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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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QUOTE(blanchedeveraux @ Feb 13 2007, 11:06 AM) *

I'm really, really sorry to come in here and de-rail, but I know the crimes of fashion busties might be able to help me.

What is a good men's clothing store, where I can take my husband, and tell a salesperson the following:

"This is my husband. He has not worn a tie since catholic school. he does not own a suit - he didn't even wear one for our wedding. However - he has to go to court for sole custody of his son. Please, please dress him appropriately."

I thought maybe Express Men, but I'm not sure if that's too flashy.
There is NO way I can leave him to his own devices, and he has GOT to look sharp.

thank you all so much!

BLANCHE: Do you have a Men's Wearhouse near you? They're really good like that, and not too awfully high priced. They have them all over, I think. You might try that.
my father is a suit salesmen which has endowed me with an expensive taste in men's clothes. The man is impecably (sp) dressed and at family functions likes to make fun of what other people are wearing.

Which leads me to say a resounding NO to men's warehouse. I do suggest Nordstrom's Off the Rack for cheap as hell , high quality name brand clothing.( Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole etc.) They also will do tailoring at Off the Rack and I do suggest he gets a suit. If he needs tailoring that takes some time so make sure you go in a couple of weeks before it is needed. You could also try a Mark Shale outlet. If you want to pay full price go to Nordstrom's or Mark Shale, but please stay away from Men's Warehouse. I got hubby a simple black silk Hugo Boss tie at a Mark Shale outlet for about 50$ which is cheap.

The thing about suits is that if you are willing to pay a little ( like 200 or 300$) you can get a good suit that he will wear forever. Funerals, wedding etc.

On our last trip to Off the Rack we got a black three button Calvin Klein suit, two shirts( one again Calvin Klein) and two ties for under 400$. Which is a fantastic deal. He will wear the hell out of that suit.

I must admit I am total snob about men's suits but it's in my blood really.
I love finding places like that, ladyj--same price range as the Men's Warehouse, but far superior quality; and the prices are reduced because they may be selling off last season's stock (and in men's tailored clothes, who cares? It's almost identical to this season's). That deal you got for $400 sounds amazing. I sure hope blanchedevereaux can find something just as good. Let's all imagine that coming to pass for her and her man, shall we?

A cheap suit will make the wrong impression on a judge, and you don't want that.
I'm not gonna lie. I have been wearing the platform flip flops around the house. Well, one any way. My cast (& soon my roboboot.) raise one side of my body up a couple inches & it makes me uncomfortable in the hip region. They've been a godsend. But I won't wear them out of the house.
I like tight pants and shaggy hair on guys, but I've been over the "sheepdog" indie thing for a long time.

shoes: the worst fashion crime is companies that take something kind of ugly but comfotable, and put a huge damn *heel* on it! Not only is it a Frankenstien monster of abominable ugliness, but it takes away the whole purpose of the thing.

example-- spike heels in back, penny loafers in front
--high back heels on TIMBERLANDS! acccckkkkk!!
Look, AP, you're practically wearing them for medical reasons, and you're making all efforts, in your pain, to keep them from our eyes on top of that. It does not put you on the same plane as what will surely be Britney Spears in her new travelling outfit of platform flip flops and accompanying bad taste wear.

Also: I did not catch the Police reunion performance the other night on the Grammy awards, but I did see quick snippets of Stewart Copeland, and thought of you.

And now that he is a little bit gray around the edges, he's even more phenomenally gorgeous. How could that be?
People are trying to add height at the crown, these days.

Which prompts me to think: What is that THING on your head?
NPR red carpet review slidewhow

i loved kirsten dunst's dress, and hated jennifer lopez's. gwyneth was gorgeous and cameron diaz was ridiculous.
I actually liked jennifer lopez's dress. Though she annoys me. I thought that gwen's dress looked kind of frumpy, actually.

That color Nicole kidman was wearing is beautiful, not on her though. I hate to say it so generally, but its near impossible for pale blondes to pull off such a bold color.
Kate Winslet looked stunning! I liked Gweneth's dress too, the color the style, everything. Didn't dig Dunst's it was kind of awkward looking. What's up with the giant bow on Kidman's? Helen Mirren looked very classy.
kidman's dress was beautiful, and stood out among all the white and pale colours. but you hardly notice her; it's all dress.

j-lo looks pregnant.

cameron diaz's dress would have looked better in another colour. i liked the shape, but white just... no.

jennifer hudson looked gorgous - although someone needs to tell her to take her hands out of her pockets - and so did anne hathaway, but that bow was a bit much.

i liked meryl streep and helen mirren.

