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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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oh my, i am sending that to
this guy came in to my workplace looking like brent spiner in a bedhead-y, unwashed andy warhol wig. he was wearing torn up old black shorts with a tie-dyed shirt. and he looked stoned, but i don't think he was. i was in serious awe.

there's an lol
speaking of crocs, there was something on the news about the dangers of crocs and escalators.
All within the last 2 hours: Woman, indeterminate age (somewhere between 50 and 500), frizzy grey spaceship hair, multicoloured vaguely 'tribal' caftan-like blousedress, art teacher jewelry consisting of large clashing wooden beads strung alongside african wildlife fetishes, orange orange ORANGE stirrup pants, braided metallic flats--just in case the rest of the outfit was too tasteful. Brown frosted lipstick drawn up in sour, slightly confused expression.

Woman in what would have been a cute red print wrap dress had it not been two sizes too small, too many bracelets, and brown leather pumps with scuffed up toes and heels, wobbling painfully down the sidewalk. She was well over 17, which is about the age which one should stop trying to wear shoes they can't walk confidently in. Beyond that, you really should know better, young lady.

Aging hippie, socks and sandals, balding ponyknob, hemp stink.

Now guess where I was? If you guessed Whole Foods, you are correct, sir!
crocs...*sigh* though I do admire the inventor/marketer ust for the sheer brilliant way of marketing and advertising rubbish- crocs are seriously the new tragic thing.

Place where seen: Disney World
Victim(s) spotted: A couple wearing MATCHING crocs. She was wearing a pink shirt with crocs- He was sporting an orange polo with oh yeah, you guessed it- orange crocs.

Now, as much as I have to wonder where this poor man left his balls, lets give an applause that woman who convinced her man to go out in public like this!!!
Crocs. Okay, I understand that they're comfy. And if one spends a lot of time on one's feet, I can understand the desire not to have hurty feet (speaking as someone who was once required to wear heels at work and be on her feet all day). Perhaps you're a nurse, or a grocery cashier, or a gofer. Maybe you're a person of girth or pregnant or arthritic and can't reach your feet to futz with laces or buckles or Velcro. Or maybe you just don't give a fuck. Your choice.

But wearing them as part of a wedding outfit? Bad dog. No cookie for you.
since we are on the topic of shoes, i have a question. i am preggers and am afraid of being seen as one who causes the response "oh, it's ok, she can't help it, she's pregnant." i enjoy fashion very much and have a whole closet full of beautiful shoes that i can not wear as they are all heels and i have no balance and swollen feet. so i invested in THESE and they are super comfy! so herer is the question. has pregnancy destroyed any fashion sense that i once had and are these a CoF? Please be honest. (they actually come in black patent too which i thought was cute as well.)
shiny, w/ all due ( get it- DUE (squee! tongue.gif ) respect, umm, they look awfully birkenstocky..

but that's o k , bc I am standing by my sandal crocs, which I still cannot find a picture of to show you, but they honestly look really nothing like the ugly rubber smurf clogs and have found myself purposely chosing clothes that will look right w/ them and even told the mr last night I might have to get them in brown too, and wished they came in other colors besides that. (tho in other colors as they are RUBBER I'm not sure that they wouldn't just be obnoxious.) they are sporty, almost outdoorsy kind of shoes w/ extreme comfort.

I do not believe that comfort and style have to be mutually exclusive.
Shiny, I like em! You will be comfy and stylin in those. While I see the similarities to birkenstocks which I hate, I have to say, I like em. ARe they from an Israeli company?
Shiny, I also like em, mind you I'm also not anti-birkenstock either.
thanks! they are actually hand made in israel.
You're funny.
Something terrible is happening to me, and I think I need an intervention. I'm getting used to Crocs. Sometimes I see them and think, "they're not so bad, they're actually kinda cute in an ugly sort of way." Help!
I saw a man wearing dress clothes and crocs when I was out for my lunch time walk a few days ago. It was horrific!

I actually briefly considered crocs the other day, for about a minute and a half. They look so comfortable... and they're closed-toed (no open toes allowed at work).... I'm just so sick of standing there 45 hours a week in converse; it hurts... I'm behind a cash register most of the time, no one would see... etc. But my boss would totally make fun of me. Plus I'd feel obligated to keep working there long enough to justify the purchase, and is that really worth my shit job?
danskos are great for standing all day. they are however way more expensive than crocs.
ok, now it really is time to sound the alarms -

Seen: swirly red w/ white clog crocs on a small boy, dressed normally in khaki shorts and a t-shirt from the ankles up, no older than maybe 4 or 5;
they've gotten to the children and I believe are aiming for world domination.

hellotampon: I love my converse dearly, but always mistakenly forget they have little sole support and therefore are not very good for long hours walking/standing. my sympathies. sad.gif
I was grocery shopping and saw a few children with crocs, world domination indeed.
i can cope with crocs on small children (under six, maybe). I don't know why, but they look like children's shoes to me, and from a practical pov I can see the point. If it's a choice between a child in crocs, and a child in those heely-wheely things, I'll take the crocs.

they've started selling little badges and things over here so you can "customise" your crocs. It doesn't change the fact that they're still fugly.
Morning, I do know what you are takling about, I saw a little girl and hers were decorated with butterflies.
Yes...World domination indeed....but I still cringe, everytime I see a pair of crocs.

