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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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And they'd stink too.

The pepto-bismol pink is also a problem for me.

However, I'm currently running around in silver flats so what do I know?
*trying to find some reason crocs are "ok"*

i bet there us a halloween costume for a plastic princes or how about life size skipper babrie.
Those crocs might be cute on an 8-year old who is really into pink. On anyone older, I'll have to say no.

hmph. well, *i* like them. but i also like jellies. i also really enjoy that shade of pink, brave little post-feminist that i am.

and fyi, though i am in no way endorsing normal crocs, part of the widespread appeal is that they're actually anti-microbial and thus don't smell, and if you've ever touched a pair, they kind of feel like circus peanuts. they're soft plastic and don't rub. my mom has an orange pair (*shudder*) and i've tried them on, and while i would never commit so heinous a crime solely for the sake of comfort, they *are* actually disgustingly comfortable. there are *reasons* they're popular, people aren't entirely idiots. so, poo on those theories.
There has to be a way of making those things more attractive. They make people's feet look at least twice their normal size. There is a "Cult of Croc" thing happening that I just don't understand. I *get* that people want comfortable shoes. I *don't* get it that the most comfortable thing they can come up with is quite possibly one of the ugliest shoes on the planet.

With that said, Mouse, I completely respect your opinion and I still think you are awesome even though we disagree on this issue. smile.gif BTW, I love your avatar. Did you design that?
I've never tried on a pair of crocs but I hear they are comfortable and they aren't open-toed-- which means they are allowed at my job. Still, I don't know if I would spend money on something so heinous.

If I got a pair of those new flat ones, for free, in a neutral color, I'd wear them. To work. Where I stand behind a counter.

Actually at work today I saw a customer in the parking lot with glaring yellow crocs and I pointed them out to my boss and she started talking about how ugly they were and how much she hates them. Then at the last minute she goes, "hey that's my boyfriend's niece!" and when the girl walked in she said, "Cute shoes!" I tried not to laugh.
I feel the same way about crocs, that I do about birkenstocks , earthshoes and the like. I don't care how fucking comfortable they are , they are hideous.

When they make a comfortable shoe that doesn't look like a piece of shit, then I'll fuckin wear them but until then, no croc, no birkenstocks and no earthshoes will ever adorn my footies
Mouse, I myself adore you to bits, and my opinions regarding other people's footwear do *not* border on (or even view from a safe-ish distance) actual passion. But. I would probably argue that, judging from some of the truly heinous things people have done to themselves both for fad and fashion, the logic doesn't necessarily hold ...
I have to get in on this croc hating coversation. They are ugly, hideous creations. I also feel the same way about Uggs. UGG-ly!

Does anyone remember the boots that looked like shag carpeting died on them? Oh those where so awful.
yes, i remember seeing those. looked like people were walking around with dead cats tied to their ankles.

uggs and crocs are pretty bad, because they're so cartoonish. i like cartoons, but don't wanna look like one.

and birkenstocks are okay if you have the good sense to throw them away and buy a new pair when they're battered and grungy. my boyfriend has a pair that look like he fought a war wearing them. one day they may accidentally fall into the trash can.

besides, boys in sandals? opinions?
I saw a woman wearing pink shag carpet-dead cat boots, with a little denim skirt when I was university. It was..I. was speechless...and still am.
boys -in-sandals has been a long-standing issue w/ me.
esp men in flip flops.

and yah, I'll be the first to admit it's a phobia I have, but a ruling life point for me is to never trust a man wearing flip flops.
way back when I had a few bad expeiences w/ men in such and I'm tellin' you.. it's true.
sole exceptions are at the actual sandy beach and /or going to the shower.

men (largely) have ugly toes. who wants to see that?

men in sandals... eyyyyy. mixed feelings. again, if you're going to expose your toes, take 10 minutes and show them a little love. what's a bit of time w/ the clippers and a smear of lotion if it keeps some people from gagging when they see your feet? (again, personal issue here).

