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> Your List (abbrieviated And/or Anonymous If You Want, You Slut!), Who'd you do it with?
post Apr 26 2007, 10:52 AM
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Posts: 8
From: wa

oh god... here we go down memory lane...

J.A.E. - my very first when i was 16. We did it in the hot tub in the backyard. It was horrible. It wasn't worth it. 4
years of my life, gone to this prick. oh well.

C.M.P. - moved in with me shortly after J.A.E. and i split up (for the first time). He was big, he was good, but he
wasn't very attractive. I think I was just desperate because the sex was so bad with my first.

J.P. - my very first one-nighter. we "went out" for 24 hours and then i ditched him. im such a bitch. his dick was
curved and it was the weirdest thing ever. *shudders* lets move on shall we?

J.D. - started off nice. nice bod, good attitude, was going into the national guard, nice n big ( a little too big actually).
then he moved, and became totally obsessed with "work". bye bye guy.

P. - i didn't even get a last name with this one. it was pretty bad. i met him on myspace and fucked him within 24
hours. he only lived 30 minutes away. he was a hot college boy looking for a piece of ass. he got what he was
looking for, but then again, so did i biggrin.gif

C.Z.C. - my pride and joy that im with rightnow. I love him to death. hell, i just moved to this state and left my old
life behind to be with him. he treats me well, and the sex is the best iv'e ever had. i met him on teenchat,
got to know him through myspace, and when i met him, we made love on top of a mountain with an
incredible view. it was the most amazing moment of my life.


Nomad Soul

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post Apr 25 2007, 08:35 AM
Post #62

Posts: 11,350
From: Oh boobs

Where to begin?

K: lost my virginity to him the day after we broke up. Scuz. Bad sex.
R: first for a lot of things, first to go down on me, first I gave head to. Carried on as friends with benefits for quiet a while. Sex in public places.
K: Couldn't cum, lasted a long time, I got numb. Good at oral sex.
B: Huge cock, talented with his fingers too.
D: Was with him for a long time, sex got boring, I strayed. Was also in the first threesome.
P: Great cock, great lover. Turned out to be a prat. also involved in the threesome.
K: First guy post break-up, post VCH piercing. Fantastic.
S: younger than I. With practice will be a phenomenal lover.
D: amazing, but stopped mid fuck, who knows why. Ditched him. to meet...
L: Best.Lover.Ever. Fuck, I squirted with him. Excellent foreplay. Excellent sex, totally into the same stuff as me. Current play thing.
B: Alright
P? I never did get his name. Sucked his cock outside a bar. Didn't fuck him. Highly anonymous.
J: Bleh. I was young. He was young.
J. Sucked his cock then ditched him. he wanted to stay a virgin.

That's all for now. I have to think more.

Hatred does not cease in this world by hating, but by not hating; this is an eternal truth. --- Buddah, The Dhammapada
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post Apr 23 2007, 07:10 AM
Post #63

Hardcore BUSTie
Posts: 179
From: Providence

oooh...this is a good idea! I haven't seen this thread before! My list is kinda short for actual sex, so I'll also include non-sex ones too.

J- douchebag numero uno. I was 17 and just wanted to have sex to see what it was like. He didn't even get me ready down there before just shoving his dick in. It hurt a lot and I bled for days. We had sex three times in total.

M- I didn't have sex for a while because of the above experience, so I waited a while before doing it w/ this douchebag numero due. He treated me like shit, but his dick was the biggest I'd ever seen (and still haven't seen one that came close). We had awesome sex, because he taught me some vulgar things. Too bad he was an ass.

M2- My best guy friend. We got drunk, flirted and then made out. I had my period so I sucked his dick. It was weird to see his penis after knowing him for so long. He wasn't that good of a kisser, so it sucked that we didn't end up talking for a while after that. It wasn't even worth it!

P- We met on craigslist. I made out with him, and realized I wasn't into him all that much, so sucked him off so he would leave. Never talked to him again, and I realized I kinda liked the way that I didn't care.

D- I met him online too. He was younger than me, but oh so hot! He was a virgin with no intentions of having sex, but he loved to just explore me. We had awesome "sex" without really having sex. I still miss him for that reason...

R- my current boy. Very un-selfish. He was a virgin when I met him as well, and I took his virginity. That was an awesome experience. We still continue to have excellent sex.