When I was shopping the other day, and I couldn't help but notice these:

Now, I loved jelly shoes when I was a kid, but I don't remember them be all that comfy. And though I felt drawn to them for nostalagic reasons, I am not sure if adult women would look right in them.
My kid will never wear crocs. Nevernevernevernevernever.
I also remember Jelly shoes, they look cute on a five year old, but on a grown woman, not so much.
ginger i saw two young women wearing these wheni was in seattle. theirs were red though and the occompanying outfits was also umm . . . childlike. read and white striped tight and low rise hot pants and a yellow t-shirt under a blue hoodie with a multi colored fuzzy scarf as an accent. the other one had a micro mini scirt on and i do not remember what on top altough i remember it was very primary color-ish. i thought the whole thing looked rediculous but to the credit of the one in hot pants, although her cheeks were showing,she did have a totally cute and tiny ass.
Oh yuck, I can still remember getting lots of blisters from wearing jellies when I was a kid. They really were uncomfortable. What's next, those plastic charm necklaces?
I remember my jellies from grade school having criss-crossed strips, not holes like the pair in that picture. Those shoes look like they are being eaten by a fussy tropical disease (especially the smoke-grey version).

Oooh, maybe so many CoFs have been committed we have reached some sort of critical mass, and a new disease has emerged that eats holes in all the Fugly! Yay!
I remember jellies as giving me really, really, really, sweaty feet.
jellies always gave me exzema.
i am wearing a dress (circa 1994) that i'm pretty sure i glimpsed in the william sledd thrifting you tube. one of the ones he flung in disgust.

i'm a little horrified.
good idea or just ugly shoes; you decide?

finally - a picture of my crocs!§ion=products
oooohh oh! i like the driving heels! not sold on the crocs but have to admit they are better then the original ones. particulatly if you stay away from the bad colors.
I gotta say, I'm not into the driving heels. Would your toes be stuck at a weird angle? And I think they are more than a titch fugly.

driving heels
Good Idea
Poor execution

If the shoes weren't so fugly, I'd be impressed.
driving heels remind me of the glasses that turn dark in strong sunlight. sounds practical, looks bad.
i'm afraid the crocks have entered this part of the world aswell. oh no, they just don't look good. maybe understandable on small kids, but not on adults.
Oh god lux - I hate those glasses. They never really go clear inside and then you just look creepy.

I don't need glasses (actually, I might now, I keep squinting at things) but I used to work at an eyeglass store. The owner let me pick out these cute dark frame pair and made them for me with glass in them that had no curvature. I loved those glasses - however I wore them out partying one night and lost them at a bar. Which makes me glad I didn't *need* them!
*RUNS IN* OMG!!! I HAVE TO SHARE THIS!!! I chased after this woman as we were boarding the ferry so that I could take a picture of her hair because you wouldnt understand if I just explained it. It was 4 inches off her head! 4!!! She was workin it too. She thought she looked HOTTT. *Falls over laughing*

I edited the photos a bit to illustrate how tall her hair was. In the bottom photo, its marked where the top of her hair ends because the sun sort of washed out the definition in the photo. ENJOY.

Wow! thats all i can say! I mean WOW!
Hey! I wear Transitions lenses in my glasses. They only stay a little dark after they are about two years old.

I went dress shopping yesterday I am just about fed up! All of the inexpensive dresses are these silly babydoll styles with wide bands at the top of the bodice and then balloning fabric everywhere else. They all make me look pregnant and stupid.
I LOVE commuting. You see the funniest things. This Latino gent was wearing a lovely pair of prefaded jeans with what is that there on the leg? Why it looks like...

Oh Yes. It is indeed "Our Lady of Guadalupe" embroidered on the back of the right calf. No jean is complete without this look.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Jul 15 2007, 03:09 PM) *
I went dress shopping yesterday I am just about fed up! All of the inexpensive dresses are these silly babydoll styles with wide bands at the top of the bodice and then balloning fabric everywhere else. They all make me look pregnant and stupid.