*goes to read fug*

ooooh... i forgot. Pink-dyed hair (over bleach) that was washing out, fuschia paisey-print necktie that clashed, green knee-length coat (appley grassy green), purple tights, fire engine red loafers.
I wonder what the big attraction is in all those skin toned and pale colours. Not everyone can wear them--many people look washed out in those colours. Gwynny, for example, would have looked much, much better in a dress with a stronger, clear colour than she did in the too pale sheer dress she wore. She's meant to wear rich deep blues, or black, or even bright white.

I thought the red shade Kidman wore looked great on her (and she does have the height to carry it off)--and she's another one who cannot wear pale skin tones at all.

Someone on the board wrote that so much of what's worn to the Oscars now is "safe" and not all that different anymore...and I agree. On the other hand, it must really hurt to be chided a la Fug Girls (especially if you did work yourself up to taking a risk, only to find your outfit listed as one of the worst).
What bitches me out about movie star fashion is that movie stars used to be all different types of people, so looking at what they wear and how they style themselves could give you some clues if you were the same type.

Now, regardless of race or nationality or age or -- they select movie stars based on them fitting the same mold ( few exceptions, not many) and that is, small straight nose, eyes a certain width apart, big forehead, tall and thin.
i just have to say, re: the fug girls' recent fugging of shannyn sossamon, that shannyn used to come into the coffeeshop i used to work at on a regular basis and honestly, i don't think i've ever seen her not wear that dress. i mean really, if you are a movie star, and get invited to the spirit awards, and get paid like a moviestar and even if you don't you obviously could coerce half a dozen designers to custom make you an amazing gown--WHY NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY and i don't know, maybe NOT wear the dress you wear EVERY. FREAKING. DAY. privilege gone to waste!!
I like that dress, Mouse, but yeah, same dress every day is bad, even if it is a favorite. Putting that dress with leggings, a turtleneck (WTF?!?) and loafers is just...well, God killed a kitten because of it, I'm sure.
Does anyone else find the Victoria's Secret "Pink" line a little boring & dull?

I mean, what's so hot about the words "angel" "love" and "pink" written all over everything- the mascot is a little dog with nothing remarkable about it.

Plus who actually walks around with a big logo that says PINK on their ass. It's a bit "on the nose" right

word, the pink line is boring as hell. at my job actually a client wanted some loungewear in the same style, and i was sent on a shopping trip to vs to "research" (ie, buy stuff, copy it, and then return it....oh, the fashion industry is cracked) and i swear to god i couldn't understand why. some of their underwear prints are pretty cute but rock'n'roll...fake "doodles"...baroque flourishes...nautical.....this is stuff that was popular a year ago, it's nothing new, it's boring, it's repetitive and when victoria's secret sells pair of lounge pants with "led zeppelin" printed across the ass you know the world has already gone to hell.
the only word that I would ever wear on my ass would be " smart"
I hate that pink crap from VS. It's what every sorority girl in my town is sporting on a Saturday morning at the local bagel bakery in an attempt to look like they don't care. Hmmm...the carefully coiffed hair and makeup says otherwise, dear. I find it garish and very middle school. And the Led Zeppelin thing...the old rock and roll bands are popping up all over the kiddie clothes these days. Go to the junior department at Target and even Walmart and you'll find Blondie, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Grateful Dead, Hendrix, Beatles, etc. emblazoned on "retro" style tshirts. My students come in wearing this stuff and they don't even know who the damned bands are.

speaking of students...
I am working towards a degree in education, so I intern at a local elementary school. I was thinking the other day about how an outfit that would be heinous on an adault is all rightr on a ten year old. I would stand agape if I saw a full grown woman in camo pants and t-shirt, both of which are different camo types (camo in general=bleahh). But on a ten year old, it is like, whatever.
I just think its funny to take some of the outfits that the kids are wearing and imagine them on adults. It makes me giggle because I'm sure some adults actually wear that.

