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> Busty Mom's of not so wee ones
post Apr 23 2006, 04:45 PM
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Hardcore BUSTie
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damona - strattera huh? I think I'm going to look into that. My son is on Adderall but he started out on a low dose years ago and is only at 20mg now and weighs 140 lbs..... big difference from your son's 40 lbs. Some doctors just amaze me with their bad judgment. My son does not have ANY insurance and I have to pay for his psychiatrist and meds and the GENERIC Adderall costs $120.00 per month. That's why I figure we could look into Straterra, it costs about the same as what I am having to pay anyway. And I don't have an insurance company telling me what he can or can't have (though I WISH like mad he DID have insurance)..... the whole stimulant free thing sounds better that the Adderall. Even tho Adderall is not the same type of med as Ritalin (we tried it too) it still is a bit harsh. Sometimes I just worry that I'm frying his brain, but I also think of how he was without the meds and how much he missed out on...... I just don't know.
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post Apr 23 2006, 02:52 PM
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can i go to bed now?
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i've been trying to read and keep up, but it's hard to do w/o my own computer, just a cell phone!

the mothers day idea went over like screen doors on a submarine i guess, so maybe we could give it a shot next year? with much more advanced planning? the way it worked on the other board i was on was... all the participents emailed one central person with their name and address and fave colour, hobby, snack, scent... just a few things like that. we didn't put a dollar limit on it, but it was all pretty inexpensive stuff. in my pkg i got a vanilla candle, a purple pen and little diary-type book, a snack baggie of cheez-its, some incense and a handmade card. the pkg i sent (to a different girl) had.... rose scented soap, a pink candle, rose bubble bath, a book, a chocolate bar and a card. and then after we had all got our pkgs, we posted what we got and who it was from (which was secret until then, only the central person knew who was recieving from whom). anyway, it was pretty cool. i love getting stuff in the mail! but like i said, maybe next year...

just real quick here... about the whole add/adhd/meds thing... my oldest son is adhd. i didn't want to put him on meds, and i held out for awhile, but it got to a point where he was just acting up constantly and there was no peaces at home or at school. that was last year. this year, he's doing really good in school, and i don't even give him his pill before schoo now! BUT at home, he's just awful. picking fights with his brothers, doing stuff he knows he's not allowed, dissappearing on me for hours instead of checking in like he's supposed to... i was losing my mind. he would tell me "i can't stop myself, my brain tells me i have to!" which kinda sounded like a cop-out to me, but the kid shrink says that that's a common way for kids to express their emotions. so i tried giving him his pill after school. and now, lie is more peaceful! granted, he's still a wacky kid, but his pills (stratterra) seem to help him slow down just enough to think things through instead of going with impulses.

the stratterra is a non-stimulant drug though. we tried him on adderall and it damn near killed him. i'm not kidding. the dr gave him 20mg pills he only weighed 40 pounds!! he was in hospital for 2 days after that. i was severely pissed. the dr should have started him on a 5mg dose and worked up if needed. i had a war w/ the insurance over getting the stratterra, but i won (HA!) it's $113.45 a month. isn't that awful? his dr (a different one, i refuse to see that other one ever again) says that he should be getting 35mg/day now, instead of 25mg/day, but the insurance won't pay for it. i'm starting that fight now...

"give me life, give me pain, give me myself again" - tori amos
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