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> The Girl With Bad Skin- All About Adult Acne
post May 12 2006, 08:23 AM
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Hardcore BUSTie
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From: hovering around saturn

so i went to my doctor for this rash on the side of my face and he perscribed me cleocin-t which is for acne. my skin has never looked better!! it takes about 6 weeks to see total improvement and i have only been using it for a little less then 2 weeks but i notice a HUGE improvement. the great thing is that with insurance it cost me $15 to go to the doctor and $8 for the medication. that is cheaper then just buying more fancy stuff from sephora. so in case this helps anyone this is my face routine: (AM) i wash with MD formulations cleanser for oily to very oily skin apply the cleocin-t and let it dry, spot treat with Murad sulphur lotion and let that dry, put on a small amount of patricia wexler serum for all skin types (optional), and then a moisturizer. (PM) same cleanser, cleocin-t, benzoyl peroxide lotion, serum, and moisturizer. it has really worked wonders for me. hope this helps. now i do have really oily skin so those with sensitive or dry skin may need to use a different routine. but i have had no dryness, redness or flaking.

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post Mar 21 2007, 01:19 PM
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Hardcore BUSTie
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Hi candycane. My sister and a few friends used Accutane and loved it. It did make their acne more or less just go away when other things couldn't.
Accutane is a pretty serious treatment with pretty serious potential side effects. While it does (for many people) reduce acne almost permanently, this also means that the other effects of the drug (eg, dry eyes, ear problems, joint problems, etc.) may last almost permanently as well. I have heard plenty of instances of that happening.

I had seriously considered using it, but after reading up, it didn't seem worth the risks to me personally. I'd rather just have zits. Everyone's risk/benefit analysis can be different, of course...

candy, are you on birth control? Certain BC pills had a great effect on my skin where acne meds didn't.

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