I saw some crocks recently that had little straps across them that made them look like mary jane's.. only bc they were so thick they looked almost like rubber wooden dutch clogs. no plans to buy a pair though.

seen: a youngish woman in a pair of ultra sheer white short shorts.
so sheer there is just no WAY she could have been wearing undies.. even g-strings. and FORGET bending over even a tiny bit in any direction.
the saddest part? I honestly don't think she was trying to be extreme, bc the guy she was with looked really back-woods and not very smart in a dullard sort of blank stare manner. made me feel bad for her and want to cover her up and say ' honey, this just isn't right.' sad.gif
I just read back some here and looked at the picture of mouse's pink ballerina crocs.

I Like them!!

they remind me of the kind of feet my frecklette's fisher price doll house people had.
do they come in other colors? I love pink but that's a bit much.

jellies always gave me bad blisters, so if there were more color choices and they are as comfortable as people say, I'd probly try them.
I totally agree about the sandals on men. Flip flops are a NO!! Unless you're heading for a communal shower room. There are better sandals out there in the world, but none of them should be worn without a decent pedicure.

If you don't know what that means, go and find someone to give you a professional pedicure. They're relatively inexpensive, and no one will have to barf when they look at your feet.

By the same token--women should make sure they're feet are pedicured before sandals are pulled out of the closet for the summer.

And for godsakes, NEVER wear sandals with socks. We should all know this rule as if it were genetically imprinted, but we don't. Here in Canada, it irritates all of Quebec (a big, big province) when people do this. So just don't.
Sandals with socks is just wrong.
Le Man and I work with a very, very nerdy guy who stands out anyway and yesterday at work we both looked at each other and were like OMG HE'S WEARING SOCKS AND SANDALS. It's a definite no!

I also hate Crocs. I don't care how comfortable people say they are. My whole family wears them and think I'm stupid because I don't like them. ("But they are soooooo comfortable, who cares if they're ugly?!" Uh, I do.)

I will confess, I do wear Uggs. Not brand name ones, but I like them all the same. They *are* really comfy and they keep my feet warm. At work they keep the air conditioning on constantly and I get cold easily so "Uggs" it is. And I just like the look of them for some reason.

Poor fashion sense always bothers me for some reason because I always try to look my best. And I totally understand if I get bashed for Ugg-wearing. Since I know people dislike them so much I refer to my own as "Fuggs". laugh.gif

Oh, and boys in sandals/flip flops used to bother me but not so much anymore. I think I kind of associate men who wear them as being carefree, and that's definitely attractive as long as their feet aren't too gnarly.
Well, I'm a bad person to ask on the boys in sandals thing. I hate feet. I hate my feet. I hate your feet. It's not personal...feet just make me say, "Ick." Boy feet are especially gross. When it's really warm, I will wear sandals that only show a bit of my toes and tiny strappy ones or flip flops (I also have a weird issue with anything between my toes, so flips are out even if I liked them. Which I don't. I know I'm pretty much alone on my hatred of flip flops. I'm okay with that). And I take care of my toes enough to make me not feel icky. But boys in sandals...I'm just not sure on that one.
#1: fully agreed that regular crocs are hideous. but the new ballerina flat crocs, imho, are actually cute. i don't think they're something i'd ever wear, but i think they're cute.

#2: men in sandals=NO. sandals with socks=WORSE. men in flip flops or those adidas slipons are preferable even to men in sandals.