Oh I'm horny!
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post Apr 23 2007, 12:27 AM
Post #64

Hardcore BUSTie
Posts: 103
From: the ham

this is too good to pass up...

j#1 - lost it on friday the 13th, on the first night i ever got drunk, i blacked out and dont remember a single thing about it...i was 16...he was a douchebag, yet i slept with him again...i was crazy.
cd - first love, he was a virgin, long distance....basically it was doomed
jx - just once, longtime friend, wanted to see how big he claimed he was...he was right.
rn - just once, sweet and romanian, made the grossest O face was like a baby bird grabbing for food...
j#2 - biggest wall-o-man ever, size 19 feet....and no the myth isnt true. fun sex though.
s#1 - just once, fantastic foreplay, a minute or two of sex followed by him looking at himself in the mirror looking very ashamed of himself for not lasting.
ah - he had a prince albert, it was nice
s#2 - complete total douche i dated for 6mo. but when we had drunken sex it was hard and wonderful.
tm - tiny little penis, dissapointing sex but very fun and kinky foreplay...basically he did what i told him to smile.gif
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post Apr 16 2007, 01:29 PM
Post #65

Hardcore BUSTie
Posts: 519
From: the shallow south

Edited because I did forget someone!

Okay, I have to do this now, too. I was trying to remember my total number the other day, and I couldn't, so maybe listing them will help. I can't keep the order straight sometimes, though.

P. lost my virginity to him, was really drunk, and don't remember much of it, he later became my first boyfriend and then broke my heart, we're friends now.

J. had a crush on him for a long time, then had a one-night stand. Got very complicated and lame.

P2. weird experience, he and his girlfriend are my best friends. They had sort of an open relationship, but I still felt guilty about it. He's good in bed, though.

P2 and F. a terrible experience with a threesome. I freaked out and got all weird about it, and it was not fun at all. We worked it out in the end, though.

D. we lived in a big house together for a while, we did it a couple of times. He came super fast, and it was boring, but I had a big crush on him. I think he was like 19 at the time.

J2. my second true love, we had great sex for a while, but he was a little crazy, and we fought all the time, and my emotions ended up getting in the way of the sex. After we broke up we had a couple of amazing times together. He had a beautiful dick.

A. dated him for a little while, we only had sex once, and honestly it was one of those things where I didn't know whether his dick was inside me cause it was so small. Lame.

T. a friend for a long time, and we had always had a crush on each other but had been in relationships with other people, he came back to town after being away for a while, and we decided to go for it. The sex was pretty good, but things got weird.

C. boyfriend for a while, sex was good at first and then got annoying. He was really good at oral, though.

R. My first craigslist hookup. We got along great and had a really fun night together.

R2 and ?. Two dudes I met together off craigslist. I don't even remember the other one's name. It was awesome. I later hooked up with R2 again alone. He was fun, and he was my first experience with being fisted. Will probably see him again at some point.

L. an old friend, decided we should try having sex, it was okay, but we realized we actually weren't that attracted to each other. We're still really good friends.

B. my current guy, technically we're not a couple, but basically we are. The first guy I've been with who's big and strong and a little chunky (I used to be really into super skinny guys) and hairy. His dick is amazing, and he's awesome in bed. He is really rough with me, and I love having sex with him.

I think that's it, but I'm probably forgetting someone in there!
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post Apr 15 2007, 12:26 PM
Post #66

Hardcore BUSTie
Posts: 2,336
From: Canada

Okay, I can't resist.

1. C- my first, I was 15. Most romantic way to lose my virginity, honestly, it was so amazing. We fucked like rabbits the entire time we dated.

2. M- one night stand, two years after breaking up with C. ugh, big drunken mistake.

3. S- first one night stand in college. terrible, he didn't even go down on me because he just wasn't "into that".

4. D- another one night stand, nothing special.

5. T- fuck buddy, he was pretty good and never expected me to give him head (I only did it once in a while tongue.gif)E. The sex was pretty good and I came just about everytime.

6. E- this was interesting. I had a one night stand with him and thought that was it. Then a few weeks later we saw each other and fucked again. It turned into almost a year of on and off sex. He started off great but seemed to get worse with time.

7. A- love this guy, such a great friend. Massive thick curved cock and knew exactly what to do with it. He also knew what to do with his tongue and his fingers...hehehe

8. G- Was in an orgy with him and A on the same night. He's kinda popular on the internet cause he has a sex blog. Older than me and like A he also knows what he's doing.

9. TM- big mistake. thought he would be okay but his cock was maybe 3 inches erect and it was just bad sex.

10. G- New Year's hookup.

11. K- latest fuck buddy. Crazy amount of strength and stamina, I miss fucking him.


1. B- Was at the orgy with A and G. I guess she kinda counts. she fucked me with a strap on but there wasn't much contact other than that. does that count?

