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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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I have always hated twin sets. They make women with slightly larger than average breasts look like barges.

On the other hand, I've always loved a certain type of paisley--just never when it was paisley printed on cotton.
I have no real problem with twin sets if something has been done to dress them originally...throw on a scarf or an interesting piece of jewelry, or decorate the sweater with something cool. I don't like them with the khaki pants, though.

Paisley: I love it's resurgence in accessories and printed papers (a weird obsession of mine), but I'm not fond of whole garments made of it. It can be pulled off quite well, but it takes a certain type of person and type of garment to do it.

Question: I remember being into fashion when I was in 8th grade (uh, 19 years ago), but does anyone notice how extremely fashion conscious the young kids are getting? College for me was baggy jeans and flannel. Grunge kept me comfortable. Now college girls (hell, even my eighth grade girls) are walking out of their houses dressed as if they are going to a major event and they are just going to Target or grocery shopping. Every little piece of the outfit, accessories, hair, and makeup has been meticulously planned. The sheer energy required to do that every day would simply exhaust me. I clean up nicely, but I don't pull out all the stops every day. Does anyone else see this?
I live in a place with a lot of college students, so, woe betide me if I go out for even so much as a newspaper, or to move my car to the other side of the street, without doing contact lenses makeup hairstyling.

kel, i know what you mean. i never really got fashion-conscious until I stopped wearing a school uniform (at seventeen) and had to go suit shopping. I think it does depend on the fashion of the time though - wasn't the fashion for grunge to look like you'd just rolled out of bed? I wear make-up most days (by that I mean... mascara) and I frequently feel underdressed next to some of the girls I go to uni with. Although, I have noticed, as term wears on, people get less fussed and tend to pitch up in a hoodie and jeans. Away with the fashion for ten minutes in bed.

There's also a competitivey-social structurey thing going on (my god, I'm so literate today) - once a few girls start dressing up, soon all thier friends do... and it goes round and round. Perhaps parents - and perhaps schools - are getting a lot more permissive about what they'll allow pre/teen girls to go out in. Make-up was banned at the school I went to until I was thirteen, and my housemistress at my high school would have no qualms about telling girls they were wearing too much make-up and to go and take it off. My mother was the same.
I went to Catholic school until age 13. I was fashion-challenged when I got out into the "real world." And the nuns would not let us wear a scrap of makeup and would scrub our faces with those horrid brown industrial paper towels you find in public restrooms. We learned quickly.

I look at these 13 year old girls coming into my class wearing cutting edge fashion, looking like they stepped off the pages of a magazine. It's amazing and weird at the same time. They are 13; they look 20. It's a bit disconcerting.
Well, speaking as a college girl, I like to look decent most of the time I go out. I have a shit job, so I spend 40 hours a week in an ugly uniform and I feel like when it comes time to go to class or go out on a Saturday night, I actually feel like making the effort.

On Monday mornings, I have one class and then I go to work, so it's jeans and a sweatshirt on those days, and I don't bother to shower or put on my eyeshadow. But on Wednesdays I'm at school for 12 hours and Thursday nights I have a long class. Since those are my only days off from work, I am going to put my cuter outfits to good use.
mm, but there's looking decent and looking... overdressed, surely. I mean, I like to look nice, but I'm not going to primp and preen in front of a mirror for upwards of half an hour to sit in a lecture theatre. Going out, maybe. Special occasion, yes... but everyday? and thirteen is... gah.

