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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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She's like 5'4, 175. She's got stirrup pants on, circa 1994. Navy blue. White flat sneakers, with the stirrups tucked into the shoes, of course. A PURPLE stretch tube-top on, with LHT's just a-swangin' like dogs in a toe-sack. She could NEVER imagine the horror the rest of us are struck with upon looking at this, either.

Eye bleach, please. Fast and plenty!

If I wanted to see nipples, I'd look at my own.
Capri pants that fall mid calf are flattering to no one.

And yet everyone seems to wear them?


*FURIOUS applause for QMadness's metaphor*

Ugh, quietmadness, that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

I do not understand capri pants at all, none of the ones I have seen flatter the wearer.

Zizola, AZ Guy just finished up his undergrad at ASU, so we have heard about the Pink Taco. The restaurant is in Scottsdale, and there is another one in Las Vegas, apparently there was some controversy about opening the restaurant here because of the name. The Daily Show did a really funny bit on the opening where they tried to get a bunch of uptight city council members to say the name. I really can't say anything about the name, or the food, and I have no idea if they sell underwear with the restaurant's name on it (although that would be hilarious and more appropriate, especially if combined with the words "eat at").
forgive me, but LHTs? whazzthat?

capris can be okay. i prefer bermuda shorts, but i hate hate hate the goucho pants. this quite-overweight woman at work favors them, and she looks like a circus tent.
nickclick, she looks like a circus tent. Love it. That made me laugh out loud.

I like capri pants, but I'll agree, they are definately not for everyone.
i can deal with capri pants. sort of.

what's worse is capri pant-length jeans (or just plain capris) with boots, when there's about an inch of pale'n'pasty skin between the boot and the trouser. As my dear grandmother would say, it looks like her boots have had an argument with her trousers.

culture, i see your tube tops with bra straps, and raise you... tube tops with NUDE bra straps. has no-one explained to these people that nude underwear is not fuckin' invisible. See also: big wide granny-bra straps under tube tops or skinny-strap vests.
I love capris! And I dare to say I look cute in them. Though I do have thick chunky calves and I am probably kidding myself. I used to think that I would hate them, until I tried a pair. Then I was hooked.

Speaking of tube tops what do you ladies think about tank tops or boy beaters under them? I have seen a few women layer them and I am not sure what to think of the looks.

mornington, I hate those clear bra straps!!! They look so trashy.

Cof: An older lady, maybe early sixtys, wearing a very trendy velour track suit with orthopedic shoes. Her hair was styled in long kind of trendy layers, as well. And the whole look(except for the SAS shoes) looked like she was desperately trying to hold on to her youth. I am all about looking good when I am older, I am praying that I age gracefully, but that is just not to the way to do it.
tshirts under tube tops? I think I just have to admit that tube tops need to go.

Yesterday I saw a woman wearing jeans, expect it was cuff rolled up, to the extreme. This woman's jean cuffs were rolled up to the knees. She had bought super long jeans, but flipped them up, so they were at her ankle, but rolled up to her knees (makes sense?).

Then, she was wearing heals, and to top of this outfit, over the jeans she was wearing a yellow 80's style mini skirt (you kow the ones, they were huge in TV shows like the early years of roseanne and Degrassi, and have made a tacky re-emergence). She was trying to be very stylish. I was trying not to vomit.
t-shirts and tube tops

I have been inspired. I just bought a tube top dress from american apparel to wear as a long skirt ( because I am all about wearing strapless dresses as skirts due to my ample busom )but now I am thinking it would look cute if I pulled it to just under my boobs ,not over with a fruit of the loom white tank. Hmm. would that be crazy? or just another COF? discuss

I concur on all the afforementioned.

NO to camel toe.
NO to crocs and socks (hahaha!)
NO to pocket-less pants! I have hated this forever and ever and no one gets it! It makes asses look HORRIBLE!!!

I can't deal with capris or manpris on anyone.
Or tank tops. Or bra straps. Or velour track suits worn anywhere where anyone other than close, intimate friends or family (who are forced to deal with you no matter what) have to look at you in them.

MissladyJ, wearing a long tube dress as a long skirt gets points with me. Wearing a long tube dress as a long tube dress does not.

The skirt/dress over jeans "look" must die, already.
chacha, the dress/skirt with jeans is so big here. usually with flip flops too.
Yeah, it was big when I was about 5 years old, too--the side effect of little girls being teased by little boys, who'd say "I can see your undies!!!" as if it was something horrifically shameful.