2. S- my first full lesbian experience. Started off okay until she turned out to be a total bitch, has kind of turned me off women for a while.
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post Apr 14 2007, 10:28 PM
Post #67

Hardcore BUSTie
Posts: 181
From: Halifax, NS

It's funny because although I haven't had many partners I sometimes have to make a list to remind myself of who I have actually been with, so this is a good idea!

G.B.: My first boyfriend between ages 13 - 15; we did everything but have actual sex. He was definitely my awakening, even though I was incredibly young and look back now like blink.gif !

J.B.: Was my first. He had been around but was so amazing for me that I could hardly believe it, especially from his reputation. We dated on and off for five years and are now best friends.

V.G.: Wow. What a fucking mess. Still good friends although I don't have a clue how. He had this massive dick that just hurt and he really didn't know what to do with it. Best of intentions, though.

T.M.: A one-weekend stand while I was studying in England. A perfect gentleman; I'm glad we never dated so it couldn't get bad. The bed we were on was so loud (and I wasn't supposed to be in the guest section!) so we moved down to the floor and I probably died from the orgasm even though his penis was rather on the small side. tongue.gif

J.B.2.: We dated for a month. Massively crooked member. Not cool. Out of a month of three-plus times a week sex he came every time (and waaaaaaay too quickly, mind you!) and I came zero. Fun times. dry.gif

T.J.B.: What a disaster. We had been best friends for 5 years, thought we could be something more, I traveled halfway across the country to see him and it just sucked. Nothing came out of it for me at all, even though he had a monster cock.

B.S.: My current and best. We are totally open and I've never been more satisfied in a relationship. Sex with him is like being able to eat the best chocolate cake whenever I want and not gain any weight from it. I think I'll keep him around! laugh.gif

"Humans are the only animals that have children on purpose - with the exception of guppies, who like to eat theirs."
- P.J. O'Rourke
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post Apr 13 2007, 11:05 PM
Post #68

Hardcore BUSTie
Posts: 213
From: vancouver, canada

Zoya- I had the same thing- drunken *he wasn't sure if we had sex, i'm sure we didn't but i don't remember throwing up either* with a close friend. So I didn't count him. But that fucked up our friendship for months. So I think it counts as a one night stand. He's getting married now and they're getting a house, and we just pretend it never happened. His lady doesn't know, and prolly never will.

creativity? Art Mash-Up
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post Apr 13 2007, 10:16 AM
Post #69

uh huh.
Posts: 1,818
From: the world.

An abridged list -

D - my first. remarkable because he was my first, unremarkable in the grand scheme of things (except that he had a huge penis. I thought they were all like that)
J - my second and was my boyfriend for 3 years. another huge penis. I seriously had no idea they came smaller, due to my experience up until then
L - the build up to the sex was better than the sex (2 year long crush)
K1 - the first guy I was ever truly in love with. the sex was amazing. mindblowing.
G - good friend, then got stuck in a house for a week in a blizzard with him. nothing else to do but have sex. it was fun
K2 - boyfriend for 2 years, the only guy I've ever faked it with.
J - boyfriend of many years, the sex was never bad. just the relationship.
K3 - mr hotty mc hott hott. oh yeah, baby.
D - does one night of drunken sex with a good friend of many years count as a one night stand?
A - hopefully my last. amazing. best sex ever.
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post Apr 13 2007, 08:56 AM
Post #70

it's cards on the table time
Posts: 1,993

The early years:

C: My carefully chosen first. Didn't know him for long but he was perfect. Cute, sexy (tho I barely knew what that meant then) and patient and sensitive. A sweetheart and an excellent choice.
J: My second, his first time. I think I was fairly unskilled. In a jacuzzi, then in a shower. Fun but clumsy on both sides.
D: At last! First love from 2 years previously. Very romantic, short-lived but a lot of fun. Learned a few things.
M: Mistake. Boyfriend for 8 months. Small willy, jealous nature.
P: Proper live-in boyfriend. Very sweet, not very sexy. I pretended I didn't mind. Ended on decent terms.
M2: Another mistake. Decent-ish in bed but a dick out of it. Proposed, bizarrely and unsuccessfully.
A: Lasted all of 2 weeks, but so sexy. He was gorgeous and talented and urbane and ushered me into the land of multiple orgasms. Thank you A!
P: Absolute sweetheart with a fantastic wit and pretty eyes. Proper boyfriend material. Patient, understanding and when we finally got down to it damn good fun. 'Twas very romantic, if finite.

That'll do for now...
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post Apr 13 2007, 08:22 AM
Post #71

Posts: 62

I'm counting 3rd base and beyond. I think that's a good cut-off point.