if matron caught anyone wearing makeup, she'd search through everyone's stuff until she could conviscate it. and then she'd make you wash it off and put you on sock duty (sorting clean socks into baskets depending on who they belonged to) for a week.
It's weird. I remember my first day of junior high & the realization that the rules had changed. I was the only one with a woman's body, but I still dressed like a boy in sneakers, t shirts, & unpinch-folded jeans. Once junior high hit, blammo. I tried to fit in initially, but then said fuck it & let my freak flag fly. My mom started taking me to LA twice a year so I'd always have the coolest stuff. I started doing a lot of mail order. I remember being fifteen & wearing a miniskirt made of several black/red/white ties, stockings with skull a print, a smiths t, a men's vintage smoking jacket, Doc Martins, & a spiked purse. Pre-Hot Topic. Mr. HotShitCoolGuyBMOC decided to piss off his parents & asked me where I got my gear, I gave him a Lip Service catalougue & two weeks later he got kicked out of school for wearing a pair of jeans that he'd ordered that were basically a waist band with shreds hanging off of it. Now that shit is de riguer, but in Pisswah, KS in the late eighties I was pretty fuckin' dope.

I'm such a slacker now. I own tonnes of cool clothes/shoes, but I still look like a teenage boy most of the time. If I'm going out, yeah, I'll dress, but if I'm going to my local or something, fuck it. I turned up at my local a few months back with my hair straight, well-dressed, & with a face on & people nearly had a coronary.
I remember the kids in my school being super fashion conscious too--especially when I went to catholic high school. Once a month we'd have "casual days" or "jean days", where we'd raise money for something by paying a dollar each and wearing what we wanted instead of our uniforms. There was no shortage of judgement being passed--and I do recall a super awareness about brands and costs of things like shoes, jeans, fabrics, makeup, and jewellery. This was late 70's early 80's...people were definitely aware of what was fashionable. Things got even more touchy in university--suddenly you were supposed to dress according to your discipline...fine art students had a certain "look" of second hand or vintage clothing, worn with vintage shoes and accessories.

I thought I'd study political science, and, predictably, I looked completely lost. Girls in my classes wore fur coats and sweatpants with tans after reading week; I barely made it to school on time and my hour and a half bus/subway/bus commute completed by a hike across a campus I still call "the tundra" demanded practical clothing you could put on in the dark.
I did both Catholic school and public school, and I was always pretty casual as a kid. I did my "only wearing black" phase in high school, but the real culture shock was when I transferred colleges. I had been going to SUNY Purchase (very small art school) where everyone had multiple piercings and tattoos and hair colors, where I fit in very well. Then I transferred to Syracuse University, where everyone looked like they were in an Abercrombie ad.

Nowadays my style is pretty casual-I'm running around for hours at a time at work, so my style is usually jeans, converses, a hoodie, and the hair in a ponytail. But I almost always wear makeup-I have eczema, and while it's a lot better now and almost invisible on my face, I still am incredibly self-concious about it.
Bwaahaahaa! When I was a freshman in HS, AP's Pisswah, KS was a "big city"! Everybody was pretty much wearing jeans/t-shirts/flannel, because they mostly had to slop the pigs before/after school. But I was elsewhere for 7th grade, and that was the year I went from the jumpers/jeans my mom bought for me to cobbling together outfits from my friends' closets (I had to do the "get really dressed after I left the house and change back before I got home" to wear anything interesting). I was obsessed with looking like Cyndi Lauper, and loved this tutu-like thing over a denim mini with ripped/painted/layered tanks, torn fishnets, and spike heels. I used to sit in the back of study hall with my friends and color my bangs with those wonderful electric-shaded mascaras that had just come out. 8th/9th grade I was just at a loss as Pisswah, Jr. KS didn't give me anyplace to hide from the folks and wear what I wanted, so it was mostly Monsters of Rock Ts and jeans.....
I grew up with my mom and sister both insisting it was "low class" to wear any visible make-up, and went to school in the seventies when it was the first hit of "grunge" ya might say, where people were cool with jeans, corduroys and t-shirts for the most part -- and flannels, but the most popular girls had little dresses and elaborate hair dos with the hot rollers. I wasn't going to get up early to dress up, and wore cute hippie clothes.

My college I don't think I saw a single dress or skirt.

