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> Tell Us What Busty Means
post Jun 10 2008, 08:02 AM
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Hardcore BUSTie
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From: New York, New York

Hey all you BUSTy chicas! Something came up at one of our meetings, and we were wondering what you think it means to be BUSTy.

The interns all agree that it is more of an essence--we know it when we see it--but we want to find a way to explain BUSTiness to those who aren't quite with it.

Give us your input! How do you define BUSTy? And what does it mean to be a BUSTy lady?

So mod!
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post Jun 16 2008, 12:25 PM
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welcome (new) LL! I just wanted to say that in my opinion it's not only hard to be an intern but it's hard to be a "newbie" on the bust boards. I'm surprised I've lasted as long as I have. Sometimes some of the ladies on here make me so mad that I don't ever want to come back and I often wonder why I do. Obviously, there is something about this website that keeps me coming back day after day after day. I can tell you I come back for ladies like culturehandy and girltrouble. They are the first ones to help you when you have a problem and also the first ones to put you in your place when you are wrong. Whether it's tipping the person who makes your coffee or the issue of racisim, they don't shy from telling you how it is. There are many other ladies on here that do this as well. I need this in my life. That's why I love the lounge. I don't read the magazine. I also don't consider myself a feminist. I'm so different from some of the ladies on this board. I'm not as knowledgeable about politics, feminist issues and topics like that. I guess I'm priviledged so I don't think about those issues as often as other busties in the lounge. When I get brave and venture into those threads I'm welcomed and educated. On the other hand, I do think I can contribute a lot to dicussions about long term relationships, sex, music, movies, acne, dieting, dream analysis and a few other topics. Some of the other ladies on this site probably think that I don't have a clue about anything and I feel the same about them but at least we can respect one another and not jump each other's shit everytime we post. I think that is what a bustie is. A bustie may know a lot but they don't know everything and there is always someone to teach you or show you the truth. You respect others and in turn gain the respect of others. You learn and teach. For me that sums up the lounge. It's a learning experience and a way to teach others. The best of both worlds. Since joining bust I feel like part of the group. These ladies are my only "girlfriends". I feel accepted by them. In real life I tend to hang around with all men who obviously don't know what it's like to be a woman. When I need "girl" time I sign into the lounge. I consider all the ladies on here my friends whether I agree with their posts or not. I can't even begin to tell you how much I've grown and changed since joining the lounge because of the ladies here. I'm thankful everyday that I just happened to come across this site. I know that was kind of drawn out but that's what bustie means to me.
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