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> Fun with Floggers II -- BDSM revisited.
post May 10 2006, 05:53 PM
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Hardcore BUSTie
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From: Somewhere over the rainbow beyond the sea

plaidmoosetoes, from my experience, you only have to believe the person. Are they naturally a dominant person? A submissive? If you have a sub domming, it will seem off, of course. If you are naturally a dom, then it will feel strange to sub. For example, I only really like a few generalized roles, and not talking during coitus. It makes it more believable for me. It takes practice. If he can carry off verbal play, then fine.
It's all what feels right to you. Don't be afraid of your own fantasies, is what I suppose I'm saying. That way you can access what makes you feel good more quickly and build on it. Maybe you're expecting too much of yourself. Start smaller? Just with a spanking, or a bite?

There is a willow grows aslant a brook,
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post Aug 14 2006, 12:57 PM
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Hardcore BUSTie
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From: Washington

I must say that I was not the only one to enjoy it. Irishboy enjoyed it as well, and that lead to three new porn dvds and a little adventure planned for me!

I came home, he poured a glass or two of wine, and led me to the bedroom by my hair.
What happened next has turned me into a placid, peaceful, and glowing woman today. Every time I sit down, the welts on my ass sting, or ache, and it just brings a contented sigh.
I cried so hard last night because for the first time ever, I was truly able to let go. I orgasmed with a plug in my ass and him pounding my cunt, and it was amazing. I didnt know that I could. When he came in my ass, and kissed my shoulders I started sobbing out of complete gratitude and joy and relief.
He untied me and gathered me in his arms and I showered him with kisses and thank yous. He was mainly concerned that the tears were because he hurt me in some way. I had to explain to him that he didn't hurt me. He healed a part of me.

So, Tes, thank you for that story, because it let to an amazingly powerful night for me and Irishboy.

Whats brown and sticky? A STICK! bwuahahahahahahahahahaaaa
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