#3: uggs are kind of benign except that a: they are most often worn in the wrong season and with the wrong outfit, and b: they are too ubiquitous

#4: ch said "I saw a woman wearing pink shag carpet-dead cat boots, with a little denim skirt when I was university. It was..I. was speechless...and still am."

i'm assuming that by "shag carpet-dead cat boots" you mean those hairy mukluks they wear in the hey ya video? honestly, it's my opinion that if you're going to go that far away from the norm with your fashion, i'm going to kind of admire it. even if its ugly, you gotta admit that not everyone out there is wearing pink mukluks, and i kind of want to be friends with the girl who takes that risk.
kelkello, freud would find your hatred of feet veeerrrrrryyyy interestink, ja?

i'm with you on the between the toes business. i eventually broke down, but even though there are flipflops on my feet right now, i still reserve the right to hate how inescapable between-the-toes summer footwear is. i mean, seriously, we can put a man on the moon but ALL sandals have to fasten between the first and second toe? WHY?

being on a college campus, i had to adjust to uggs long ago. even with miniskirts.

but can we please talk about the ubiquitous (sp?) cutoff denim miniskirt? i think this is just a college thing, and i have no problem with denim skirts, or even miniskirts - they're an american institution. but the cutoff denim mini tends to be REALLY short, and often paired with uggs or some equally stupid footwear, or leggings, and looks totally sloppy cause there are threads everywhere. it just kind of bugs me cause everyone has it, and most of the time i'm in fear of seeing someone's vajayjay. the goal is to get them as short as possible, and pair them with footless tights. (*&*$% footless tights!! unless you are a dancer . . . i cannot even explain why. maybe it's just that hipster-college has caused me to develop a pavlovian reaction to articles of clothing that are not, in and of themselves, wrong. but yeesh.)
when i was about fourteen, i wanted a pair of those shaggy dead-cat boots. back then, they were called apres-ski boots and the only place i knew that made them was quicksilver. they were pink and i fucking wanted them. I think this is the same drive that produces my love of doc martens.

kel, i too hate on the flip-flops. it seems every pair of pretty sandals i've seen this summer has a fucking toe-post. My feet are odd - the toes are quite wide-set, and toe-posts actually rub between my toes. And blisters there are the best dry.gif

skin, i occasionally wear the short-short denim mini (not a cut-off, though - the threads annoy me). With uber-thick wool tights. It made a change from jeans. I'd rather see them with the leggings than without anything... And footless tights can fuck off. They are the most idiotic article of clothing ever. Especially as they're virtually the same thing as leggings... and everyone wears leggings.

men in sandals... for some reason, i can tolerate the jesus-sandals or flip-flops. Just about. If it's really fucking hot... I think I got used to the sight of them living in tripoli, and i now just block them out. Although i do think they're hideous, just not the worst sort of hideous.

the summer trend for tunic dresses is starting to annoy me. They're so... shapeless. I mean, it's great if you can wear them, but I can't, and I can't find a damn dress to fit me because they're all tunics and mini-dresses. *hulk smash*
I agree: tunic dresses are much harder to wear than they should be. You'd think they'd be flattering because they're not super-clingy, but no. More like an A-line starting from your shoulders. *sigh*

Men in sandals always remind me of my dad, who wears them in summer in his post-hippy way. I accept them on him only because its a sight I've seen
all my life. On other men, no, not least because their furry hobbit toes show. Sorry if I've just put you off your breakfast/lunch.

And who in the world wears sandals with socks?? Tourists, that's who.

I don't mind the ubiquitous denim mini, but can't wear it myself as I'm a part-time lecturer and need to retain some gravitas. wink.gif I hate hate hate it with footless tights though.They look good with black (or coloured, sometimes) tights and flats, or even converse if the denim is dark...

I want to be able to wear flipflops but a)my city is too damn dirty and b)they hurt my feet! I'm with you kelkello and skinwithout!
Mouse I hear what you're saying. These one's looked like shag carpeting, and she was wearing them in the spring, so there was all this crap, literally matted in them. I'm all for standing out, but this was horrific!

I don't mind denim mini's. I agree on the footless tights, If there in a fun, funky colour and pattern, cool! I'm a big fan of funky socks though. Wear them with knee high socks and mary jane's or something. as long as they are fun socks. for example, I have a pair with little skull and cross bones all over them.

I don't mind men in sandals, as long as there aren't socks involved.

Kel, I also used to hate feet, but I came to accept them, and like mine.