There are some women who, goddess and gods of all stripes know, we'd all consider ourselves very lucky if all they showed us were their undies. I think it's those women, who simply don't know when they've crossed a line, which bring about the reactionary style-based-on-prudery that is the pants and dress combo.

Their fault, their fault, their fault.
yesterday on a patio;

Long borwn dress, low cut, worn over ratty jeans and on top of that, she was wearing a long sweater. It was horrible.
*delurk* Probably wrong to comment on the fashion choices that walk into the clinic but seriously, if your tank top think shows the entire band of your bra it's time for A. a different bra or B. a different top. Noobdy needs to see the band and closure of your bra (not to mention the straps) while you are leaning on the counter. Due to the leaning I was unable to ascertain if the cups were showing as well, thusly saving me from eye-bleach.
Oh, I hate the dress with pants thing! It reminds me of my mom forcing to make me wear shorts or pants under skirts and dresses when I was a little girl. Rarely do I ever see a dress over pants combo that actually looks okay.

i'll admit i fell prey to the "skirts over pants" disease like, all the time in college but i've since learned the error of my ways.

there's this one woman at my work who almost every day wears some sort of pocketless pants fiasco, and more often than not they are psudeo cargo capris in a very light fabric, which is just about murder. she actually dresses awesomely cute where everything else is concerned, but my god, those pants!
I like the skirt/dress over jeans combo, but you have to be pretty careful. It works best if the dress is a very simple cut that fits the body, isn't too long, and the jeans are cuffed. Open toed wedge heels, careful jewelry, and a plain cardigan can usually work proportionally. It helps if the hairdo isn't boring, and the print or texture of the dress not too loud.

I also don't mind the visible bra strap, provided the straps are the only thing you see, the bra is clean, and either black or some kicky colour that doesn't clash with the top. Again, though, you have to be the kind of person who can pull it off. A pretty punk rock chick with a sleeve of tats, a flash hairdo, and the right attitude can swing it, but then again, they can usually swing anything.

I would, however, give good money for all crocs everywhere to disappear tomorrow. Likewise: tanned causasian skin, ridiculous belts, high waisted pants, long cardigans, pleated shorts, crocheted lace tank tops, light coloured lipstick, french pedicures, gold leather/pleather, sack dresses, maxi dresses, the horrible neon accessories I saw all over the mall yesterday, sweatpants, yoga pants, and those idiotic straw and leather designer knockoff hobo bags I keep seeing everywhere. It's like Harper Valley PTA threw up in everyone's closet.
busty, i hate to break it to you, but all i've been hearing about lately in the uber-trendy fashion department is high-waisted pants.


THEY LOOK AWFUL ON ALMOST EVERYONE (the only people who can pull them off AT ALL, imho, are wasp-waisted hourglassy girls and they are few and far between) AND THEY MAKE YOUR STOMACH HURT WTFFFFFFFFFF PEOPLE!!!!!!
Oh bustygirl, that comment about the Harper Valley PTA throwing up on everyone made me laugh, I need it. Thank you.

Eeeeeck, high wasted pants, not cool. On the opposite end of the spectrum, such low wasted pants that your thong is haning out of your pants. Gross.
Ok...I've seen a few things in my time, but this rocks the boat. Being that I'm living in the middle of skeezer-ville Southeastern US, some if not most COF's no longer even phase me. But THIS...gah! ohmy.gif

FOOD CITY, Friday afternoon--from the bottom up:

Chunky thick-soled black sketchers, a la 1996. Blue Sketchers key-tag looped through the thick round shoe-strings.
White ankle socks, dingy OVER some tan panty hose.
Hot pants, flag pattern stripes on the right cheek, stars on the left cheek.
Halter top--white--I think it was the polyester kind or a similar blend.
Platinum blond hair teased up into a bee-hive style thing with some curls poofed at the top. Dark blue eyeliner framing the eyes, complete with false eyelashes.

She was only like 35-ish maybe. I don't know WHAT was up, but I know I need disinfectant IMMEDIATELY!!

huh.gif blink.gif sad.gif ohmy.gif

I haven't posted here in a while, but I had to comment on the CoF to which I bore witness yesterday at JoAnn Fabrics. From top to bottom:

* Pink floppy hat
* Hot pink nylon jacket
* Bright green, knee-length, floral print dress
* Navy blue tights
* White socks, over the tights
* Bright pink ankle boots made of some sort of shiny material

I had to do a double take. So awful.

