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jami - how'd it go today????
we won in court. big time.
judge did allow him to take my king size bed in trade for his twin (EW!!!!) which was a bad decision, but it's done. he was on the stand, wanting booze and a coffee pot. sheesh. we should be discussing our son and our property division, but he wants that blasted coffeepot.
he testified that he did one thing, then my lawyer had him admit that he actually did another. he can't keep his lies straight.
so now I am bracing for retalliation. never know what he'll do.
the next round is in september.
thanks for the good vibes
----------oh--------- and three other people have asked about the girlfriend being pregnant. she is not. she is just fat. I am told that she must have gained 40-50 pounds.
love to all
congrats! let him focus on coffeepots and beds. you will be prepared for the bigger stuff.
thanks Nic!
like I said, the next round is September. I am furiously preparing documents, files, and all sorts of things. I want to be absolutely prepared. I actually hope to be filing more briefs against him by then.
( maybe I'll study to be a paralegal - learning so much now )
Son and I are going out for my birthday dinner and a movie tonight. I am *so* looking forward to that.
hugs to all
so my old bf has this new chicky he's hangin with. she lives in a another state and when she comes into town she stays at his place. i'm almost not allowed to talk to him (or rather i care not to) when she's there.
so i call him when i thought he was at work. turns out he called off so was home for the day. i made the convo real short and got off as quick as possible, slightly irritated.
so then i go to send my girl a text telling her of my woes.
TYPE"she's staying at his place and he called off work for her. arg. i wanna beat her up. hehehe"
to him, by accident. are you kidding me??
had to send follow up texts apologizing saying it was just girl stuff.
that sucked. havent heard back from him. but he knows how i am so we'll talk after she's gone. i almost dont ever want to talk to him again even though he's also my bff.
i dont really care. i'm just annoyed. wtf ever. he's livin his life just sucks for me i have a harder time connecting with people than he does. always seems to have at least one little hooker at his beck and call.... boo. hiss.
so knorl05 - what happened? you two talked it out, right?
hello bustie ladies. send me your good vibes.
a friend emailed me - and I printed it out (next to my monitor) "Don't show fear. Animals smell fear"
ex-to-be is coming to the house tomorrow (but not IN the house) to collect things that court said he could have. like my king size bed to be traded for their full. (ew!) he gets the coffeepot and dvds. sheesh, such things to fight over.
I just want his documentation done!
I just have to be strong around him. (and keep the video camera going!)
hey jami - hoping today's going well....
he's a coward. did not even show up.
demanding to come when I have an appt., to have me reschedule. nope, not gonna happen.
and NOT gonna happen when I'm not here.
good, another nite in YOUR bed!
well, it's done. he threatened to sic the sheriff on me. told him - go ahead. see if John is available to come out! (haha!)
It never happened. judge is getting tired of his sh*t.
when he was done and gone, I felt so free. Just had a great night with son at home. smile.gif
told my dad - I'm so much stronger than I was not three months ago. would never had seen that one coming
thanks to all my bustie friends!
hi's been awhile. forgive me for posting and ghosting there, but things got a little, er, hectic. i found a lot of support here in this forum and i thank you all profusely.

jami...i'm so glad to hear you're in a better place now even if your ex is still acting like a turd that missed his little nap. keep are stronger than you think.

things are better for me; cut off contact with the ex after he tried to get me to pay $60 in library fines for items in his possession. in true opossum fashion, i stormed up to his house and screamed and cried on his front lawn in front of everybody. it wasn't a tantrum thing, it was like a what-do-you-want-from-me kind of outburst. had a brief thing there with someone else but didn't feel like i was happy or being treated the way i wanted to (and still obviously not over the ex entirely...).

life seemed to turn around, though. i got into nursing school!! i start in a couple of weeks and i'm very excited to have something to look forward to. but sweet jesus, you don't even want to know the mess i'm in now as far as love is concerned. let's just say i'm typing this with very puffy, red eyes. and the subject involved is none other than my roommate. how do you get over something that never really started? how do you get over someone who's sleeping obliviously, soundly across the hall? sad.gif

it's going to be a long night.
whoa....whitelightning here. my old, old username was opossum78 - in case any of you were like 'who the hell is this?'