But, when punk hit or --- when I go clubbing I like to wear make-up, it's fun and i honestly look better in it since I have a big, round face, it gives me some definition.

At this point, if I wear a plain face I just look sloppy -- when you're older the cahz look is not just swangy and low-key, you lool kind of demented. A little more tailoring of clothes and defining of the face and hair is required, if ya know what I mean, at a "certain age," CHILLAX turns into ESCAPED MENTAL PATIENT.

Really cool.gif
when i hit middle school (uh... junior high, i guess) I was the only girl in my house not wearing make-up. I wore old jeans and rugby shirts when not in uniform (and we wore uniform until supper-time during the week and until after lunch at the weekend - itch wool kilts, shirt, blazer). I was woman-shaped and tall, whereas everyone else was skinny and small, so I stood out like a sore thumb at times and tried to hide it all with baggy clothes. I was into grunge about eight years too late. But it had been what everyone at my prep school had worn... handy for climbing trees and playing rugby.

It was most definitely not cool at this place to dress like a boy. ralph lauren chic all the way, and definitely label and cost orientated. the closest i had to label were the factory-shop doc martens i'd got for fifteen quid. I figured out how to fade into the background, it was easier.
junior high i was the scapegoat loser and all i wanted was to look like the popular girls, which meant jeans and a pastel v-neck tee (we weren't allowed to wear clothes with pictures or words on them, only solid colors or prints). but of course mine were from bradlee's or kmart and theirs were from j crew. i remember agonizing over whether or not to wear a plaid shirt that had belonged to my dad--i decided against it, it was too "weird". can you imagine?? i was such a fucking mouse (no pun intended) in junior high.

i switched schools for highschool and cut off all my hair and started dressing like i didn't give a shit, which was great. mostly though it meant mens pants and thriftstore tees and cardigans, not all that exciting, but i pretty much constantly looked like an old man. in college my neurotic girlfriends and i wore a lot of homemade skirts over pants. after college i got really into wearing ridiculous-yet-ladylike clothing; my best friend at the time was the same and we would dress up insanely just to party in her dorm--tons of vintage dresses and things not originally intended as clothing. i've toned down a little since then.

WTF COF this morning, at the bank: 40-something asian man
--shoulder length hair in a ponytail with TWO SCRUNCHIES--one beige, one lavender
--PURPLE TINTED sunglasses
--hideous black and white diamond-print short sleeve polyester button down WITH THE SLEEVES ROLLED INTO TINY CUFFS
--black wifebeater OVER said shirt
--baggy-legged skater-type jeans wore regular waist height with brown belt (WITH CELLPHONE CASE ATTACHED TO BELT), as such too short for him
--grey mesh nike running shoes
--ugly louis vuitton knockoff black plastic man-purse with ADDITIONAL cellphone case attached to strap

my eyes!!!
I mean, at a "certain age," CHILLAX turns into ESCAPED MENTAL PATIENT.

Nothing rings with more truth.

TWO scrunchies, Mouse: that look was planned and sketched out before it was turned out (see above).

Oh, on the makeup thing: I was ridiculously over the top with that during my catholic school years.
I had more lipstick colours than most cosmetic companies make, and only considered buying eye shadow if the colours were, shall we say, not subtle. Every day was some variation of red lipstick, yellow and black eyeshadow, and far too pale foundation. I terrified my math teacher, whose voice would rise an octave (I secretly called it his puberty voice) whenever he'd comment on a new shade combination I dredged up.
Weighing in on high school CoF's:

I went to a fairly affluent suburban high school, where I was an outcast from day one because I was a artistic loser who wanted nothing more than to run away and live in New York. I wore ripped up jeans that were not bought that way before you could buy them that way, big t-shirts, men's sweaters, my grampa's belt, berets and trench coats I had picked up from the thrift store, and black or pewter flats. Oh, and whatever earrings were the biggest at Woolworth's.