I happen to be guilty of the dress-over-pants transgression. Please! Let me explain! Firstly, I have an irrational fear of people seeing my underwear and own a few dresses that I adore but, sadly, leave me pulling at the hem all day if I wear nothing with them. Secondly, I am a freezebaby and wearing jeans under the aforementioned dresses has kept me toasty many a day in my college's frigid psych building. Thirdly, after spending the majority of my childhood believing that leggings were the absolute most, I now refuse to wear them, leaving me no other choice if I want to stay warm and modest in mini dresses. However, I do only wear pants with dresses if I believe my bum is otherwise in serious danger of being exposed; any longer than mid-thigh and it just looks silly.
I admit I committed a fashion faux pas when I wore open toed sandals with navy knee highs. All I can attribute that is to shear/sheer laziness.
wow quiet, maybe she was on her way to a costume party.
I'm going to speak up as a long-torsoed, hourglass-shaped girl. I have endured *well* over a decade now of low-rise, and I need me some high-waisted pants. BADLY. I am sick of trying to take in dress pants for work, and STILL being unable to tuck anything into them because my blouses aren't long enough to reach sufficiently into the low, low pants which have so become the norm that even for work it is impossible anymore to find pants which take a tuck. (Until ALL shirts are tailored in a shirtwaist fashion, untuckability is *unacceptable*!) I am sick and tired of being unable to dress without gapping between my top and my bottom. I do not have a midriff, anymore, which I feel bears sharing with the general public - and, you know, even if I did, I would still find occasion to tuck it away NOW AND THEN. With the longstanding requirement that all pants be low-waisted, this is not possible. And it pisses me off.

High-waisted pants, COME ON DOWN! I don't mean "mom jeans" styles. Please don't peg my ankles, ever again, fashion industry. I want high waisted pants with fluid cut and style, wide legs, and fine fabrics. Flat fronts, please. Cuffs are fine, straight is fine - just give me a beltloop and a break, and throw a pocket on the back with a bit more style than usual please.

What I don't understand is why fashion demands only one thing at a time. For all these years, it has been impossible to find decent high-waisted (that is to say NATURAL-waisted) trousers. Do the designers imagine that all of us with long torsos and waists which are significantly smaller than our hips just disappeared for all that time?

Do they think, now, that all the body types flattered by low-rise pants are going to disappear as they usher in the high-waisted "craze" once again?

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. We remain available in all shapes and sizes. So should fashion allow at least a modicum of constant CHOICE.
maimy, that's a very good point. i'm reveling in the skinny/straightleg jeans phase right now because i think it's what flatters me the best (my legs look totally stumpy in flares, and high waisted pants look terrible because i have a bit of a belly but not much of a bosom). you sound like the body type that looks great in high waisted pants--i have one friend who they look fantastic on, but JUST ONE. it's a shame that we can't have high fashion be "what you look awesome in", but then again, i think the point of high fashion is to be exclusive. it wouldn't be interesting otherwise. *sigh*
taco bell friday night:

teal patent pleather pumps, with peek-a-boo toes that showed her matching pedi
black footless leggings with lace on the bottom edges, thankfully opaque
denim barely-cover-the-butt mini with frayed hem and no pockets
teal t-shirt that matched the pedi and pumps, with a fake halter vest that wrapped around the back of the shirt but not the neck

and, and while her date sat there (surprisingly not wearing oakleys and guess jeans with the collar on his izod polo flipped up) with a full tray of food (we're talking at least five individual items), she had nothing but a little plastic cup of ice water in front of her which was still mostly full when they left. i had to look around and double check that i hadn't accidentally wandered onto the set of a very special anorexia episode of saved by the bell.
I know high waisted pants are coming back in, but like many, many other things fashion is fond of telling us we simply have to have, I'm sure I will be immune. Being bounteous of boob, I would look like my torso has completely disappeared.

Regular low-waist jeans look great on me. Ultra low waist is for idiot teenagers and others who think "fad-chaser" is synonymous with "stylish". I've no doubt the ultra-high waisted jeans will be worn by similar fashion sheep while the rest of us look up quietly from our coffeecups and snicker.