sorry about that!
white/opossum, congrats on nursing school. what's going on with your roommate?
whitelightning/opossum... congrats on nursing school!! proud of you!! (yea)
and I know what you mean about getting over what never started. the heart does what it wants to.

you can do what nickclick and auralpoison advised me to do all these months ago... play your music loud. dance naked. (still remember that one!) think of *you*.

as for me, another court date has come and gone. we won again. pissed him off again. Judge is getting tired of his tyrades. I actually had to make an appt with him to see son and help with son's vehicle. son waited 20 minutes, he never showed. way to go, dad.
the only bad thing is - he's still delaying producing his documents, we have an offer on our property, he won't accept... Lawyer says another 6 months. it's been 7 already.
sorry, jami. i hope this nonsense ends soon for you...

oh, the roommate: the last time i was posting in here, i was living in my friend's basement. he decided to revamp the whole place and gave me ample time to move out and find a real place to live. he told me his friend was looking for a place to live as well; i had met this guy once or twice before and i knew he was really cool and that we'd get along great. but considering the fact that we were both coming out of failed long term relationships, neither of us was interested in the other at first. as we spent more time together, commiserating over our exes, we found out that we have a lot in common in terms of not just interests but in values too - how we view relationships, politics, food, the world, etc. if you recall, at the time, i was seeing this other dude that was mostly a physical thing...but i wasn't very happy with that. i felt like he ignored me a lot and would mostly come over late at night after hanging out at our friends' houses next door, all coked up and shit. just wasn't a good situation...

to make a long and dramatic story short, we began to really like one another and it quickly turned to love. i can confidently call it love because i have *never* felt this way about anyone before. i've experienced love, but not this kind. this felt a lot more free and unconditional and full of promise. we clicked so well and i really thought this could work out. but we were about to be roommates! it was a long-running joke for awhile and we knew we might be headed for trouble with this one, but whatever...we both felt confident that whatever happens, we'd work it out.

by this point, i broke things off with Cokie McCokerson and decided to give my roommate a try. it was a little weird, but like i said, i never felt this way about anyone before. i couldn't gauge it by anything else because it was like nothing else. as it turns out, he's not over his ex. they broke up about 8 months ago, but he's still really a mess. the hard part is that i knew this going into a possible relationship with him, but i figured he was passed the 'getting soused every night/crying into my beer' phase. he came on strong with me and then began to push me away; he's still angry about his misfortunes and (i believe) still is in love with her. jeez. he began acting like a total prick to me at times (despite his usual generosity and kindness) and snapping at me, sometimes in public. i am NOT ok with that and i've let him become aware of it. trouble is, we're roommates, so it's hard for me to walk away and not talk to him.

this is getting way too long, so i'll try to summarize: we both love each other but have realized that a romantic relationship between the two of us is simply not possible right now because he's not ready to be in one. as it turns out, i'm probably not either because i am feeling very rejected and sad and jealous of his ex which is like poison. i'm comparing myself to her and he's aware of it.

i'm feeling really dejected right now.
hi whitelightning...
maybe all you need is patience. I dunno. it sounds like you two click. the snapping at you is not cool. not being respectful at all.
it's all gotta hurt. I don't know what to say.. I'm here for you. keep us posted.
hugs to you. ~jami~
jami, looks like more and more wins for your side, finally. it'll all end well, and more importantly end, soon.

whitel, yeah i wouldn't close the case, but file it away for the possible future, and call it bad timing. in the meantime, meet some new men and have fun!
Hi Nickclick. I wish it would end soon. he's delaying at every moment. trial won't be for at least another six months.
today is not a good one. she spent the night, and right now they are not 250 ft from me. it boggles the mind. son just pretends, tries not to take notice when they go out to dinner. (we can't afford it)
somebody tell me something to make me smile!!!!!!!!!
jami, this should make you smile.... 6 months! and as of today, it's 5 months and 30 days! it will end. a better life awaits. all of this won't matter a bit when you happily living the next chapter of your life.

i've been whining about this in the friends thread, so sorry for the repeat.... my friend invited my ex and his girlfriend to her birthday party, which is this saturday, and an event she makes a huge deal of each year, so i'm sort of obligated to go (although she'll get a talkin' to after, but that's not for this forum).