ETA: yeah that pink stuff is crap. I own a few pairs of underwear that I liked from the line, but nothing that screamed "PINK" across my bum.
Yes - those "retro" band/punk/rock-n-roll t-shirts are HI-larious!! The most amazing one I've seen was worn by a college-age kid - it was the washed out retro style in gray and had all of these words (like "Sex Pistols" and "punk" factory-written across it but in handwriting font - and one of the words was "DIY". (!!)
well.......okay. full disclosure: i work in the fashion industry. but i do think that a lot of the "retro" shirts are kind of cute (and yes, i've designed about seventy billion of them). it's a matter of aesthetics, and i think that the distressed retro style has obviously gotten really popular and i think it's moved far beyond just imitating vintage and has become its own aesthetic. one could easily write a dissertation on it. i'd be very interested in what, say, baudrillard might say about this transformation but unfortunately he died three days ago. sad.gif

anyway, that said, i think it's gross and stupid to have band shirts of bands you don't know , never saw in concert, and bought for $25 at macy's......especially bands which were originally so counter culture as the sex pistols.
Rock shirts at stores like that kind of crack me up. I remember seeing one with a cartoon of Ozzy biting the head off a cartoon bat at Walmart and chuckling. Nothing says Rock and Roll like Walmart! I always hated it when people wore concert T's to shows they had never been to. My sister in law runs around in Misfit t-shirts but doesn't own a freaking cd. It seems so phony to me.

Sometimes I get kind of mad, when I see retro looking clothes becoming fashionable, b/c I wore similar prints and fabrics from thrift stores for years and was fun of. But then I realize it will be a lot easier for me to find the stuff I really like so I don't mind much at all. I feel an urge to stock pile so when they aren't 'cool' anymore I will still have tons.
gk, just feel proud that you were ahead of the game smile.gif
I have no problem with a resurgence of rock t-shirts or the vintage style. I have a problem with people wearing band shirts when they have never listened to the band or sometimes never even heard of the band. I'm a huge fan of a cool, quirky printed t-shirt. I would LOVE to see your designs, Mouse, as I've seen some of your amazing artwork on the cd cover you made and envelope you sent it in. I can't throw that envelope hangs in my studio as inspiration!
ooh, me too! I have your envelope on my mantelpiece in my bedroom, mouse.

part of me enjoys the indie/retro stuff (but yes, wearing a band t-shirt you don't listen to/know is stupid)... I'm having a slight skull fixation thanks to h&m.

although some of the 80s stuff is getting a little beyond ridiculous. all this neon...
omg, don't get me started on skulls! they were in, and then they were out. and then they were in again, and then they were out, and then they were in but only if paired with something else (preferably hearts and/or stars or possibly anchors) and then they were out again, and now they're back in.

just like zombies.
i've had a minor obsession since alexander mcqueen did a dress covered in sparkly skulls about 3 years ago... it just seemed to take a while to get down to where i can afford over here - and the cartoony style makes me smile.
wait a minute Baudrillard is dead? How'd that happen or was it just a simulation of reality fourth order that is?

Man that totally makes me sad.
I dig the whole retro band tee look, I have quite a few myself, but only bands that I actually listen to/have seen (the Doors, Hendrix, Blondie, and lots of Grateful Dead). It never occurred to me that someone might be wearing a shirt for some other reason! Huh...

Last summer I saw a guy about my age at Toys R Us wearing a Stylistics shirt; I'd never seen an old-skool R&B shirt before. We had a nice conversation about how much better the music was "back in those days", when it really was all about the music and the talent, as opposed to the pre-packaged commercial shit that seems to be so prevalent now. Then we each went home, drank some Geriotol, and watched the Matlock marathon until dinner at 4:30. *sigh*

the other night in work I was admiring a co-worker's t-shirt: Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon tour tee (1973); she wasn't born until 1983 but she's a huge fan and the tee was bought by her mum. Talk about vintage.

I seriously lust after my SIL's tshirt from the original production of A Chorus Line.

Seen from behind today in Target: what looked to be a cute cropped green cord blazer, unfortunately paired with grey highwater sweatpants, white socks, and black leather loafers.
seen today on an actual living person: these jeans.

WHY? oh maude WHY? In no way whatsoever are these flattering or sexy or anything other than WRONG!

/cleans eyes out with bleach
sweet maude. urgh.
black velvet guachos with not one but two back pockets

blue jeans with a brown jeans skirt over them and a forest green t-shirt
Dear gawd bunnyb, I'm not sure if it is the jeans that are more disturbing or the link in the left hand side of the page for "playsuits" for grown women. ACK!!!!! They are only cute on persons under the age of 10.
I had banished those from my memory - they are vile, hideous things that must never be in my presence. Sometimes fashion scares me.
unfortunately, they're even uglier in real life. They look a bit like the boiler suit I wear when I do farm work...

topshop has started to get fuglier and fuglier. and it's expensive now.
they do indeed have some fugly articles of embarrassing entire, although they do still have some lovely things. It seems to have grown less high-street and mainstream and become less cool and more tailored to people who have no taste in clothes and should all go on an island with their boiler suits and crotch AND rib inhibiting jeans and copulate amongst themselves* and never return.

