops, it was khaki highwaters...went back thru archives. gettin' my CoF's confused
today downtown, crossing the street:

nice-looking, well-groomed older/gray-haired woman dressed in allover green. lime green skirt, some sort of green shirt, kelly green overshirt/jacket. with white socks and black clogs.

and a necklace made of chili peppers.

At the mall this weekend: 30s-ish skinny, nerdy-looking guy, dead ringer for Kip Dynamite, wearing a newsboy hat facing forward, aviator glasses (not sunglasses), pleated khakis, and black walking sneakers.
With a heavily chained/studded black leather biker jacked. mreh?
I have been on a cruise for week...which seems to be an excuse for people to pull everything out of thier closets that they would normally never wear in public....for good reason! I saw so many things and thought of this thread! But what really sticks out is this family at dinner the night we went to Jamaica. Everyone of them from grandma down to the youngest baby was dressed in the same hawaiian print even had a full dress of the stuff. It was like a horror film!
Making honerable mention would be the lady in line in front of us getting on the boat...around 70...muticolored shirt with flowey sleeves and sequins, bright pink capris,florescent color flip flops with a palm tree making up the thong and huge clear plastic earrings in teh shape of a shell!
without the biker jacket, i would say i think i know that guy.

the stodgy bastard circa 1983 look (aviator glasses, front facing newsboy preferably LEATHER, pleated pants and old man sneakers) is THE THING right now among my friends in the art gallery scene. shirt should preferably be a short sleeved button down with a tie, with 'members only' jacket or sweater vest.
sat. i again saw loads of cof's at the renn faire...but on my way home, in the suburbs, i saw 3 skater boys zoom past, all in black and white, complete with face paint and big mickey mouse gloves...little bowler hats too....odd odd odd....
Wow, Msgoofball, I'm picturing some bizarre cross between The Warriors and A Clockwork Orange...
Big muscular bodybuilder type guy with a shaved head, power walking with the arms pumping, wearing no shirt, pale blue slim fit jeans, big puffy white basketball sneakers, a fanny pack, and a towel hanging off the back of his pants. Eek!
msgoofball -- Whoa! that's getting a little too "Clockwork Orange"
I am indeed talking about the marcelle dansko's, and I got BOTH the black and the red. And there IS something uncomfortable about the red ones, believe it or not the black ones fit different than the red ones! The red ones are super cute, and sometimes I even go dancing in them, but they DO seem like cheap construction and if i wear the red ones at work all day they effin' kill me.

I keep the black ones in my desk to wear at work and that's okay... weird.

I just bought them both instantly cause I wanted new cute shoes and every single store I went into no matter how cheap or expensive was full of ugly colored mocassins with ding dongs all over them, or else heels, which just won't work for my bone config, honey...
whammy, so the black ones are comfy, it is not just my imagination?

you've just sealed the deal for me. since i work retail, i am on my feet 8-10 hours a day. i need comfortable shoes that won't chop up my feet. i get paranoid sometimes buying shoes for work, because trying them on for 10 minutes doesn't really compare standing up in them for hours.

today's CoF:
just when you thought it couldn't get any worse....a man muffin-top!

guy wearing a pair of jeans about 5 sizes too small (not low riders), and all sorts of flubber was squeezed up and noticeable through his also-too snug tee-shirt.

oh so-not-cute.

I don't know if they'd stand up to standing that long (ha ha -- stand up to standing ). My approach to retail was to wear black rebocs and have black pants hanging over the laces and polish them so they more or less looked like shoes, and I was behind a chest high counter checking computers in for repair so I could get away with that.

I have one leg shorter and I could stand to lose 30 pounds, so pretty much nothing was going to make my feet okay at the end of the day
i have the double buckle "babette" style. they KILL my feet. fekking awful shoes.
hmmm....i unfortunately can't get away with wearing sneaks to work. i will occasionally wear patent leather doc martens, but that's as far as i can push the "fun shoe" envelope.

i am so jealous of my male coworkers. THEY have no problem finding comfy lace-up shoes. all the women's shoes out there right now are open-toe, wedge sandals. while very cute, i can't wear them to work. i haven't found a pair of sketchers or anything remotely comfy yet professional-looking i can get away with! sucks.

end rant.
It seems like whenever I go out now, I see leggings everywhere. And they aren't necessarily new, faddish leggings. They are leggings people have dragged out of the bottom of their dressers because now they think they're back "in" again. Or worse, they have never stopped wearing them!

