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> To Have Moderators Or Not To Have Moderators? That Is The Question., Public Service Poll
Bust Improvements
Do you want a few wisely chosen BUSTies as board moderators?
Yes [ 40 ] ** [62.50%]
No (could you explain decision?) [ 12 ] ** [18.75%]
Maybe (discuss concerns below) [ 12 ] ** [18.75%]
Would you like these moderators to act across the board or only in "sensitive" threads?
Yes [ 31 ] ** [48.44%]
No [ 13 ] ** [20.31%]
Maybe [ 20 ] ** [31.25%]
What powers would you like moderators to have?
Delete offensive troll posts only [ 22 ] ** [28.21%]
Delete offensive troll posts and troll threads [ 35 ] ** [44.87%]
Delete offensive, trollish threads and delete users [ 15 ] ** [19.23%]
Delete all offensive material (including comments by established users) [ 2 ] ** [2.56%]
All of the above and additional powers (detail below) [ 4 ] ** [5.13%]
Total Votes: 63
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post Nov 7 2007, 06:01 PM
Post #1

The artist now known as I don't give a shit.
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Here it is BUSTies and BUSTers, a poll to vote on whether we want moderators to help us with the ongoing troll problem.
I've kept it simple and covered the basics (you are only allowed three poll questions) and we can always have additional polls for who should be moderators -if applicable, depending on poll results- and other grievances later.

Please add any comments, suggestions and constructive comments about having moderators below. Perhaps we should have an open discussion (with turbojenn and quantumspice weighing in, if possible) about the pros and cons of moderators before we vote our gut instinct (although feel free to vote if you're already convinced/have heart set on it).

Who knows whether LoungeLady will even listen to us and act on any decisions we collectively make but there's only one way to find out!

Happy voting.

eta: okay, I've just realised Q2 is a little unclear answer-wise: let's say that yes is you do want across board powers, no is you only want sensitive thread powers and maybe is obviously maybe to them having full board access.

"Hey, did anyone ever think Sylvia Plath wasn't crazy, maybe she was just cold? " (Lorelai Gilmore)
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post Nov 7 2007, 08:56 PM
Post #2

Creating demon-radical feminist hybrids since 1974
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From: Savoir Faire is Everywhere!

See, I think the hang-up will be on what is deemed "offensive". Some things are obvious, like the nasty pics. But what about some of the other things that have been called "troll behavior" lately? I think "psychofemme" is rude, obnoxious, and condescending. However, I don't think she's a troll and wouldn't want her posts/threads deleted as such. And I feel that way having read all her posts in context. She's a bitch, and to me that's just not the same thing.

"Looking" poses an even more complicated problem. I remember him (yeah, for some reason I think it's a guy) when he first posted last fall. He was pretty much ignored and only posted a few times then went away. When he showed up again, his posts were pompous and inappropriate to the discussion at hand. And yet, at that point I wouldn't have said the posts were worthy of deletion, even with the rapid revisionist fantasy he was making. To me backtracking, bullshitting and lying are still not being a troll, just someone not worth listening/paying attention to. BUT, when he flipped his lid entirely and re-edited all his posts (and added more) to make it seem like "some kids" jacked his computer or account and were posting craziness all over, I ABSOLUTELY would have deleted all his posts. I would not, however, have wanted his account deleted. He is still making some small effort to be part of the community, and I think that as long as he stays on his meds that is fine. It's not like I'm forced to respect or even care about what he has to say.

And I wouldn't have deleted "Lynda" either. Being rude, crude, and socially inappropriate, even in sensitive topic threads, still doesn't merit deletion to me. Not as long as we have the ignore function.

So I guess what I'm saying is that while I think it is an EXCELLENT idea to have some moderators, I would only want it to happen with a "less is more" attitude. I think some home-grown Bustie mods would have more time and inclination to do a more thorough job of clean-up when clean-up is needed (seriously, you couldn't get ALL the pics LL?!), as long as there are strict limits/guidelines to what can be done.

*edited slightly for grammar

This post has been edited by sixelacat: Nov 7 2007, 09:02 PM

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!
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