Ultimately for me fashion doesn't change much. A few millimeters here, a few there, but the proportions remain more or less the same. As long as you know what looks good on you, and you have a few smashingly well-thought out accessories, you can get away with wearing the same twenty-five pieces for years.
Yes, I have noticed the fad-chasers walking around as though they're somehow 'fashionable.' Around here, the only people I ever see who are truly fashionable are the senior cits. Seriously, my mom and her girlfriends getting dressed up to go to church? They wear what they know looks good on them - and what they like - (i.e., colors of mustard yellow and lime green are not out of the question if they are fond of it, orange is also loved) - they break out their vintage Avon brooches and Chanel pocketbooks, all matching shoes, etc., hats - and they wear stuff that suits who they are. For instance, I know my mom first considers herself a christian grandmother who loves to bake. Her fave outfits are floral skirts and dresses long in length, flowing in shape, comfortable, sweet yet 'modest' looking (her word to describe her style is 'modest'), waist is about mid, she always wear colored flats with bows on them ala the 80s since I can remember. It's her. And she looks great. Dad can be seen sporting black wingtips, cuffed dark-rinse jeans, casual button-down plaid shirt tucked in (ala the 50's, yes, his last good year, Jerry Seinfeld). Yeah, they're not followers. They like to feel like the person they are, it's all good.
Okay, we all know where everyone stands regarding high-waisted pants. How about skirts?

For those of us with significantly stubby legs, these high-waisted items help cut the line of over-long torsos a little bit (and allow for that magical thing I've been bitching about for so long - tucking).
oohh, pepper i think that is a totally classy skirt.
I like the high-waisted skirt look - it seems to work so much better than the trousers. Although only with heels, otherwise the pencil skirt can make people (ok, me) look stubby.

and maimy, I *want* that skirt.
Maimy, I don't have a long torso--just the opposite, a short, high waist of my own and longer legs. The low-rise pants with flared legs only chopped my legs down, made my ass look super wide, and if the legs actually flared, they made me look about 40 pounds heavier and 4 inches shorter than I actually am.

So, I'm very happy to see the high waist, full/straight/wide leg cut pants make a comeback.
I'm not wearing anything else from now on. After all, Kathryn Hepburn started wearing that cut of trouser when she was in her 20's and kept wearing them until she died, just a few years ago. The look worked for her for several decades, and she always looked chic.

High waisted slim skirts are amazingly flattering. I'm glad they're back, too.
I agree on the high waisted skirts. I have a few pairs of dress pants that have the natural waist.

Low rise = disaster. I don't need to see a thirteen year old's thing. And seetheart, while you are at, don't stare me down. Because I will laugh at you and your 80's fashion. I remember when the 80's exist. You weren't even a thought.
I like low-rise, as I have big boobs and no ass. Also, I don't let my ass crack or thong or what-have-you hang out, I don't wear them skin tight, and I don't have muffins or tummy pooch hanging over the top. I understand that they are not flattering to everyone, but I wish they weren't going out of style because soon the only jeans I'll be able to find will look like crap on me.

Like maimy said, it would be nice if a range of styles were always available and accessible, rather than accepted body type at a time.
maimy, i called you pepper. i have no idea why either. *laughs at self* maybe i will blame it on pregnancy brain. i am sorry though, twas rude of me.
Shiny, to be called Pepper is rather a compliment, I'll take it and your apology with thanks. Heh. (And, sorry - I *have* that skirt! *Grin*)

Chacha, you NAILED what I'm talking about - Kate Hepburn pants, with that fluidity, are exactly what I like. High waisted jeans? Not so much. But slacks or knit pants at the natural waist I do like. I actually had a taupe pants suit in a wonderful lightweight crepe, which I wore for something like ten years or something. The pants had a line like that. When it literally became threadbare in a delicate location, and there was no saving it from retirement, I was very sad. I took photos the last day that I wore it.

Haven't been able to find a decent pants suit again since. *Sigh* But looking can still be fun!

Okay, back on topic.

Today's crime: myself! I wasn't dressed too badly - but, after a sleep study last night, I showered and went to work ... and at about 9:00 a.m. I found a GLOB of electrode-adhesive/conductive goo behind my ear. Nice. (Lesson one for the morning - always listen when mom says to wash behind your ears!)


Yesterday's crime: that one guy at the grocery. White fishnet shirt, tie-dyed cargo shorts. Allow me to repeat that last ingredient: Tie-dyed CARGO SHORTS.