Needless to say, this did not make me any more popular with the Guess and Polo clad herds. Thank god for that.
Raise your hand if you dressed like a complete misfit on purpose in middle or high school because everything else made you want to vomit. *raises hand* Something tells me 90% or more busties did something similar. And most of us had to do it without the help of Hot Topic. Thems was the days.

COF at a party (not a costume party either) the other night. This poor girl is truly stuck in 1989-90 preppy-dom. She had:
*Peg legged, high waisted jeans with a pale wash (not quite acid, but not too far away)
*A checked button down shirt tucked in and bloused out around the waistband of the jeans
*Bobbed hair at chin length with big bangs
*Very little makeup but bright pink lipstick
*Penny loafers. With pennies in them.
I dressed like a misfit in the last half of high school. Not because I was full of teen angst and wanted to OMG LIKE TOTALLY REBEL AGAINST ALL THESE SHEEP AND OMG HIGH SCHOOL SUX, but I couldn't afford mall clothes and I had started listening to different music and stuff and my tastes just changed.

I was obsessed with old lady stuff but unfortunately I had a hard time combing the thrift stores to find stuff that fit so for a while I wore a lot of corduroys that fit wrong, and puffed sleeve blouses that fit wrong, and sneakers because I hadn't discovered flats (flats are popular now but a few years ago I never saw them anywhere). It looked bad!
Kelkello, yes - the pale wash = stonewashed. Oy. I *still* get excited when I see new jeans that are actually deep, dark indigo, even twenty years after all the "wash" shit first began. So tired of not being able to age my own jeans like fine, fine wine ...

I got a genuine actual pair of new, dark-indigo-blue jeans over two YEARS ago, and can hardly bear to wear them, because they're special to me just for - you know - looking like the "new jeans" archetype branded into my mind as a kid in the early 70s. *Super-seekrit-confession: I wash them inside out*
Heh!! My folks bought me the latest style in coat, shoes and jeans so I wouldn't be a total misfit

buuuuut I only had a certain amount of money to spend through the school year. I wsan't going to be able to be part of the gang that competed viciously to buy the most and the best clothes.

I figured it would make more sense to buy my own little style of thngs -- as I said before, stuff like yellow jeans with a red kimono on top. Then they couldn't accuse me of wearing last months' clothes, right?

I spent the rest of books and art supplies. Some more things that would stay fun for a longer period of time.

Sure, sometimes I'd slob out in flannel and corduroy.

Hoo, dawgie, grandmaw!! You haven't SEEN ugly mainstream clothes till you saw the seventies -- even the reivivals don't quite get it, because they go for the campier, funner end of it. People were supposed to wear shiny polyester shirts with little ties on them, big thick corduroy ... and ... oh, ugh.

The designers seriously must have all been drug burnouts. Thatt's the only possible explanation.

You could at least get some nice shiny silk stuff -- but that lead straight into "Saturday Night Fever"
There are pictures of me in the early nineties wearing my grandfather's old 50's shirts, wide 70's ties, giant copper disc earrings, rolled up jeans, and flat shoes. Did I ever get shit for that one!

I loved those shirts, tho'. Washed eighty thousand times in colours of burnished orange, jade, and deep grey. Coming from a man whom I respected more than my entire class. There are worse things in life to be than sartorially creative at 14, I suppose.
I made so much more of an effort when I was in HS. I got up at an ungodly hour so I had time to put on makeup and do my hair and thought up my outfits the night before. Then up to about 4 years ago I still made an effort, although I stopped wearing any makeup aside from lipstick.

Now I'm so lazy, which I kind of regret, because I quite like a lot of what I see in shops lately. I do pay attention to things like the line and colour of my jeans (straight up and down, no bootcut or drainpipe for me, and dark blue or black) but don't bother buying cute little tops anymore. I rarely go out so I figure what's the point.

I've been thinking I should shake myself up and out of my fashion apathy though... and maybe start wearing some tinted moisturiser. I don't wear makeup in a town where everyone else does, which means I always end up looking tired, damn it.

