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> Your Co-Workers
post May 12 2006, 02:28 PM
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Has anyone ever been the victim of bad rumors at work? I just heard bad stuff we're being said about me behind my back by vicious and jealous co-workers. This thing had been going on for quite a while and noone ever told me or even took my defense.

It puts me in a very difficult situation as my boss heard about it. She thinks I'm not a good "team-player" so it's ruining my reputation and my chances of moving to an even better position.

I basically spent 2 days crying non-stop. I just moved in this new town and since my social life is not that crazy yet, i was investing a lot in my work.

The thing is, I love my work and I was trying to do it well and then this gossiping is just ruining everything by making me look like I'm some kind of mean bitch.

I guess I just need some comfort and maybe some people to tell me they went through the same problems,
-sad lila

lila x[color=#FF0000]
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post Apr 29 2011, 09:25 AM
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From: Cali

It really irritates me that the guy co-workers always. always get a ton of sales because they have dicks. I could spend an entire Saturday or Sunday with no sales but the guys are hitting the ball out of the park. ARGHH! Should grow a dick and instantly make a ton of sales, lol? I mean c'mon. I've heard some of them selling and some of the guys are the customers. I'm actually honest! I wouldn't lie to you to make a sale, that's not me nor do I find that ethical. WTF! When I went live on commission earlier this month, I noticed a change in attitude towards me. My tape measurer disappeared off of a notebook that I use to take notes and write information, and ended up finding it a week later hidden somewhere behind a cash register. Umm, ok, we're not in 1st grade, we're all adults, I think. Also these sleezebags (referring to the guys) have been telling me things that they want me to know and not info that I should know because it benefits them. For example, they've told me while I was training and that week I went live on commission that it was ok to ring up customers for them when they weren't there, but as I found out after that it didn't work that way and I screwed myself out of a decent commission when they other guy got it for not even being there and probably picking his nose at home.

A gal told me that the majority of the guys won't tell a customer to come back when you're scheduled so they can get the sale when it's protocol to inform the customer when you'll be back. ALSO, where the fuck are my business cards? I'm sure they hid them as well! If I have a problem, nobody comes over to me, so I ask the girls instead of the guys because the guys won't come over to me if I have an issue with the cash register or etc. Sigh....I was so excited to finally get a job after a year of searching, interviewing, with no luck at all, but I'm just going to see how it goes since yesterday I had to call out (I've only been there a month!) because my husband was stuck at work and he told me 30 min. before I had to start my shift. FML!!! When I called, this manager who I know doesn't like me answered the phone. Great, just my luck I thought to myself. My husband and I share a car so it can be so annoying when he gets here 15 min. before I have to work and I rush out the door.

Wow, what a relief venting is! Now that I got this out of my system, I wish everyone a fantastic day! smile.gif

"It's better to rise than fade away"
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