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> Way To Grow, Girl (and Guy)!, the gardening and houseplant thread
post Aug 2 2006, 11:35 PM
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Ok, well, by not-really-popular demand, I am resurrecting the gardening thread. I'm also including "houseplants" in the descriptor, 'cause that's MY big interest, and also, I seem to remember people having TONS of questions about indoor plants. Also, I'm not taking responsibility for keeping this thread going, so everybody's in, or else it dies again! dry.gif

So....I went a little bit nutso at the garden centre today. I bought 3 - 4" dieffenbacchias, to fill out a spot where a fern passed away (don't know why I bother), an 8" birdsnest pilea, and an 8" clerodendrum (bleeding heart). (Also some glazed pots and metal hangers and stands, and fertilizer, and potting soil,'s sooooo easy to spend too much at the garden centre, isn't it?) The last two plants I wanted b/c I have no plants in my newly re-decorated bedroom (except a couple of fakes in the corner), and it's making me sad.

Has anyone ever grown bleeding hearts indoors? I didn't quite know that's what I was getting (it's not in flower) till I got it home and looked it up. It's a big gorgeous green trailer right now, but now that I KNOW it can flower, I'd like it to....I just don't know if it will indoors. My regular fertilizer is for green plants, but I found a pack of Jobe's plant spikes for flowering plants in my cupboard, so I pushed some of those into the soil....don't know if that will make a difference, but here's hoping! (Hopefully they're not too old! I can't even remember the last time I used plant spikes as fertilizer, so I have no idea as to their age. Does fertilizer lose its potency?)

Also, my latest project is that I'm going to grow some jade and some rattail cactus from cuttings, for a couple of my younger friends who don't have the financial luxury of actually paying for plants. Going to do that maybe tomorrow night...I was going to wait for the weekend, but I decided to cut back my (once again overgrown) jade tonight, so the cuttings should be dealt with in a day or two.

I've also got to pot up the dieffs, and transplant my chinese evergreen, which is rootbound.

I love my plants! I have over 30 indoor potted plants (plus a few fakes in the dark corners). Even though I don't have a "real" garden, pottering about and getting dirt under my nails still feels like "soul work." I wish houseplants were more popular, 'cause running a houseplant shop would be my dream job.

What is everyone else up to?

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