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> Better Business Bureau Bullshit, I have been robbed
post Oct 3 2007, 03:49 PM
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Hardcore BUSTie
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ROckin’ Sox ripped me off (and I am taking this shit on the road)
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Melissa wields picket sign, insists on boycott:

Dear Jim,
First of all, I did not state that you did not ship my order. I sent you a polite inquiry stating that in spite of your two emails alledging that the orders I had made (and paid for in good faith) were sent out, I did not recieve them.

As I said, at first I did not recieve the package. You yourself admitted that you thought this was suspicious. However, when I did find the package, I immediately reported this to you.

If I were trying to pull one over on you as your writing, "I have little reason to believe you" insinuates, would I have admitted to getting the two bras I have recieved? Does that make any sense to you? Wouldn't I just have insisted that I recieved NONE of the bras If I were trying to rip you off (and not, in fact, as you are trying to do to me)?

Someone made a mistake, and as I have only recieved two of the four bras I in good faith paid you for, the mistake has to lie in your company, Jim.

Did you personally send the order out? Are you sure that someone didn't accidentally forget to stick the white bras in with the order they sent out, hence the fact that is was mailed for 1 lb. as apposed to 8 ounces? Are you so sure of this that you are not only willing to call a customer a liar, but you feel justified in ripping her off?

This, sir, in unjust, and I will not rest until I have either the bras I paid for or the money you have, for all intents and purposes, stolen from me. I have been a faithful customer to, as my thousands of dollars in past revenue proves, and I have spent much more than the $50.00 you are willing to give up the integrity of your company's name for, which I am sure will apppreciate when they investigate this fraudulant, nasty lack of honor you are exhibiting.

I am also going to go to every "Seller's feedback" and review every single thing you sell on Amazon like this:

"I ordered 4 bras from Roxin' Sox. They only sent 2, and when I wrote to the company to complain, they insisted that the tracking number confirms they sent out a package and that my problem should be with the Post office and not with thier company. I tried to explain to them that the Post Office is not responsible for the fact that Rockin' Sox did not mail me the 4 bras they charged me for, and ROckin' Sox is now blatantly ignoring my attempts to resolve the situation.

I have (quite literally, and it can be proven in my order history) made thousands of dollars of purchases from Amazon over the last couple of years and have been very happy with the purchases and the companies Amazon represents.

However, Rockin' Sox's lack of acountability has tainted that trust and has made me unwilling to spend any more of my money on Amazon-related companies until I am given either the bras or that money Rockin' Sox owes me.

In the meantime, do not buy anything from these people. They are liars and they are thieves."

This is disgusting.

I want what I paid for.

---Melissa Bxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I'm sorry, but you have given me little reason to believe you. First
you state we did not ship your order. Then you state the Post Office
delivered your order but you did not receive. Then you state you did
receive, but that two items were missing.

You stated that we notified you two packages were being sent; we sent
no such email. I checked and it shows one package was sent
with four items total.

I checked our inventory and it is correct. I checked the shipping logs
and it shows the order shipped at 1 pound. If there were only two bras
in the order, it would have shipped at 8 oz.


Jim Jennings
Rockin' Sox

--- Melissa Bxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

"I have heard no reply from you, which is unprofessional and seedy.
Perhaps you should check your shipment data as well as the white
bras in my size that you have in stock. You will then realize that you have 2 more than you are alledging, and the two extra you have are the ones I paid for. I am eagerly awaiting a resolution to this problem.
---Melissa Bxxxxxxxxxx

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