1. JC: Very sweet--too sweet. He was also funny looking and liked really bad music, but a good way to ease into things.
2. JC2: Huge jerk who rushed me into everything and always asked me how many orgasms I'd had. Um, try none, dumbass.
3. JM: I was on a break from JC2. He was a friend of a friend's and ridiculously good looking. On the other hand, he was also a bit of a date rapist.
4. KS: Hot Iranian guy. I didn't like him all that much, but he was so hot and it was so good, I kept him around for a couple weeks.
5. AK: The current boyfriend. He had never even kissed a girl when we started dating, and I did my best to change that. The first time we had sex was awful--missionary for about 2 hours. Eventually I gave up and just blew him to get it over with. However, the second time was amazing and almost every time after that has been just as good.
6. JR: The boyfriend and I were having a bit of a rough patch and I had this really cute friend... I'm back with AK now, though, and things are pretty much incredible.
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post Apr 13 2007, 07:21 AM
Post #72

Hardcore BUSTie
Posts: 1,011
From: back home

Oh no! I can't believe I forgot A- he should've been #7. He was hairy and muscular, and we fooled around all night, but then he came really fast (you know when it's so fast that you're confused?).
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post Apr 12 2007, 11:14 PM
Post #73

Hardcore BUSTie
Posts: 1,011
From: back home

1. P- After over a year of high school dating, in my basement bedroom one afternoon, I handed him a condom and said "fuck me." Two songs played through on the radio- one by Rage Against the Machine, the other by the Matthew Good Band. He later told me that he was disappointed that I "didn't do anything," and also that I was so crass.
2. R- Ahh. My first boy after moving to the city. First casual sex. Beautiful, half-Italian, full lips, dark hair. If only I'd enjoyed sex at that period of my life we could've really had fun. He introduced me to the White Stripes, and later became a junkie.
3. S- Creepo one night stand. Ew ew ew.
4. M- I dunno if this counts, he was only in me for like 2 seconds. Tall Dutch guy with crazy eyes.
5. S- The guy I was in love with for 3 years, and possibly still am. We were friends and played music together and swam in sexual tension for months. He was still a virgin. Strong, great kisser, and the person I've had the most sex (good and bad) with, ever.
6. J- Bad drunk sex. Not either of our faults.
7. B- A friend I hooked up with a few times out of both affection and boredom. Not a whole lot of chemistry, but nice, egoless sex.
8. S- Drunk. I think I fell asleep. Related to a friend of mine. Biggest penis- too big. Guilt and weirdness. At least he's in another country now.
9. M- Lots of sex over a period of a few months. Tall and skinny. Kinky, dirty, horny, skilled (reformed man-slut). It was good, but too much. (I actually believe there's such a thing as too much sex! Or more specifically too much importance can be given to it.)

This makes me very curious as to who will be #10!
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post Apr 12 2007, 04:43 PM
Post #74

new highs in personal lows daily!
Posts: 4,307
From: wherever ink is put in skin...

L:every creative and funny.
D: lost my virginity on acid and got crabs, skank!
J:my favorite teased. never had sex, just made out, loved it.
C:one night stand. oddly sexy, very dom.
C2:looked like young liz taylor, but chubby. loved her body, but was a bit boring in bed (as was i, i'm sure), i was an asshole at the time. remember her smell best:majic noir
x:(cheating)all chemistry, did it like rabbits, gave me scabbies. much, much worse than crabs. ugh. but i deserved it.
x2:(cheating)god.. pear shaped, so sexy. i remember being burried under down blankets and making out.
A:sweet, not very kinky, but fun. very sexy hips and little, +funny. thought it was love, knew it was doomed.
a2:(cheating)all chemestry. kinky she loved having her feet played with, showering and had a clean teeth fetish....sexiest voice on the planet, knew how to use it. sigh.
x:(cheating)cute, catlike sex(weird), but too skinny.
l:oh man, cute, and got wet as a monsoon everytime i came near her.
K:love. if i had a soulmate.... could fuck like a boy or a girl, kinky as me, got me into kink:esp:choking/gender play. loved everything about her: brains, skin, body, big calves, smile, eyes, and so on. . so far, the love of my life, helped me transition, first open relationship. funniest, goofiest girl, best at pretty much everything.
M:(not cheating)sweet, kinky, but i couldn't handle her past, was too gentle, too skinny. helped me transition
R:domme: abusive, kinky liked anal sex and hurting me w/o consent.
M:domme: taught me a lot. not physically attracted to her, but loved her domme self.
D:domme, perhaps too domme, kinky, pierced my nipples, loved tying me up, feeding fetishes, saline injection/ inflation, and a kazillion other things.