You think that's bad... have you shopped for jeans lately? The rises are so low, you can almost see my short & curlies! And the hips are so low slung-- to be honest, I don't really need every person to see that I'm wearing a thong. And I don't wear L.L. Bean jeans either. When did they stop cutting jeans for real women? I agree though, with the whole cutesy dress thing. I think it was started by a man with a little girl fetish, who wants it to go mainstream. The other thing I hated was the long, lean tee shirt look. Very slim long tee shirts.... who the (bleep) thought of that!? I have hips and an ass that those tee shirts look ridiculous stretched over...idiots! ( and I don't have six-pack abs... do you know how clingy these tees are?) I don't like to tuck in my tees, but sometimes I have no choice, they are so long. It's as if the fashion world went from barely covering one's midriff, to over-compensating. Can't they just make tees that stop at one's hips?

And I've been shopping at Victoria's Secret a *lot* recently (the guy I'm seeing makes me feel sexy... and then I must buy sexy, but tasteful undies, to match my mood), loved their new Intimissimi lingerie line, on paper. I wanted to buy a bra and panty set, but the panties are so TINY. I asked the sales girl why they were so tiny.... she told me that it was an Italian line and they cut smaller. Um, we *are* in the U.S., right? And when did European women all become really tiny? Perhaps they are more fit overall, over Americans, but come on! Not to mention the fact that I live in an urban city on the East Coast, wherein live a large population of African American and Latina women... these are not women traditionally known to have athletic or boyish figures. I stand at 5'5", 135 - 140 lbs. and don't consider myself fat. We are curvy women here... look around, do your research. Idiots. mad.gif
shinyx3 can appreciate, and trust me when i tell you i saw it again - two days in a row! for all you busties, at what age do you think it becomes inappropriate to show off your midsection - especially if it looks a little like a wrinkle dog? ew. wish i had a pic to share, but you'll all thank me that i didn't....
love the pics! Especiallly the hair. And I have to say I am totally down with the little Virgin of Guadlupe on any article of clothing ever.

Her image is basically a giant vagina.In Chicago there was a water mark on an underpass that people set up a shrine to because they thought it looked like the Virgin of Guadalupe. The police set up a barracade around it and people left flowers, candles etc. It was just a water mark that looked like a ginormous vagina. So put that image anywhere!

kitten - I think I've only seen a few of those transition glasses then - and they were probably some that were too old. Makes sense, cause when they work properly I wouldn't notice them.

cute blue strapless sundress with a white tank top underneath and bra strap showing. How is that supposed to be cute. Who's idea was this? They should be strung up by their eyelashes for coming up with it as well as those who wear it.
i was a huge CoF the other day. cute top i made that fits nicely over preggy tummy in pink with yellow ribbon. preggy carpi pants (legs are to not shorts worthy at the moment) now here is the crime . . . hot pink dearfoam flip flops. yup, i wore this to breakfast with my mom and sis and sis in law. my feet were too swollen to get any shoes on. i probably deserve a flogging but at least i was totally awear it was a crime.

i can't wait till after baby is born and i can wear cute shoes again!
I saw a woman at the grocery store two days ago, wearing exactly the sort of black lycra/spandex kind of dress I'd have worn out in 1989 to go see my Rockstar Boyfriend (also known as Beloved Ex, to those who'd remember), carrying a big-honkin' black pleather bag with gaudy "gold" accents, and black flats with the most rivetingly artificial gold coins attached throughout, and I was thinking within seconds of getting a load of her (at-least)-four-sizes-too-small outfit about coming in here to post about it (and her dude-did-you-really-buy-a-weave-pre-colored-to-look-like-your-roots-had-grown-out-three-INCHES hairdo), when she turned to a friend, put her hand on the woman's shoulder, and spoke to her words I could not hear, but which were delivered in the unmistakable tone of voice which says "I am here for you."

Suddenly, she was beautiful.

I liked that a good song was playing a bit later, when I pulled out of the parking lot and saw her walking home with her bags. Damn, but the way she moved, that outfit became hip.
.... my husband bought crocs...


they are not camo colors are they? maybe they are for working in the garden.
They are a camo/army green colour. I think he plans to use them as his new sandals.

He works for a federal agency and has a uniform. Right now he is allowed to wear shorts with his uniform. I asked him last night (he's away at work) if anyone commented on his shoes. He said they laughed at him at the end of work because he took off his work boots and put on his crocs, with his shorts... and his black socks still on. He said they laughed at him so he pulled his socks up to his knees for extra comic effect.


The worst part is I think I pointed them out to him saying how ugly they were but apparently super comfortable.... I think it is my fault he tried them.
Missjoy, I say throw the shoes at him.

Or burn them, then get a man on a horse to take the ashes to the other side of the world and bury them.
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