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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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I actually bought a pair of pants recently that camel toe BAAAADLY. Fortunately, they're basically my end-of-the-workday get home and get comfortable pants, which are never worn out of the house except to walk the dog (a time I refuse to give a POO about what anybody thinks, as long as I am competently covering all the naughty parts of my body). But I developed the theory that camel-toe is most pronounced in the, ah, shaven among us. These pants fit perfectly well, and the center seam causing the problem is not tight at all, but unless I pushed the pants down until they sagged (which - no), they would and will camel-toe on me, and that's just how it is going to have to be.

Of course, I have no problems with brown and black either - so, as we all can see, I am a Philistine.

gotta agree bout the shaved bits camel toe thing.

I wear brown and black often, I think it's about tonality and proper mixing techniques, honestly...

So, on my way back from work pumping gas at the local HESS, (not my first choice, but BP was too far and I was like on E) I saw this lil bit of wonderment:

What I believe was a man, but who knows he was built like a 12 year old boy, pumping gas on the other side of the island not even 4 feet from me:

Light blue linen blazer circa 1984, (is it Miami Vice WEEK people?) except, popped up collar and torn off sleeves, not at the shoulder, rather at the elbow... ok?
Those rubber garden clogs Mario Batali loves, dayglo orange
White striped tube socks, one red striped one, one blue, pulled up to the knees
A brown rolling stones t shirt that I know he got in the women's section of kmart, cause I OWN THE SAME SHIRT
and the topper, literally
a yankee ballcap.

I wanted to ask him if he always got dressed in the local salvation army in the dark, with Helen Keller's assistance, but for some reason was unable to get it out.

By the way the kicker is he was fueling up one of those Scion trucks, which by the way IS much more of a box than my element is, so ptttphtpt.
oh my god the miami vice men are multiplying... kinda like bacteria, only fuglier.

in honour of you all, I wore brown and black today. Well, a black beater with a green skirt with a brown print. And I have bought myself a fine pair of electric blue skinny jeans. ok... I'd do me. I confess to being a complete hypocrite. My ass looks good in skinnys.

Shopping today - the girlies and i decided to test the new huge fuck-off primark on oxford street (primark does incredibly cheap rip-offs of designer clothes... and up until six months ago was house of fug). There is this jacket. It's a nice, nubbly, chanel-esque tweedy fabric in a gorgeous bluebell colour. It has fucking wrinkly bell sleeves coming out from the elbow. And a big ugly six-months-up-the-duff-inducing gathered below the bust bottom half on this thing. The three bells lined up, it all finished on the waist... and hello, BGP1 is no longer a curvy creature with a teeny waist, she is round. Like a bluebell-coloured elephant.

We did not buy the coat of fug.

Oh, and I saw someone wearing the new "kate moss copies some clothes she wore for topshop" yellow dress. She looked like she'd been attacked by pinking shears. Cheap ones.
seen on my school campus today, and in the top of the business building of all places (no lowercore classes there).

woman mid 50's-ish red and pink small print floral footless tights with pink (diferent pink than on tights) patent flats with black bow. lime green gathered mini skirt and cream colored large knit sweater. also floral ribbon (mostly blue) tying very thin gray blond hair into whispy pony tail at back of head. pink (yet another shade) very childish back-pack.

there was some sort of interviewing session or something going on there too and every body else was in business suits and carrying leather portfolios and brief cases.
Oh dear! I totally forgot about that flipped up collar on polo shirts thing. It is so horrible. I see it at the bar all the time, and I'm thinking, guys, what they hell are you doing?

Camel toe with shaved woman. Agreed. I've noticed the same thing on myself. I try not to go flaunting that. At least to a stranger. smile.gif