I mean, seriously. That's some good drugs, that is, Cletus.
I have long legs and a pretty short torso, and somewhat of a waist but also sorta slim hips, and tiny boobs, and I like the high waist. Especially the high waisted pencil skirt. It makes me look and feel more curvy and feminine. As for jeans, I think I'd still usually go for an average or lower waist, but I could see myself pulling off the high waisted jean with some hot shoes and the right shirt. I think I'll buy one pair- they could retro-fy a whole look to be either 50s, 70s, or 80s depending on the cut and the rest of the outfit. The biggest problem I see with them (on my body, anyway), is finding a good shirt, either one that doesn't look weird tucked into jeans or that's cut just so.

I was a definite COF the other day. I bought clear jellies (remember, jelly sandals?). And I like them. But I was at work and got really cold so I borrowed some socks from someone who lives nearby. And not just any socks. Rainbow-striped knee highs. I also happened to be wearing denim shorts.
Edie, I'm all for fun socks. Seriously, fun socks with shorts or a skirt, I've got no issues with that. Nad high waisted pencil skirts are very nice.

I want to know what the deal is with sweat pants and dress shoes. Ummm, I don't care how much of a rush you are in, you could wear something other than dress shoes!
i have very few pairs of sox that don't have puppies or ice cream cones or hello kitties on them. i loves some silly socks. underwears too.

okay, so maybe i'm not in the posish to criticize, but weird COF yesterday in an upscale suburban downtown main st. in NJ:
woman, maybe between 40-50, shirt and pants of flowy polyester or maybe linen material, in all the same, white with black chintz pattern. closer up, she looked like she sewed curtains into an outfit, a la maria from "sound of music." from further away, a holstein.
Edie, I love wearing tall socks with short shorts. The weirder, the better. I don't know if I just miss playing youth softball or what, but I bought some of those hot pink baseball socks at American Apparel and prance around in those more often than I should. I feel strangely strong and sporty when I wear socks and shorts!

Speaking of high wasted skirts and long torsos, how to find one that fit rights? I have a super long torso and pretty much every fitted skirt I try on tapers in the wrong places. Dresses are even worse.

Not sure if this is a crime of fashion but I LOVE wearing my boyfriend's cargo shorts. So comfy! So many pockets! And I think it looks kinda cute when paired with a little white tank. Speaking of white tanks, what kind of bra to wear underneath? As I have fairly small boobies, I usually go braless when I can but I draw the line at white. I like nude bras under white shirts, but hate the sight of a nude bra strap. If anyone knows where I could find a nude bra with cute straps, let me know!
i used to work in a hospital ans had to wear really lovely green scrubs with the hospital name stamped on them so i always wore totally crazy socks.
At the grocery store yesterday I saw a man wearing sweat shorts, white sport socks, pulled up, and on his feet the ever lovely crocs. I was trying not to vomit in the dairy case.
I keep seeing this customer where I work, about my age (22) and every day she has on a different halter top or a tube top and short-shorts, etc. She is shaped like an egg. The tube top was the worst because it had an elastic at the top, which squished her boobs down toward the floor, and no waist, just elastic at the top and bottom. And she had her big smooth stomach hanging out the bottom over her shorts. The entire ensemble emphasized the egg shape of her body.
Hellotampon, I think you've encountered the doppelganger of my friend's gf! Speaking of said gf, someone really needs to tell her that a seethrough white jersey miniskirt is not a good look for anyone, especially someone of her shape!
well... I was blinded by this, but I think I saw:

neon yellow leggings
black too-short skirt
neon pink shoes
white t-shirt with neon pink print
neon framed sunglasses
neon jewlery
neon headband

and then there was a girl in american apparel wearing leggings, boots, a too-big dress/vest thing pinned back with a safety pin at the back, sans bra, nipples showing. Helmet hair and two great streaks of neon pink blusher. She was clearly much much cooler than me.
why do all of the people who work at American Apparel suck.

they all seem much too fucking cool to help customers and it apparently takes two of them to ring up my purchase while a line forms behind me despite the fact that there are two registers.

and having a mullet while wearing your AA scarf does not make your mullet cool. It is still a mullet and you are a douche

end rant

I finally bore witness to the whole tube top bra fiasco. but it was a cute black dress with a tube top on top and a black sports bra with black leggings. And I let it go since the women who was wearing it was a lot of fun and we shook our asses on the dance floor. She just would have looked sooo much better without the black sports bra.
bwaaahahahahahaha Mornington and Missladyj, hilarious.

I haven't seen any COR's lately.

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