i need words of encouragement (to go along with much hard liquor) to get me thru the nite. i'm afraid no matter how much rational self-esteem i arm myself with (ie i dumped HIM, she's dating what i didn't want, etc), the stupid girl in me is gonna be all insecure the minute he walks in looking cuter than i remember, or she's wearing a pretty skirt or something. i know, der, but gimme somthin'!
Nickclick. thanks. you did make me smile.
today is not a good one. it's cold, the furnace does not work and there is no firewood. been working on documents for way too long. <sigh> gotta get off the pity pot.
and Nick - you are fabulous. you shine. you will outglow the candles on her cake.
nickclick - i know what you mean...i have serious insecurities when it comes to other women sometimes. but more often than not, i find that my jealousy and insecurities are amplified when i don't even know who the woman is. it's like i build up this image in my head that this woman is everything i am not. then if i actually meet or see them, they're much more human, boring and flawed than what i was conjuring up in my head.

but remember this...even if she were a talented, gorgeous siren with an aura of blue golden light around her - she's still stuck with your ex! ha! you are in a far better place and good things will come to you if you focus on that.
Nickclick - how did Saturday go? thinking of you.
...asking once again for prayers and good vibes... court is on Wednesday and Thursday. all day both days.
this is going to be a big one.
~~~~~~~~~~~ good vibes for jami to get thru wednesday and thursday, and hopes for friday to come quick! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

jami, you'll do fine, as usual!

saturday was better than expected, or at least anticipated. thanks so much for the well wishes. yes, exactly as you said, whitelighting. for some reason, time makes you forget those flaws! so i was actually glad to have that slap in the face, back to reality. and seriously, that visual of mr.nick actually sitting next to my ex! it was like, thank goddess i had the strength to leave one and the good fortune to meet the other.

btw, she did look cute, but i looked cuter!
yea for Nick. looking fab and knowing it.
hello there Bustie Ladies...
court was today. tomorrow, too. today in-laws testified against me. ended up they admitted that my 'abuse' to the children was actually a swat when they deserved it. and while they stated I was verbally abusive to my husband, they could not remember one instance. they have stories well rehersed, though, sometimes giving answers before the questions were completed. mom would not look at me when they were bad-mouthing me. I think she has feelings for me, but she's so browbeaten by her husband... nice to know. I always liked her, ya know. husband testifies against me tomorrow.
I have a friend who said that she would pray for angels to be at my side and a golden cloud to bounce the negativity from me. I think it worked, too. while the lies were hard to hear, it didn't crush me.
and it seemed like my just being calm upset husband so much. he was actually shaking!
hi jami, one day down, one to go. keep up the good work, and we'll keep sending the good vibes.

let us know how it all goes tomorrow too.
hello my friends.
what a day. what lies. everything from son telling him that son was told 'in case something happened to me here are my secret bank accounts and passwords, keep this away from dad' says *I* have a jeckyl and hyde personality, prone to vulgar profanties. says I am domineering and son does not want to leave me as I may do bodily harm to myself. he would not admit to adultery, which is of course true. and wants full custody of son.
my testimony will be next. not a fun day, but over with. for now.
the good vibes worked while I was there. guess it hit me after. yesterday was a bad one, but I'm better now. son is a mess, dad wants a day with him in exchange for tires that were promised last year. great guy, 'eh? don't know how he turned into this. son and I are strong together. he amazes me.
thinking of you jami - hoping things are getting better
thanks. today was weird. prospective buyers came. ex-to-be said no to their offer. said if they don't reach his number, he'll just stay here. **excuse me??** so insane here.
Son is good, I'm better. Older sons back home called me. <sigh> good boys, missing them so much. they give me so much encouragement. ..thanks for the good vibes my way, everybody... ~jami~
jami, you should be so proud that your sons are such respectable young men, despite their father's genes and this situation! you really are doing such a good job.
thank you for the kind words nickclick. I miss them so. they call to give me love and words to keep me going. I miss their hugs.
Ok here's something to chew on ladies-I don't ever post in this thread but I decided I had to:

My ex broke my heart, but I also met my now husband at time of breaking up and back then knew something was there I had to pursue. We know have this gorgeous daughter and are pretty happy.

But I still have this strange attachment to the ex. In fact we're still really close friends and talk online a lot. Though we do go through short phases where we DON'T talk. It's been 4 yrs since we split. As a couple friends put it to me-I never had to time to grieve the relationship because I started dating my husband so soon. That and the ex and I stayed friends and talked constantly since day 1 of breakup no matter how tough it was.