/me me me ramblings...
high school was mostly black with docs or any of my 15 pairs of chucks. now it's black, beige or brown, with more grown-up shoes and somewhat colorful accessories. my friends make fun of all the beige in my closet. i think it makes getting dressed for work in the morning much easier! i have colorful home furnishings, that's my splurge on color, okay?
maimy, every now and again you can still find dark indigo jeans over here. I love allowing jeans to age naturally, even though I do have a few stonewashed pairs.

mouse... two cellphone cases? laugh.gif

Today was the return of the backcombed "I'm so cool" indie mullet. She/He looked like they'd be wired into a light socket. Oh, and daggy pink baggy pj-bottom style trousers and the ubiquitous uggs. I'm still not sure if it was male or female though. laugh.gif
Mornington, I actually found two more "dark" pair after that one I love, but they're more casual (yeah, because jeans are so dressy - heh) than the first pair. There are two pre-faded pair in my drawer, but fortunately they're not as sky-baby-blue as the old stonewashed ones 20 years back were! They actually look pretty natural, and I got 'em cheaply on eBay, which was nice too. *Grin*
Goodness, I wash all my jeans and black clothes inside out. I hate it when stuff fades. I use the dark clothes laundry detergent, too. I am always frustrated at the lack of dark jeans. I have a 36 inch inseam, too, and finding tall dark ones is pretty much impossible these days.
I have "smart" jeans and "casual" jeans... the casual ones are older pairs - i'm between sizes on inseams so most of my jeans end up with tatty ends where I've walked all over them. I have to admit, I bought a pair of fake-aged and fake-ripped jeans the other day... unsure.gif heh, they fitted and i looked good. that's rare.
I don't know if it's a CoF but I have never had much of a sense of style. I pretty much wear jeans and just a regular shirt everyday. Is lack of fashion sense a CoF?

And it's not that I don't like fashion. I love looking at what's new with designers and stuff, it's just that I live in a crappy city with one mall that has Old Navy and American Eagle and not much else. Oh, though we did get an H&M, so that has slightly improved things.
I wear

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans
Sketchers Shoes
Heavy Metal or ICP t-shirts
Just My Size underwear
Fantasia Bras
A Doonie & Burke Purse
and a scrunchie from Rite Aid

I'm a crime against fashion. LOL
well, I'll confess that when everybody was buying tight designer jeans in the 80s, I thought Gloria Vanderbilts were the only cool ones!! So, you get my support on that.

Also, the heavy metal t shirts.


I've got one nice-fitting pair of straight leg, normal waist, dark blue, thick soft fabric -- classic wrangler jeans, and one pair of low-waist, boot cut, paler blue jeans with that "processed" pattern that ya see around, and they resist stains like nobodys business!! Some how even though I have a pot belly I didn't have to pay very much for either pair, and they are tight but not binding in the thigh.

The boot cut trendoid ones I bought in a shmancy department store for 50 bucks -- or 70 or something, they have lasted ten years, even when I dumped a glass of red wine on one leg it came right out! I credit that to the *small* amount of spandex in them.

oh man, i LOVE vintage wranglers. right now i'm too fat for the ones i own, but when i can fit into them, they're perfect for my shape.
I love fashion, but not necessarily fashion "trends". I find what I like and make my own style, most likely I am a COF and don't even realize it.

I read the other day that skinny jeans were the 'in' thing and bootlegs were completely out of style and I thought to myself "oh well, I guess I'll be out of style". I'm pretty small but I have sort of wide hips and booty so wearing jeans like that would give me a nervous break down.