"what a swell farewell party! we said goodbye to everything, including the lining in my stomach." - garvey, from the film, born bad

"That's one career all females have in common, whether we like it or not: being a woman. Sooner or later, we've got to work at it, no matter how many other careers we've had or wanted." --margo channing, all about eve
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post Apr 12 2007, 02:14 PM
Post #75

Posts: 99
From: So Cal

Hmmm ok. (Hi everyone, Im new btw)

Ok. I was about to post real names and realized the girls that probably slept with the same dudes i did quite possibly frequent this board. So initials it is...

1. I.M. - Deflowered my flower in high school in a ditch in the desert.
2. C.P - Wow, he could be in jail now for what he did. But I loved every minute! Fun!!
3. A.J. - My biggest sex regret. On second thought, do i remember enough of it to regret it?
4. W.W. - Last name is "withers" need i say more?
5. M. M - boyfriend for 5 years. Hmm is all I can say...
6. M.S. - French asshole who played me as bad as he played his poor wife i didnt know about.
7. B.C. - (Last name is Chaffin, hehehe) Whatever. Fun bar fuck turned friend. Nice guy.
8. W.P. - Not his real name. Rock star mother fucker douche bag. AHHHH!!! mad.gif
9. S.H. - True love. Too bad hes married. Best life changing sex I could ever wish for. Sigh.
10. A.H. - English bloke I met in Vegas years earlier. On his trip back to the US
11. A.K. - Lovely boyfriend I now cohab with. I lerrrve him. laugh.gif And the sex is fabulous.

Wow, i look back and realize Ive had quite a not-fun run. Man. Boys really make me mad sometimes. Im all re-angered over remembering some of these names.
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post Apr 8 2007, 01:09 AM
Post #76

Hardcore BUSTie
Posts: 213
From: vancouver, canada

i keep a list of almost everyone i've kissed (about 30 ppl)..... but i'll stick with the home runs.....

1. S.D. I had a crush on him for two years.... then we dated for two..... it took him a year to work me up to it.
2. B.H. My friend had a crush on him. I thought he was hot.
3. C. One night stand. He was, apparently, married. But it was good.
4. N.P. Is it okay to have a fuck-buddy based purely on looks? Because he is almost exactly looking like my celebrity-crush, Davey havok.
5. C.L. Executive Cock.... but mysterious. Also Davey Havokish.

creativity? Art Mash-Up
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post Apr 7 2007, 08:54 PM
Post #77

The rest is gravy...
Posts: 1,337
From: Maryland

Oh, what fun.

M: Took my virginity in just under 45 seconds.
J: Was all sweet and loving, but boring.
B: Teeny tiny microscopic penis...couldn't feel a thing
MF: Little man, huge penis. Didn't know how to use it.
D: Way too into "sweet, sensitive" sex
B: Taught me to be uninhibited.
JV: Taught me to be even more uninhibited.
N: Helped me get over my aversion to hairy chests.
S: Tried hard, but just bad.
C: Not bad, but too skinny.
S again: Two years later, still bad.
T: Made me scream like a banshee. Gave me an STD. Some things aren't worth it.

The greatest instance of serendipity since penicillin.
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post Apr 7 2007, 05:30 PM
Post #78

Hardcore BUSTie
Posts: 819
From: detroit rock city

ah this is funny. even funnier, i dont remember all of them. lets see the ones that made an impression on me..

1. DG (played me to get it dropped me two weeks later)
2. BT (prick)
11. & 12. AD and T (threesome)
13. M (worst ever)
22. K (on top of his car)
25. DC (craziest sexcapade partner)
33. JC (best friend and ex - recurring)
35. DL (hottest sweetest hardcore metalhead i know - secret crush)
37. JG (best most passionate punk lover i've had yet)

hmm. sex is fun.

We adore chaos because we love to produce order.
- M.C. Escher
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post Mar 25 2007, 06:25 AM
Post #79

Posts: 32
From: beerwaukee

A maybe? autobiographical list of those who were lucky enough to get some of this. (Names, numbers and places changed to protect the innocent and sluts.) Omissions encouraged.

1. J.D. (in alley)
2. O.M. (accidentally left tampon in toilet)
3. V.L. (beach)
4. A.B.
5. J.L. (my first virgin)
6. F.D. (dorms)
7-25. Daves, Steves, Mikes and Jasons
26. O.L. (French -- you could smell it!)
27. T.L. (first one with dreadlocks)
28. N.P. (good kisser)
29-33. R.K. (moved to Switzerland)
34. J.Y. (the love of my life)
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