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> To Have Moderators Or Not To Have Moderators? That Is The Question., Public Service Poll
Bust Improvements
Do you want a few wisely chosen BUSTies as board moderators?
Yes [ 40 ] ** [62.50%]
No (could you explain decision?) [ 12 ] ** [18.75%]
Maybe (discuss concerns below) [ 12 ] ** [18.75%]
Would you like these moderators to act across the board or only in "sensitive" threads?
Yes [ 31 ] ** [48.44%]
No [ 13 ] ** [20.31%]
Maybe [ 20 ] ** [31.25%]
What powers would you like moderators to have?
Delete offensive troll posts only [ 22 ] ** [28.21%]
Delete offensive troll posts and troll threads [ 35 ] ** [44.87%]
Delete offensive, trollish threads and delete users [ 15 ] ** [19.23%]
Delete all offensive material (including comments by established users) [ 2 ] ** [2.56%]
All of the above and additional powers (detail below) [ 4 ] ** [5.13%]
Total Votes: 63
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post Nov 7 2007, 06:01 PM
Post #1

The artist now known as I don't give a shit.
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Here it is BUSTies and BUSTers, a poll to vote on whether we want moderators to help us with the ongoing troll problem.
I've kept it simple and covered the basics (you are only allowed three poll questions) and we can always have additional polls for who should be moderators -if applicable, depending on poll results- and other grievances later.

Please add any comments, suggestions and constructive comments about having moderators below. Perhaps we should have an open discussion (with turbojenn and quantumspice weighing in, if possible) about the pros and cons of moderators before we vote our gut instinct (although feel free to vote if you're already convinced/have heart set on it).

Who knows whether LoungeLady will even listen to us and act on any decisions we collectively make but there's only one way to find out!

Happy voting.

eta: okay, I've just realised Q2 is a little unclear answer-wise: let's say that yes is you do want across board powers, no is you only want sensitive thread powers and maybe is obviously maybe to them having full board access.

"Hey, did anyone ever think Sylvia Plath wasn't crazy, maybe she was just cold? " (Lorelai Gilmore)
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post Nov 10 2007, 09:39 AM
Post #2

new highs in personal lows daily!
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From: wherever ink is put in skin...

yeah, i'm not buying it either, i'm not trying to start trouble (although i don't mind trouble, obviously), usually it's been two days MINIMUM, sometimes it's been longer.

if they are moding, either they never check, or they stop checking on days when we have trolls, either way, it sounds fishy. and since when? last LL has said, mods were a no, no and a no-- not, well we do have these people over here...

no on anon mods, for me, i don't like the idea of mystery employee mods either. that just strikes me as FREAKING CREEPY. maybe i'm paranoid, but the idea of someone i don't know reading my posts not out of any interest in the subject matter, or interest in watching me make an unmitigated ass of myself yet again, just bugs me maybe it's current president and his machinations, i just don't care for it. but, that's saying that i buy that there are mods on this site, interns or otherwise, and i don't.

i'd much rather have a bustie modding, even if it's just the janitor idea thrown out there. and while i agree there'd be a hell of a time choosing a bustie who is even handed in all things (lord knows, for every bustie here, there is another bustie who pushes their buttons), i still think most busties have good intentions. which, even on a bad call i could give the benefit of the doubt. i think another hazard would be the (very understandable) urge to defend people we care about. we are a tight knit group, an there are cliques-- no shame in that, some folks just get on better than others...god, am i talking myself out of mods all together? whoa! i'm not going that far, but pepper's comment here:

i would LOVE to see the powers that be take some of our suggestions a little more seriously. like increasing the number of posts before being able to start new threads, like re-installing the forum greeting that tells posters where to go and gives some meager guidelines. like pinning a few headers for us (in the sensitive threads especially). and most importantly RESPONDING to reports in a timely fashion, dealing with garbage right away, deleting posts, threads and users, and sparing us the agony.

just rings sooooo true. it's just about making the lounge a place with the minimum about of unnecc'ry friction. i think that's what we all want

on the way we ban together on troll threads, i have to agree. as a card carrying member of satan's biodiesel bust bitches, i have to say, trolls generate way too many laughs to ever just delete there threads out of hand. some of the threads should be left for sheer comedic value....

and sixela, thank you. calling someone an asshat-- always funny, no matter how you say it.


"what a swell farewell party! we said goodbye to everything, including the lining in my stomach." - garvey, from the film, born bad

"That's one career all females have in common, whether we like it or not: being a woman. Sooner or later, we've got to work at it, no matter how many other careers we've had or wanted." --margo channing, all about eve
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