*the in-breeding would make them duller of mind.
Thirding the disappointment in Top Shop. All their tops lately are either empire-line cut or just boxy, both of which are unflattering (for me, anyway). I picked up a couple of basic t-shirts but the rest left me cold, although I do still like their shoes.

I'm currently liking H&M and primark has some lovely short 60s cut jackets, and american apparel now sell online in europe...

A little off subject but....I heart H&M.
h&m has stolen my heart entirely. certainly away from topshop. although i prefer topshop for underwear, and thier jeans are quite good (but expensive for high street). i can't find a pair of jeans in h&m to fit me. dotty p and new look are getting quite good too (mm, new look shoes). although h&m have got some spectacularly fugly velour jumpsuits hanging around. it's not all good there.

syb, there is an american apparel in london now. i feel guilty wanting to shop in there, it's slightly too expensive for t-shirts (for me anyway. i have the same problem with gap, despite the whole pay-per-wear logic)

I am sick of empire-line gathered under the boob clothing; I have no desire to look pregnant, and while they look lovely on many girls, I am not one of them and I would like to find something to wear.

nothing to report except the usual camdenite hippy lot, and they're both antifashion and odd, but not criminal. Although with the return of these oddly warm temperatures, there seems to be a rash of people not wearing enough clothing. It might be warm, but it is not t-shirt warm, people.
ah, I like empire line tops/dresses as they hide my tummy (I need that self-confidence boost just now).
mornington, count yourself lucky. In my hometown I had a guy sans t-shirt. Its frickin march people! If I'm still wearing a coat then you can cope with some form of top ok?

As for topshop, why has it gone so expensive! Not that I like anything in there at the moment anyway...
Didn't Top Shop change their top buyer? That might explain the increased prices and increasingly bewildering clothes...

I found the story here.

/ongoing derailment
ooh, good point. I think also it's the whole "we're really popular, let's see if we can charge a bit more..." profit drive. like they're not making enough money already.

bun, you suit empire-line! And you have gorgeous taste in clothes! I just find empire lines give me a tummy where I don't want one, and make me look more bottom-heavy.
Interesting article; the quality, range and value for money has definitely gone down since.

Philip Green, the owner, bought over a retail chain whilst I was working there and the quality change in clothing was noticeable.

It saddens me about Topshop: it was one of the quirkiest of shops to shop in (still is, but too quirky now) although still best on the high-street for accessories. Trying to be more cutting edge is, in fact, alienating their custom-base.

eta: x-post with morn - thank you! I think empire line suits the curvier girl.
i don't like philip green. didn't the article say something about stuart rose, who now heads m&s... and they seem to be getting better and better, both in terms of price and quality.

I think to pull off empire line, you have to be fairly well-endowed in the boob line, and curves definitely help.
double post of a sort...

fat man, hairy, sides of his head shaved, the rest in a nasty ponytail... bad facial hair (and otherwise unshaven), dirty long leather trenchcoat. hairy forearms and tats that just looked... wrong. Black trousers belted over his belly so that they dug into his rolls.

black t-shirt, home-painted with the words "you say i'm a pervert like i'm a bad thing" tucked into said trousers.

talking loudly on the phone. i wanted to strangle him, and then force him to dress... well, in anything but that.
there were a hell of a lot of cof's at southbysouthwest, considering everyone is either a: drunk, b: crashing on someone's couch and living out of a carry-on bag for a week, b: an insufferable hipster, or c: musician with a "wild and crazy" reputation to uphold (aka, "put on a top already, har mar superstar, yes your back hair is ironic but please", or "must you really wear a shirt with your own name printed on it, andrew w.k.?")

the worst i saw was this one girl who had dressed entirely in layers (and it was HOT that day, too, she must've been incredibly uncomfortable). top half: scarf, blazer over vest over tunic. bottom half: aforementioned tunic over short shorts over tights with kneesocks worn over and then knee high boots. i mean, really? when it's 80 degrees out and not even 50% of the layers are actually serving any function other than making you look insane???
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