I have to say, what is with people wearing sweatpants, but rolling them up so they look like capris? It looks strange to me.
Ahhhh, I hate socks and sandals! What is the deal with that? It actually used to be a big trend at my highschool, like it was the thing to do.

I don't mind men in sandals, I mean, I'm sure they feel the heat too and they just want to let their feet breathe. I hate hate hate flip flops. I can't wear them, they rub between my toes and then I get evil blisters and yet every summer all I see is flip flops!
sybarite, "furry hobbit toes"? ohmygod i just spit my morning tea out all over my computer. too funny, and yes, super gross.

i think if he had well-kept sandals and well-kept feet, it'd be okay, but he doesn't. i do admire his carefree attitude and low-maintenance personality, but ew. still, better than shorts with sneakers and tall socks. unless you're wilt chamberlain, no.

have to break off though and say i love love love flip flops. i hate my feet covered. love throwing off my shoes whenever i want to walk in the grass or drive barefoot. but, i pedicure for sure.
word, ch. dirty is ALWAYS a cof.
i also have to admit, I really enjoy flip flops, but for me it's also practical. I get exzema on my feet, and anything synthetic makes it pop up, since flip flops don't rub against the icky area, no worries. Not that y'all need to hear about my feet... If you are going to wear sandals, man or woman, please make sure your feet look good!
lol, nickclick! My brother does the sneakers with tall socks thing. They're not all the way up to his knees but they probably go about halfway up. And what makes it worse is that he gets a really crazy tan so when he's in the house and he's barefoot it goes from a really dark bronze colour to white!
The sneakers with tall socks thing is very retro seventies to me. It reminds me of my brothers' baseball games and those wonderful socks with the color bands at the top. I would almost find that interesting on a guy. Not necessarily atrractive, but interesting nevertheless.
My ex once wore flip-flops with socks. Regular socks. He took it to a whole nutha level.

Now they make socks to be worn with flip flops. Like mittens for your feet. Which is worse, I think, than a clueless boy wearing socks and flip-flops.
Crocs are fugly, fugly, fugly however I rather like the croc ballet pump.
I like the style of those bunny, but they are still crocs. Just looking at the material makes me cringe.

I love flip-flops, and I don't really mind men in flip- flops. Feet get hot, they have to get some air! But the guy has to take care of his toes....well trimmed and all that. That reminds me of a COF, I was in the ladies room at a store and in the stall next to me, there was a lady in pretty thong style shoes with hideous feet! Oh, they were awful way too long toe nails with cheap french tips, corns andpeeling skin.....yuck...I'll spare you ladies all the details. But I gasped when I saw them.

Second cof, spotted this morning, a lady with her long multi-colored floral skirt pulled all the way up to her boobs, and to top it off she didn't apprear to be wearing a bra and was rather well endowed so the girls were resting past the waistline of the skirt. I wish I had a camera on me at the time.
hey! how come bunny doesn't get shoes thrown at her when she admits to the exact same thing i admitted to a few posts back?

*lower lip wobbles*

I haven't seen boys wear sneakers with their socks pulled all the way up since 4th grade. I remember actually thinking that I was glad I wasn't a boy so I wouldn't have to wear my socks like that. I thought it looked so weird and uncomfortable.

Don't feel bad, Mouse. You can count me in on the bad-taste-in-footwear brigade:

I don't mind boys in flip flops and stuff. Feet don't gross me out, and there's nothing wrong with looking casual and showing more skin. They just better not be adidas sandals.

One of my girl friends wore socks with sandals last winter and it looked fine. I love the way she dresses. She had jeans on, the sandals were like birkenstocks and the socks she was wearing were thick and flecked with different shades. They kinda matched the sandals.
mouse laugh.gif. sorry, I missed your post. They are cute and practical and I like them in pink and silver and I can't believe I do.
*lobs a more attractive shoe at Bunny*

There, Mouse! Feel better?
ahh, solidarity in oppression!
You know what's really bad? Crocks with socks! (hey it rhymes)
Faded, acid wash, skinny leg, high rise, no butt pocket, holed jeans, with a trememdously bulky pumpkin orange sweater, a chunky 40 year old brown belt OVER the sweater, these awful, ankle high black pilgrim shoes with tassles and a SCRUNCHIE in her hair. You know, the lank hair with bangs cut straight across. Absolute worst outfit i've ever seen. Ever.