Now in that time he married his ex before me(they broke up right before he met me after five years) and two years after they married their divorce finalized. yeesh. Anyways, right now he's dating a girl that is 14 yrs younger then him. He's known her a few years and friends with her family. The girl isn't even of drinking age, at least not for another year.

Here's the thing-I am SERIOUSLY having issues with him dating her. He tells me that he told her he wants a lot of space and that he doesn't want anything serious etc and that SHE wouldn't take no for an answer. I answered back, you're the adult. Say fucking No. All his friends have been telling him this is a mistake and apparently I'm not the only female friend who said "hey I was once this girl, she's naive with stars in her eyes, don't do this be the bigger person, she's going to get hurt no matter how cool she says she is". He won't listen.

I know him. He's going to break her flippin heart. I've seen stuff she's written online saying I love you, you're the best blah blah blah.

Last night I sat here PISSED I mean pissed to the point where I cried(well in my defense I'm also going through a stressful financial time as of this week so it may have been everything rolled up). I just know this is wrong. But at the same time-I'm fucking JEALOUS. Oh my god what is wrong with me???

I thought I was over all this. Yeah I'll always love the guy, I mean truly. I was devastated when it ended but knew it was for the best at that time. But I do love my husband. He's an incredible guy. And this one I know has his quirks that aren't pretty.

So seriously, I'm so angry with him I don't even want to talk to him now. Oh and the CREEPY part??? Two friends who saw her photos online said Uhhh she looks a lot like you. Yeah she does. Her face is eerily similar, she's just a lot younger then me. hahaa

Okeee, so that's my vent. I mean I'm so upset I've been mad since I woke up today. And to top it off I'm pissed at my husband over some stuff that isn't even his fault(we have to move and can't afford to and blah it's a mess).

Someone slap me silly and tell me stop this. gah
Hi Charli -

I was just lurking in here when your post caught my eye.... I was just talking to my ex the other day for the first time in probably 4 months (we broke up 3 years ago) We still talk, and are still friends - not like bosom, hang out all the time buddies, but we do stay in touch and see what's going on in each others lives.

I can say that I've noticed that when things get kinda crappy in my life, especially if things are going sour with a guy or I'm having personal emotional stuff going on, I tend to want to reach out and call him. I think that it's pretty natural, especially if you were together for a long time and you have managed to stay in touch / stay friends - and like you said you never fully had time to grieve the relationship. I think even people who don't stay in touch with thier exes sometimes have the urge to call them when the going gets tough. That said, I have recognized it and I try not to do it so much - I try to lean on good girlfriends, etc when I'm having a difficult time, and save my calls to him for when - if I'm not in a great place, I'm at least in a bit better state emotionally. Then I have more perspective on why I'm calling him - ie: is it out of habit, or is it because I just want to catch up?

that leads me to the next thing I'm going to say .. the reason that I have to check my motives for calling him, and not just immediately go there is because bottom line, he's not part of my life in that way anymore. I chose that. Charli, he may be part of your life as a friend that you keep in touch with, and I know that you know what he's about and are worried that he's going to break her heart, etc.. but you have to let it go. It sounds like you've told him your piece, now you just have to let it go. You are not in a relationship with him any more, and the good part of that is that if you don't agree with him, if it's making you wound up (which it is) you don't have to make yourself a part of it. You can back off and not be in contact with him for awhile. and that's what I'd suggest you do.

There is nothing you can do about it if he hurts this girl. As shitty as it is to say, that's part of life - we've all had our hearts broken. Hell, I'm going through that right now, and it sucks. If her heart is gonna be broken it's going to be broken, and you can't (and shouldn't, for your own sanity) stop that. Also, he's got other friends who can bug him about it, too. Or else he will learn shit the hard way - on his own.

Sounds to me like what I go thru sometimes (like I said above) when I'm in a shit place in terms of relationships, or money, or just in an unstable time. Even though there were good reasons for me to break up with him, many of which are still part of his personality and life, he still represents a long relationship at a really big transitional point in my life (mid 20s - mid 30's) and there is a certain amount of I guess what is subliminally not wanting to let it go completely, because then that means I have to go it alone. But the thing is - I already am alone! I've already moved on! So I need to act like it and deal with shit on my own.