I have to say, I was pretty late in giving up my leggings, but I wouldn't be caught in them now, unless I was exercising!

On shoes...I am very lucky to work in a feminist organization. I could wear neon orange rubber clogs or acid green high tops to work, and it would be ok. Until I worked there, I used to be ashamed of my big flat feet, because I could only find plain (if I was lucky) or ugly shoes/boots. Then I discovered that in feminist circles, ugly shoes are encouraged! I ran out and bought army boots! (Of course, the trade off for working in a feminist organization is that the pay sucks.)
i once had this terrible retail job for this evil fashion victim women's clothing store (they actually BRAGGED about being the place where a lot of Carrie's clothes on Sex in the City came from!).

we were required to wear delicate pointy 3-inch heels. seriously. i used to get in trouble for wearing shoes that weren't 'fashion forward' enough, AKA too practical and comfy.

i quit after 2 weeks. cannot take clothing retail. that's where i put my comfortably shod foot down. two weeks after that i found me a nice job in a bookstore where, aside from a no sneakers rule, i was very happy.
oh good lord, i could NOT, would not ever work clothing retail (only if it were the last job on earth would i even consider it)

i work for a conservative luxury goods company. we all have the same uniform (guys and girls) of a black or dark grey suit with either a white button down or black shirt. at least i can wear the same stuff the guys do, minus the tie.

we are encouraged to wear rubbery soled shoes (so as to not mess up the floor and for safety when climbing the ladders) but i have a hard time finding shoes that have a decent looking upper and don't look like nun-shoes.
Misspissed, have you tried Paraboot? They make a women's line. Sedate but not dowdy, and definitely rubber-soled. They're French shoes, so you won't be able to find them all over, but you can Google the web site (, I believe) and should be able to find U.S. retailers. Not cheap, but damn well made shoes.

Would they let you wear navy? Handsomer than either black or dark grey!
Ok, going in the way-back machine to bklynhermit's comments on the stodgy bastard circa 1983 look just totally reminded me of a game my friends and I used to play called "Crazy Man, Old Man, or Belle & Sebastian Fan" - in that stark raving mad, wisdom of the years, and many man-hipsters seem to share the same fashion sense. The gist of the game was to guess what category the person was based on how they looked from behind.

Carry on.
I have CoF shoes - a pair of deck-shoeish, orthopedic, Mephisto walking shoes that are hideously ugly but comfy (I walk about 2K each way to work every day). I hate them, but I bought them because they were on sale for $150 - down from $375. I'm a CoF whore when a good deal is involved.

Also, I had a dream that I spotted the ultimate CoF - a woman dressed in a pant suit made out of caesar salad. The military-inspired jacket had epaulets which buttoned with croutons.

I have no idea what this might mean.
Thank you for posting that info about Paraboot, speedy- I'd never heard of them before and they are just the cutest shoes! I'm waiting to hear back from them about where I can get them around Chicago!
Also going in the way-back machine..."stodgy bastard circa 1983"--bwahahaha! Perfect.
I wear Birkenstock thongs or Blundstones most days, depending on the season. I walk about 8 km/day to and from work and I am up and down stairs all day when I get there. I find the Mephisto sandals less comfortable than the Birks.

Oh no. I forgot what thread I'm in.

I saw a woman today who looked like a middle-aged Stevie Nicks on crack. I know Stevie Nicks *is* middle-aged, and probably on crack, but you know what I mean.
Walgreen's smock (unavoidable, she's a cashier), bright--very bright--green pants and plastic clogs. The clogs were bad enough, granted she does stand on her feet all day, but I could not get past those pants. (I'm still seeing them when I close my eyes.)

She says to another cashier who asked about the pants, "I have them in yellow, too, but I really like green."
misspissed- have you looked at the different Dansko lines? The Golden Gate collection has a lot of different styles including some laceup oxfords. They are very comfortable and easier to walk in than the traditional clogs.
help! i need some advice - before i become a crime of fashion (not that i have a problem with being one, because i'm sure i am most of the time). anyway - wasn't sure where else to post this, so sorry if it shouldn't be here.
i have a job interview this afternoon, and the shoes that i would normally wear have given me blisters and i can't wear them. so, i have a nice pair of dressy black sandles - is it appropriate to wear them to an interview? (it's in a quaint little store). (i would be wearing them with either black or grey dress pants and a blouse) (and i would make sure my toes looked nice).
Ambercherry, I think it would be appropriate to wear dressy sandals to an interview.
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