Shiny. Oh my. That sounds hideous!
I think the woman shiny saw got stuck in some sort of time warp that sent her back to the 80's.
Speaking of 1980's, I think my stepmom still thinks we preside within it. She is a repeat offender, and what makes it worse is my Dad also cannot pull himself out from this decade. My stepmom often wears high-waisted jeans that are VERY tapered at the ankles. The waist goes up to the middle of her back, and then she wears a tucked in turtle neck. She then will wear an oversized windbreaker, huge (often holiday themed) earrings and matching necklaces, and dark navy blue eyeliner along the bottom of her eyes. SIGH.
My dad seems to think super tight tank tops tucked (and I mean tucked tight, like his nipples practically show) into his ripped up high waisted jeans. SUPER white tennis shoes, and baseball caps are rather becoming, but he is fooling no one.
I've told them several times that they need to move beyond the 1980's fashion scene, but they both say they feel comfortable in what they wear. Whats sad is that they are both somewhat decent looking, but just dress so ridiculously.
Oooh, Perhaps I should have went deeper into the brown and black thing. I meant a solid black piece with a solid white piece, like solid black pants/skirt and a solid brown shirt or vice versa. That's quite popular down here, with the mom crowd, for some reason.
The 80's style must die.
Not an apparel crime, but still fashion related:

A girl in my stats class yesterday had the most horrible pedicure I have ever seen in my life. She had a "french" pedicure, which is tacky anyway, french belongs on fingers, not toes. But, the horror was that the part of the toenail usually painted white in a french was painted BLACK. And the rest was left natural, like a french. At first I thought that she just had super disgustingly dirty toenails, because that is what it looked like. Blech!
In the Wal-Mart parking lot last evening:

Snake skin cowboy boots (that light cream color from the 80's) all worn out looking
Pajama pants in some loud pattern with a teal-ish blue background
Wife beater t-shirt, tucked in
Blue jean jacket, short tailored 70's style, very "blue" like from the cheapie store, never seen bleach or stones.
Big gold necklace, with some sort of coin hanging on it
Glass studs in the ears
Dirty baseball cap on the head

.........on a skinny skeezer dude.

Somebody gimme some eyeball bleach!!

wow, quiet, some time i think i should carry a camera for occasions such as that.
One can always find such charming fashions at the local wal-mart parking lot.
I wear brown and black together too.

The trick seems to be: the brown colour has to be really rich and intense (like a deep tobacco colour, or a dark chestnut, or rich "milk chocolate" colour--it can't be a dull brown) and the black also has to be dark (not faded or dull either).

Which means the look does not work with flimsy textured materials which don't keep their colour. It works much better with dressier clothing (like suits, dresses, really nice coats and jackets, "good" pants--not jeans or yoga get ups or tights).

Like WB said: it's all about tones. Blue and black (like a deep navy with some good colour in it) work together too. Same restrictions apply.

Shiny, that woman doesn't look like she's stuck in a timewarp of the 80's, she looks like she got stuck in a timewarp of her infancy. Maybe she's revisiting it. More likely (and most horribly) she's a professor there.
So ... has anybody else noticed the recurring banner ad for flip-flop socks up there ^ ^ ... ?

Just wondering. It's making my eyeballs hurt. Also my heart, just a little.
I didn't want to shock anyone, but, yeah, that banner has entered my consciousness despite my extreme resistance.

Ugly? You bet. And they look like they're made to stand up by themselves too. That is so disconcerting.
A student of mine was wearing flip flops and socks yesterday. Her feet looked like camel toes. A whole new meaning...
Oh dear flip flops and socks! It is beyong ugly, it is Ooglay. Blech.
white linen pants, turquoise and pink striped panties. and oldie but a goodie. don't these women have mirrors at home??
white pants/skirts/shorts should be worn with caution! this should be taught in grade school.
I have to laugh about the collar. My husband is, while not offensive, not stylish. He's a basic t-shirt and jeans kind of guy and, since damn guys never gain weight, he still has his clothes from 10 years ago (lucky me).

So he was wearing a tshirt with a collar the other day and I walked up behind him and folded it down because it was stuck up at the back - he asked what I was doing and I told him. He informed me that he was "popping" his collar because that's how people would know he was a cool frat boy (very sarcastic).

I was just amazed that he knew the term popped. I remember having a very long conversation with him about which of his friends was metrosexual (answer, none - but he kept asking which of his coast guard/sailor friends would be considered metrosexual).
i have to admit to popping my collar fairly frequently on polo/rugby shirts. But that's because I *am* preppy. wink.gif stheriously, I've been doing it since i was fourteen... and I probably deserve fifty strokes of the lash for it.
I saw a man wearing magenta a while ago. he said he mother bought him the shirt. Those two sentances alone are why that man is single.