One more thing - sometimes when I'm in these positions, I try to think about what it would be like if the tables were turned. If your husband had an old girlfriend that he was getting this wrapped up in, and at the same time you guys were going through a bit of a rough patch, would you want him to be focusing on her in any kind of way? I personally would rather that my significant other try to focus on their own life and our life together than to get wrapped up in their ex's deal. (I realize that you and your ex are truly friends, but also remember in terms of your current relationship, he will always be your ex.)

anyway, I dunno if that's a slap, but that's my .02 cents worth...

charli, i'll give ya a *slap*

(and i'm sure i don't only speak for myself to say we've all gone thru the same emotions and thoughts and needed one or two at some point)

get out of the past and into the present. if you've got a good husband and some problems, deal with them, fix them. don't worry about your ex's problems, as much as he may be your friend. that's the biggest perk of a breakup.

it's natural to feel jealous, no matter how happy you are right now. and if you're going thru an especially emotional time already, jealousy is just another emotion to compound on the others.

and if he's dating someone that's a younger version of you, that's kind of pathetic, but flattering!

Oh dear god I should have my internetting rights revoked.

I made a shitstorm mess of all this a short while ago.

I was taking everyone's advice and calming down. Then him and I were talking today online as he talked of how he does like etc and we got into how all the women his age are very vocal about how wrong this is and how the men though don't seem to have a problem blah blah blah

I went on to say well yeah because all they're really thinking is that you're lucky to be sleeping with some young girl, since they're all married now.

And he finally asked Why do you have SUCH a problem with this??

And I blurted out before just exiting messenger real fast: Because I find it creepy. Because you broke my heart so damn hard it nearly killed me. And that you may do the same to her whether either of you think it will happen or not.

Oh dear. But I meant it. I texted him sorry but I'm too close to this not to feel strongly on it. And then promptly called my only gf I can talk to about it. Who also knows him and finds it creepy as hell. Because I KNOW him I know how he hurt his ex wife with his commitment issues off and on for years. And how he hurt me because of how much he still loved her.

And he wants this day by day but she's young, he still has his life going out with his friends to all hours of the night while she's at home with her family or friends. Jesus.

Anyways, I feel like I"m going to vomit and I feel like such a shitty wife to my husband for even having these issues and feelings. I suck.
charli - you can't really help your feelings, I don't think you are being a shitty wife. However, I would say at this point: cut. off. all. contact. with. ex. it doesn't have to be forever, but girl, you need to back off. right. now. You're going to dig yourself in a deeper hole with him if you don't walk away from the hole you're digging by talking to him. Stop putting your feelings on him. They're your feelings and he doesn't have anything to do with them now. You can stop all of this by cutting it off. Tell him you can't talk to him for awhile. you don't have to explain why. Hell, just say you're busy. But cut it off. Remove him from your buddy list for awhile if you have to. don't go on instant messenger. Whatever. Just back off. For your own sake and your own sanity. Charli, there is nothing you can do about this - I think the bigger question is, why is it bugging YOU so much? this might be something you need to work through, on your own, for you. xo
i agree with zoya. i don't think talking to HIM will resolve any of YOUR feelings, which i can understand your having...... something similar happened to me last month. my ex and his gf were invited to a party i was going to, so the anticipation was eating at me. is she cuter than me? is he happier now? does she treat him right?

i was trying to be honest with mr.nick and telling him my feelings, and yeah, i felt like a bad gf for just the fact that my brain was on my ex for any amount of time, especially because i'm much happier now, mr.nick's a great bf, and we were just moving in together.

at the party, it was actually good to have that in-my-face comparison of my old life and my new one. it's so easy to sugarcoat your memories and feel nostalgic for time passed.

moral of my long boring story...... your life is better now with your new man. enjoy it!

charli - I agree with Nickclick and Zoya. get away, stay away, keep away. don't let him in your mind.
how has it been going anyway?

on the homefront here... may be selling. the offer is verbal, getting written now. if it goes thru - $ goes into a holding acct till the divorce is final. (still waiting on his paperwork requested in April. my paperwork is due in 3 weeks.) have not told son about the sale. won't either till things are more confirmed. he's been thru enough. he does not need to worry about where we will live. I worry enough.