I like a nice simple boot cut that's dark blue. The hems are often to long so I just cuff my jeans most of the time so I don't walk the ends off. I tell myself I look kind of rockbilly chic.
imma go out on a limb here and say that i think skinny jeans look awesome on girls with booty. i'm not the tiniest person myself, and i rock em almost every day. i mean, of course there's a difference between wearing skinny jeans that fit you and skinny jeans that accent every bulge and cut into your hips so tightly you get the love handles/muffin top effect, but i actually think tapered jeans are really flattering. not tapered as in, 80's high-waisted puffy-at-the-hips tapered, but straightleg getting skinnier in the ankle. they make me look taller and curvier, and i think they look great on my booty-endowed friends too. they look really classy with heels and if you tuck em into boots they don't get all bunchy.
oh, definitely, some girls can rock the skinny jeans, but some can't. It's all about getting the right cut and fit. I have tried, so I stick with slim straight legs... but I tend towards bootcut or boyfit, as I too am endowed with booty. I'm flat in front, but wide in the hips, so skinny jeans tend to emphasise that, which isn't too flattering.

the over-dyed indie mullet. why.
I get sick inside when I see so many skinny jeans taking up the shelves in my favorite stores. I am not cut out for skinny jeans. Dear god, don't let them take bootcut away!
that's what they want you to think, but it's not true! embrace the skinny jean! fat girls look GOOD in skinny jeans! don't listen to the fashion patriarchy!!!
I totally agree with you, Mouse--skinny jeans with a straighter leg are far, far, far, more flattering on women with big bums and wide hips than any flared jean could ever hope to be. I think the proportion of your clothes and of the pants has to change to suit the figure though--the waist can't be low rise, and the skinny jeans look best with a longer top. The short rise/flared leg jeans really made big hipped women look huge (actually, all women looked huge in them, no matter how small they really are) but I don't think anyone had any idea of what to compare their looks to.

Wide legged pants tend to minimize hips too, compared to the flared legged ones...but still not as well as the skinny jeans.
I do not wear any kind of jeans half as often as I wear my beloved straight-leg normal waist deep black cotton slacks with the big pockets. YESSSSS.

And, despite the pictures of Audrey Hepburn that might have scared people off, the Gap Skinny Pant fits me. It's nice. A little skimmy room but not flared, or god help us all, pleated at the top -- a little skimmy room, and then tapering SLIGHTLY on the way down, and not too long in the leg but just right.

They also have these little mini belts sewn in to both sides so that you can tighten or loosen the waist for those fluctuations.

Pure genius.

Worth the 60 effin' dollars a pair -- I bought two.

They should have marketed them differently.
word on the long shirts with skinny jeans, chacha. i also find that mine make the bottoms of my shirts prone to get hiked up above my ass--but i like my fat ass, so that's okay.

i don't, however, like my fat stomach.
No definately some girls can totally rock the skinny jeans! I, however, am not one of them. That term 'saddle bags' haunts me everytime I even think about myself in them. They are leggings I just couldn't pull that look off. I have chunky calfs.

I hate flare leg jeans...may they all burn! Though I was guitly of having a few pairs, in the late 90's when they were crazy popular. I just like a nice straight leg or bootcut, but it's most flattering with my leg shape.

I second the indie mullet craze ending.

I am absolutely in love with a lot of the longer style shirts that are coming out. For those days when I don't feel like bending over and exposing half my back and booty.
I hate flared jeans, but a simple bootcut is great for me. I hate the long tops...they emphasize the gut on me way too much. They look great on some folks. But not me. *sigh* My clothes will soon go the way of my shoes...I'll have to wear them forever because they'll quit making things I actually can wear.
I can't wear skinny jeans. I'm short, I have a flat butt, a high waist, a big ribcage and big boobs, and in profile, my legs are shaped like a backwards S. With short calves. And my knees are thick- I do not have shapely legs.

I like a really low waist, which makes my butt look a little rounder. And I'm okay with pants that make my hips look bigger because I need to balance out my huge upper body.
I'm only okay with pants that make me look taller and leaner, and put the width of my hips in a respective proportion to the span of my shoulders, but where are these little magic devils, hmm?