I still hate hate hate popping collars (aha! I never knew the term for it).
Laurenann, heh - you obviously don't understand that if *I* can't see it, nobody else can. What need do I have to turn around and check my backside? I looked in my mirror this morning, and my hair was full and wide, and my bangs were high and stiff ... and yet ... some boy called me a plate-head later on, and these three girls whispered 'triceratops' as I walked by. I guess they think they saw something odd, but when I faced the looking glass, everything appeared exactly as it should from the front, and from-the-front is how people see me. Right? Right? I do not have a bottom. I do not have a back, or sides, of my head. As long as I inspect myself from the waist up, without turning around, I've seen everything I need to see.

Haven't I??
As for the collar thing, I really think it depends on the outfit as a whole and the person trying to pull it off. It looks really cute on some girly outfits, but on the A&F models it makes me want to donkey punch someone.
Okay, if you are very short it is not a good idea to wear an ankle length shapeless black skirt with a turquoise button up tunic shirt that literally hits at your knees and black slip on flats. This lady could be totally cute in the right outfit, so why would she choose something so unflattering to her body? I know that's a stupid question for this thread, but still. I kept thinking maybe she spent the night at a tall friend's house and had to borrow some clothes.
On the popped collar thing, I hate it when guys do it. It makes me think they are trying to hard or they are jerk. But I think it's cute when girl do it.

QUOTE(MaybeSparrow @ May 8 2007, 02:13 AM) *
As for the collar thing, I really think it depends on the outfit as a whole and the person trying to pull it off. It looks really cute on some girly outfits, but on the A&F models it makes me want to donkey punch someone.

ahahahahahaha!! yes, yes it does. ha... donkey punch.
Today, AZ Guy said he saw a pair of shorts that had "Pink Taco" written across the butt.

About the only thing I could think of was the wearer was extremely proud of her vagina.
Pink Taco eh?

I think it is just wrong when 12 year olds where pants with writing in the ass. ummm, you're 12, and nmo 12 year old needs to have sext written on her ass.
i agree ch. infact there are few situations when writting on the butt of pants is in good fashion. remember the juicy couture sweat suits that were so popular a whil back? i was never a fan of haveing a "juicy" ass, however, i always thought it was even worse when i would see (quite frequently i might add) a postpartum mom walking around with a "juicy" ass. (i worked the neonatal intensive care.)
If I were going to have writing on my ass I would want something that would offend people. Like Cunt, Pussy, Vagina, Fuck. But juicy and ass, ummm that equates, to me at least, that your ass is leaking. Not an appealing thought.
a girl had "juicy bling" across her bum just the other day around here. i think she was being ironic.

let me see if i can explain what i saw today. college age girl, in normal hot topic-y top, short skirt. the problem was her legs. more specifically, her stockings - she was wearing hose with garters, which can be a hot look. a bit odd for walking around campus all day, but whatever, it's an odd school. her stockings were "nude." so, from the bottom up: shoes, nude-but-dark-tan stockings, a patch of WHITEWHITEWHITE thigh, skirt, rest of girl no one can see for the sheer mess going on below her hem.
college campus fashion is truely amazing. so many crimes! one could write a book on fashion no-no's just doing research st various colleges. a book with pictures of course.
I have to agree with the college cmapus things. I'm all for being comfy at school, but really I don't need to see you in pink unicorn pj's.

On the other side, I'm a huge fan of Japanese anti-style. It doesn't work if you are trying too hard to pull it off though...
skin, I've seen something similar to that going on here... it's the schoolgirl look; knee-high tights and then a short-short mini. It's ok if you're about five and it's the school fucking uniform. Not if you're wearing twenty dernier tights, because that just looks strange.

My retinas are still in pain from the vision in a lime-green velour tracksuit I saw on the bus. trackpants and zippered top.

I now intend to go out and customise a pair of my underwear to read "pink taco" across them.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ May 10 2007, 11:11 AM) *
But juicy and ass, ummm that equates, to me at least, that your ass is leaking. Not an appealing thought.

oh no, i just became one of those people who laughs to herself while on the computer.

this is my favorite thread, by far.
I have noticed a lot of women wearing pj bottoms to the supermarket. And a few even sporting thier slippers. Much too casual, even for the grocery store.