and thanks for the positive thoughts coming my way.
been awhile - missed y'all!

why is it that those exes stay in your minds and reappear at the WORST possible moments? Get this: I was getting some fabulous portions last week when the picture of my cheating-ex and the girl he cheated on me with flashed into my brain. WTF? Here I am, with my fab new guy, and why the hell am I thinking of the @#*HOLE! I still think I see his truck around and watch for him at the stupid grocery store. I had an easier time getting over my ex-HUSBAND than this jerk! What's wrong with us?

Anyway, charli - you're not alone! but what do you think you're accomplishing by talking to him? do you want him to take you back? do you want to go back to him? the answer's likely are NOTHING and NO and NO, but think about it! (credit goes to my counselor who asked me the same question when i kept trying to txt the ex-bf after we'd split)

OMG. I know. I just started a new job, and I walked into the break room to grab some coffee. I thought my ex fiancee was working at the company! This dude looked just like him--same body type and look and everything. I freaked the fuck out. sleep.gif

where we used to live, ours was one of the few diesel trucks. here, they are everywhere. when walking after court with my lawyer to his office, someone started their truck. I cringed and ducked. didn't even realize that I had done it. ...hate... diesel trucks.
update - (also posted on another thread)

son lashed out at me yesterday, yelling and all. I know it's 'cause he can't yell at his dad. he's not strong enough yet. and he knows I will be here for him no matter what. it was awful hard though. it wasn't till he came, hugged me, kissed my head and apologized for yelling and hurting my feelings that I reaized how much it *did* hurt. he said I will never loose him. no matter what. (custody)
hope he will get counseling with me once this is over with and we move. he has to know that the way we were treated is not the way you treat someone that you love. he already does have some characteristics of his father.

son says he wants to spend time with dad. I understand this, I do, but it's tearing me apart. I have this FEAR that the brainwashing and bashing will begin and son may not want to stay with me. I know that the b+b will happen. but I have to believe in my son's stregnth. but he's still just a boy. this is so hard.
hi jami, that's a valid fear, but your son seems smart and sensitive (s+s, to borrow your abbreviations!).
hey, nick!! didn't recognize you 'cause your icon thingie changed. (it's nice)
while son is considerate and all, he did yell at me today. he had promised to go with me somewhere, then changed his mind without saying so, and when I was ready to go, I got yelled at. this is like when his father was here.
I'm not liking this.
ex has to give me a list of reimbursements. his list was cut off on the copy - some of the dollars amounts missing. I objected to paying the total amount until I get a clean copy. so now he's denying *all* my reimbursements. so childish!!! he is a spoiled child with power. think of Billy Mumy in that Twilight Zone episode.
court is Friday. again. ...<sigh>...
court was 11am to 4pm. longer than I thought it would be. judge gave him about 1/10th of what they wanted, if that. stupid stuff, harrassing stuff. we have not asked for anything from the court. and out of court, he is still not co-operating.
today son asked if dad was here. I said no. (he lives with her most of the time) and we went outside for a bit. he still won't go out if dad is here.
hi jami, is there an anticipated date for when the divorce will finally be final? let the countdown begin.
hiya nickclick...
lawyer says trial won't begin till April or May. and it'll take a week and a half at least.
that's just insane. things move so ..s..l..o..w.. out here.
I've been getting stronger, which always suprises me. son and I are real good. he hasn't cut the mohawk yet. I kinda like it...
heard something on tv yesterday. had to go back and tape it...
"Always Blessings, Never Losses"
wow. what a healing thing to say.
two good things happened yesterday... lawyer told me that LamEx did not reply to our custody papers. two months I have been waiting. this means that he is admitting that he does *not* want son. I have custody. lamex could try to make an argument against this later, but it says it all that he did not object to court documents, even try to see son, and that he did not do what court ordered him. <whew> and major YEA.
the second is that older son called me. two hours! calming me and giving me advise. smart boy, that one. he said I could move back, buy a house, buy a second smaller house as an investment, use the rent to pay prop taxes - I'd be set. he said he wanted to see me go back to school. said I was a wonderful doctor mom, and I should pursue that as a career. he's a good one. he wants us back home to be surrounded by people who love us and will help and support us. he said he'd give us his room, and he'd sleep out in the car. (which is what he did last summer when we came for a visit). he just wants us safe and home.
now ~that's~ the kind of man for others to emulate. my baby boy.
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