And I agree, too, that the marketing of the slim legged pant is being done with a real bias against bigger women--because they do look a lot better on us larger than average ladies than other types of pants. And I wonder why that is. It started with the horrible Audrey Hepburn AC/DC ad run by the Gap, continued into last September's Vogue where page after page featured women bemoaning the need to be skinny to wear the "new" straight jeans, and then carried on with talk show hosts and their fashion shows yammering on about how the slim legged pant just isn't the choice for the plus size lady.

If we all had to be petite ballerinas and gymnasts to wear the skinny jeans, there's be no market in existence at all for them, and they'd never be sold. So let's all call bullshit on what Mouse rightly called "the fashion patriarchy".

But: like hellotampon says, the lower waist pant does flatter a differently shaped figure. What I can't stand about fashion is that it's always and "either/or" situation: either the skinny jeans are all you can find, and all the other styles are banished--or, has it has been over the last 2 decades or so, the lowrise flare shape has been all you could see in the stores (dare to wear anything else? You're wearing "Mom Jeans"! humiliating!).
Eww, I forgot until I was shopping yesterday, COF: guys in skinny jeans! Tiny little anorexic looking guys in tight jeans, just not attractive. Saw a guy yesterday with uber tight jeans(my hubby refered to as looking painted on) a skin tight t-shirt, black chucks, and shaggy hair with his bangs all in his eyes. I wanted to buy him a sandwich and shave his damn head.

mm, emo boys. i don't know... i find them mildly attractive. some of them.

I too have the dreaded saddlebags. i rode for six years in my pre/early teens (i still ride occasionally now) and it did affect the shape of my legs; i find skinny jeans are too tight in the calf while being baggy around the knees and ankle... they just don't look right.

I've got a large hips and butt (My husband likes to say that all I am is butt, thighs, and boobs... ) But I can't imagine that i'd look good in skinny jeans. I'm afraid to try, for fear of looking like a fool. I have REALLY big thighs and I can't imagine that being flattering. I usually wear boot cut jeans, because they're usually easy to find (at least for me) and they're comfy and I don't think they look half bad on me. I have the same problem with the jeans dragging on the floor. I eaven buy "short" and that's the case.

I love the longer shirts. I am pretty short (5'3") and I have large booobs which make my torso look even shorter, and the longer shirts really make me look longer.

I remember seeing my little brother (he was 13 at the time, almost 15 now) for the first time in a few years, and was wearing super skinny jeans, which he pulled off rather well, but still... he had also trid to grow his hair out so that it would have the emo/skater style, but like me (worse than me) he has super curly hair. So he had a four in blond afro. He kept it for a year until he actually cut it. I just remember seeing him and saying
"What the hell man, I mean, what the hell?"
I guess the skinny jeans thing is really a matter of opinion. My friend wears them and she has huge hips and butt. They look terrible on her. She looks like she tried to squeeze herself into sausage casings. However, she thinks she looks fabulous. Who am I to burst her bubble? If she's happy, she's happy. Go on, then Jimmy Dean girl.
see, thats what I'm imagining myself looking like :::shivers:::

I saw a pair of foam platform flip flops in a store window today. Those aren't "in" are they"
she's wearing the wrong size. which is an entirely different kind of fashion faux pas.

*will staunchly champion skinny jeans regardless*
I agree with mouse. Skinny jeans worn a size too small even by skinny girls looks, in my opinion, just as "ass" as what you're describing, kelkello. Too bad your friend doesn't believe in just getting her real size--she'd look a lot better in her skinny jeans.

I'm 100% behind Jackie Kennedy's edict--all your clothes should be 1/2 a size "too big"; they should never, ever be too small.

re: platform flip flops--anyone who wears those will confirm their idiocy for all the world to see. However, once those things are put on a store shelf, they tend to sell...which means, we'll be surrounded by them soon enough.
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