Brown and Black mixed together make me want to kill myself.
are brown and black together really a crime? sad.gif i have a pair of brown fake-suede boots that i wear a lot and i often pair them with a black shirt or a black jacket. am i going to hell?

OH and i HATE buttpocketless pants. they don't look flattering on ANYONE. they make people with no butt look like they have saggy butt, and people with perfectly adorable bubble butts look like their pants are too small. HEINOUS.
I'll be joining you, mouse. I have a brown t-shirt with a really cool fish design that I wear with my black skirts. sad.gif
count me in on the brown and black crime...

but nooooo on the pocketless pants. Stupid stupid stupid things.

last night... so many CoFs it was funny. The guy in a white linen suit with a loooong ponytail. In an emo club. A dirty emo club. Then the chick in her gothy get-up (which was, well, gothy, but ok) until you looked down. She was wearing camo-print walkers mud-protectors. Those waterproof things you put round your calves and boots to stop your trousers getting wet. Apart from anything else, she was all in pink and purple and black and it clashed.

and my eternal favourite. White sport socks with black trainers and dark longshorts. Pulled up. Reminds me of my dad.
Fourthing the brown and black together... but I do agree it only works sometimes. I remember agonising over black footwear with a brown dress in the Empress thread.

Mornington, did ponytailed dude wander off of the set of Miami Vice by mistake??

The sun has come out and I am waiting with baited breath for the inevitable rash of CoFs...
I think it depends on the brown.

pocketless pants, not good. They make everyon'e ass look dumpy.
high waisted pocketless pants with taperd legs . . . makes the ass appear to be dripping down the back of the legs. my mom wears these. uuuhhg. they come up over the mom belly pouch accentuating it.
QUOTE(shinyx3 @ May 2 2007, 08:58 AM) *
high waisted pocketless pants with taperd legs . . . makes the ass appear to be dripping down the back of the legs. my mom wears these. uuuhhg. they come up over the mom belly pouch accentuating it.

The sheer horror of a full-on pair of Mom Jeans....shudder
my mom doesn't wear mom jeans, mostly because they don't have elastic waistbands. why mom?????????

i'm sooooo guilty of the brown/black combo. in fact right now i'm wearing a black skirt, white deep-v sweater, light brown tank under, and brown boots. but i dress exclusively in neutrals. i add color in jewelry and bright lipstick. sometimes.
Elastic waste bands are the devil. I have some fleece pants with an elastic waste band, but not the traditional waste band. Like the one's discussed below.
elastic waste bands go along with the elastic on panties that dig in and make the fat bulge out above and below. just buy a bigger size and look, no dig, makes a girl look thinner too.
Among the most important life lessons my mom has passed on to me (along with not buying cheap paper towels and that boys are dumb) is the evil of elastic waistbands; they inevitably make everyone's waist/ass area look lumpy. On a side note, she is sooo my anti-CoF hero...her sisters are currently trying to drag her into frumpy middle-aged "style" and she is having absolutely none of it.

Anyway, a scroll-down on a woman in my office today: black blouse, floral print skirt, nude rubber soccer sandals.

What is it with this silly matronly outfits? Ugly.

Pants so tight I can see your undies, really, wear a thong if you pants are that tight, and I've already gone on my camel toe rant.

I definitely wear brown and black together a lot. I think it can work great, you just have to be a little careful with it. I thought I was unusual in my hatred for jeans with no back pockets. I have always thought they look terrible on me, and I actually have a cute ass. I don't think they look good on other people, either. Another thing that bothers me on myself is jeans where the back pockets are really low and come down to the top of my thigh. I don't think that is flattering on too many people either, because it makes the ass look either droopy or flat.
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