Not a fan of words sprawled across the ass of pants, either. Pink taco kind of makes me giggle though.
In the mall yesterday...I saw about 20 girls wearing the same outfit. Teeny tiny jeans skirt with frayed bottom. Tiny strappy tank. Flip flops. Nothing wrong with it per se except that once EVERYONE has the same outfit on, you might want to try to, I dunno, mix it up a little? " wear YOUR jeans skirt and tank and I'll wear MY jeans skirt and tank!"
lowe's today: very large lady in white capri pants with huge hot pink and red roses all over them. matching shirt. i have no idea what kind of shoes as i wa so distracted by the huge roses on her ass that i forgot to look at her feet. i was thinking though, oh my, i have to post this when i get home.
someone very near and dear to me showed up wearing crocs the other day. this kid normally has better fashion sense than i do; i'm not even sure the shoes were his (hmm, maybe i'll just decide they weren't, could be Evil Ex Girlfriend's). i said something and he whined, "every woman in my life has had something to say about these today." dude, if that happens, it's a SIGN. it's not like you're hanging out with the most fashion-forward bunch.

then i saw the director of operations and facilities on my campus wearing the same color crocs (that grey-green color), with BRIGHT PURPLE SOCKS, faded denim shorts (that thankfully went to the knee) complete with wallet-outline in back pocket, and tee. (it was a weekend day, so the casual look made sense, but still.)

i just HAD to tell my friend - "you guys could be twins!"
tunic dresses and those legless tights. Ick.
As soon as it gets warm out it is like a mid-life-crisis-I-wanna-ride-my-harley-with-no-shirt-on-free-for-all.

I got stuck in traffic behind this shirtless old dude who's arm flab was flailing around in the wind and the flab around his gut was no picnic either.

Dudes, for the love of Christ, put a fuckin shirt on. If you are trying to look cool on your Harley in your Levis adding a white t-shirt to the mix would actually make you look fucking cool as opposed to how you look now. Which is in a word, pathetic.
At the drug store yesterday. An older man wearing sweat pants shorts, black wool socks, pulled up and sport sandals.

Pink taco is a bar or restaurant that recently opened in AZ, I think. My sister has a pink taco shirt. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I wouldn't want to wear it in front of my parents. I'm living in France at the moment, studying abroad, and thankfully no one wears their jammies to school. There are plenty of other crimes of fashion though, which include way too many guys wearing capri pants, young-uns pulling one pant leg up to reveal a long stripy sock, and strange haircuts which involve one really random long piece of hair that's either just dangling willynillily or wrapped up in string. Ooh, also what I like to call the EuroSweater, which is the baggy turtleneck monstrosity that European men seem to be so very fond of.
The guy across the street from me...he weighs, I shit you not, about 500 pounds. He reclines on the porch on his back wearing only cut-off shorts. This is not a crime of fashion, this is a crime against humanity. Dress for your damned body size, people! I'm not a skinny chick. I don't wear bikinis to the beach because I dress for my body size.

CH, we get a lot of those guys around. It's like an old man uniform.

Zizola, when I was in Spain, the guys all wore very brightly colored, lime green, yellow. It was very odd. I'm just not European enough, I suppose.
jammies to school... ok these girls are the reason why i don't take the underground:
jammies or loose sweatpants, big t-shirts with the collar thingie cut of showing one shoulder, big jacket, hair bleacht to dirty blonde and fixed to one side with tons of hairspray, face orange (i meen ORANGE) of self tanning cream, heavy make-up and an expencive handbag. Every time i see these girls, the city is full of them, i feel like screaming at them to go and spend their dads money to buy some proper clothes. aaargh!
zizola, now that you say that, I think that's the name of the restaurant of one of Lindsey Lohan's exes, the one that seemed actually decent...
I think I could handle the brightly coloured pants on men. In Spain there seems to be a lot more openness around men wearing more colourful clothes (bullfighters wear pink, already).

But I agree it would be very difficult for North American men to pull off. It's ironic that colour would frighten them, but the ridicule they get when wearing crocs, or the universal loathing they must get when they pull their socks up when wearing sandals, or the incredible windburn (not to mention stupidity, in terms of safety) they get from riding their motorcycles shirtless--about this stuff, they are fearless.
I hate baseball caps, or trucker hats (grrrrrrrrrr!) worn off to the side, I still see this, and it's ugly. And what is with the bill of a hat completely flat, like no curve. dude, you look like an idiot.

Tube tops with a bra underneath, and being able to see the bra straps. Ummm, NO!
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