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> Kvetch Up
post Apr 23 2006, 08:49 AM
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Tink's Red headed Step Sis
Posts: 1,810
From: oklahoma

*~*~*draggiong self in*~*~*~
After telling muyself for three days that it was allergies I have admitted defeat and faced the fact that I have a cold. I spent most of yesterday in bed and I feel somewhat human again. We got SIL fitted for the dress. My dress is completely finished now. Mr. P's parents assured him that no matter what, they would be back before Saturday.
Now I don't want to bring any negative Karma on seems to have hit by the truckload the last few days. But woman dying(I guess she is technically Mr. P's step grandmother, but he has never met her)had a massive stroke and has been in a comma since Friday. She has a DNR which states that they can't put in a feeding tube which she needs to live at this pount, so basically they are waiting for her to starve to death, much like Terry Shivo. I am hoping the family will be spared that and that she will have another stroke/heart attack or something and die as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Today I think I am off to buy wedding shoes. I bought wedding shoes several months ago, but somehow in moving and everything one has vanished. And by vanished i mean mr. Pixie and I have gone through all closets and the attic and anywhere imaginable that the missing shoe could be. My dress is dependant on having extreamly high heeled shoes or it will need another round of altering to make it shorter for me to walk in. My mom has threatened me that I need to go buy platform shoes if necessary, she isn't touching the dress again!

We did get our wedding present from my mom yesterday. Leave it to her t find the one thing that wasn't on our registry , we didn't know existed, but had to have! She bought us this big 8-in-1 George Foreman toaster/roater/bun warmer thing! We are big fans for George Foreman grills! Very cool gift. Now I can get rid of the old toaster oven I got at my first wedding that is now yellow with age and grease. This one has a rotisserie attachment and everything.

~May the Fleas of one thousand camels infest the crotch of any person who messes up your day, and may their arms be too short to scratch!~
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post Apr 23 2006, 06:32 AM
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Pacifism kicks ass!
Posts: 3,064

((((( hugs to Mr. Pixie and his family & the grandfather and everyone))))))
~~~~~~~~ soothing vibes for Pixie ~~~~~~~~
So sorry to hear that so many stressful things are hitting you & Mr P at once. The week before your wedding is stressful enough without fueding family members, threatened lawsuits from exes, and gravely ill family members. I'm sure it's taking quite a toll on you. Just stay focused. Take care of Mr. P, take care of yourself, and maintain the sweetest disposition you can.

Welcome to The Bob Club, BunnyB! And as for that friend, you can simply inform her that you have some on-line friends whose relationship was LDR and they ended up getting married and being very happy together (which is all quite true for me & Sheff & many other couples out there). Then you can stick your tongue out at her as if you were 8 again. Yes, LDRs can be hard work. It can test your communcation skills. But in the same way, it can strengthen your communication skills. And that's a good thing.

~~~~ kisses for Mando just 'cause she's so sweet ~~~~

Welcome back, Mornington!!! I wrote a postcard to you yesterday & was wondering how that sheep fondling was working out for you. Great to see you here again!

Lively, you are far better at typing while drunk than I am. And that gift for the bride sounds beyond fantastic!

Antiotter, I would love to hear that interview if you decide to do it! Let us know if the German raidio station has a podcast or streaming audio.

(((((( big love for Damona )))))) You have been going through so so so much. I wish so very much that I could just go over there and give you a big hug and brush your hair and give you a pedicure (complete with foot massage) and just make you feel better, you know?
~~:-)~~:-)~~ big happiness for Damona ~~:-)~~:-)~~

~$~$~$~ jobby-job vibes for Polly ~$~$~$~

~[^]~$~[^]~$~ continued house & money vibes for TG, Mando, & me ~[^]~$~[^]~$~

Well, we toured the house & we love it. The problem? There's competition! Another couple was there to view the house at the same time as us! Talk about stress. I think we have some things in our favor, though, so that's good. We filled out an application which the neighbor faxed to the owner (Did I mention that the owner of the house is living out of state right now? That's why the place is for rent). Last night Sheff got a call from the owner and she said that she'd like her daughter to meet us, so that means we've made the finals. I'll let you know what happens next. Eep!
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post Apr 23 2006, 05:00 AM
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The artist now known as I don't give a shit.
Posts: 4,053

welcome back mornington!

*~*~*~*stress-free wedding vibes for pixie~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~house and job vibes for all~*~*~*~*


kvetch: I am still in deadline hell.
anti-kvetch: took yesterday off and sporting very funky new hairdo which I love - I've joined the bob club with rosev and mando! Also had lovely dinner out with boy and his family at our favourite Italian and then went back to mine together to watch a movie.
kvetch: depressed friend who tries to project negativity onto me by telling me my relationship is doomed once it becomes LDR in September :-(.
atikvetch: being positive and not allowing her to get to me :-).

"Hey, did anyone ever think Sylvia Plath wasn't crazy, maybe she was just cold? " (Lorelai Gilmore)
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post Apr 22 2006, 05:01 PM
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Hardcore BUSTie
Posts: 1,464

(((mornington))) *tackles, covers with keeces* i've missed you sooooo much! welcome back to the five and dime, jimmy dean, jimmy dean!

(((lively))) oh that we could get drunk together someday.

antiotter, glad you didn't get shot. your neighbor's a fucktard.

(((pixie))) people can be so heartless and thoughtless, and when you're the bride, everything good or bad seems to be magnified, emotionally. but, you know, i gotta say, a stroke and dying is pretty major. here's hoping all works out well for you as well as mr p's fam.

vesicapisces, hope your show went off swimingly. please report back to us.

(((sonik & faith))) so nice to see you!

(((damona))) (((polly))) (((sidecar))) (((rose))) (((bunny))) (((sapphy))) (((tyger))) (((raisin))) (((d-medusa))) (((crassy))) (((fina))) (((tallgirl))) (((amilita))) just cuz.

kvetch#1: i fear i left someone out.
kvetch#2: i didn't get nearly as much done today as i'd planned to. i sucketh.

"... what i want is what i've not got
and what i need is all around me."
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post Apr 22 2006, 03:23 PM
Post #11225

now running on biodiesel and sacrificial blood
Posts: 2,227
From: the little house on the hill

hellooooooo kvetchettes!

i've finished playing with the lambies and sheepies... and the next small, fluffy creature I hear going "meeeeeeeragh" (or "baaaa") is going to get an iron bar applied to thier skull with some force. Or battered against the floor in the defra-approved manner.

so, how is everyone? I promise I'll read the archives properly but... I got as far as Wally and decided that not only should that much sweetness be, well, illegal, I'm not in any fit state to read anything. And sapphy... awwww. Kittins.

anyhow... ****much love and vibes to lively, otter, pixie, bunny, damona, amilita, polly, sidecar, rv, faith, sapphy, vesica, sonik, tyger, rasin, dm, mando, txplum, tallgirl, fina, and anyone else I've forgotten***. I've missed you all!
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