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entry Dec 2 2008, 01:30 PM
Sam Harris is right. You can be both inteligent and still hold believes for which the is no evidence.

Take the 2008 election. Californians understood on a deep level that the contra was headed in the wrong direction. And yet the same people who demanded new leadership by electing Obama, choose to deny basic human rights to there naibers, by denying same sex couplesof the right to marry. And most shockingly of all that right was denied on the same grounds that marriage had been denyid to bi racial couples.

Religious faith and its apologits, have sent us one step closer to the dark ages. How can we be socially liberated when we are mentally enslaved.

entry Dec 2 2008, 01:30 PM
Here on Bust Obama fever is in full effect. Lets forget about how, Obamas cabinet is looking like Clinton. Lets for get about how the current economic mess was do in no small part to deregulation during the Clinton years. Lets forget about how war criminal Clinton and his administration bombed Somalia, Iraqi and Croatian men women and children. How he fixed the Serbian Croatian conflict by supporting ethnic cleansing. How he looked the other way during the biggest genocide in the last twenty years. How he supported a dictatorship in Pakistan and the Taliban in Afghanistan while continuing and strengthening the Saudi royal family even as women were systematically oppressed. Let us just forget about all those little inconvenient realities and concentrating on hope.

Hope that the same people under a new leader, President Obama, will come to different conclusions.

The left rightly has opposed the Bush administration, but in the last eight years, their righteous opposition to Bush made them myopic. They have gotten drunk on the anything is better than Bush cool aid.

The truth is the Clinton years were no better for America and in many respects worse than Bush the years. How can I say such blasphemy? Simple enough. Clinton had his way with America, the left were so happy that the Reagan/Bush years were over that they promptly took a nap and only woke up seven years latter to find that the Fox had turned the hen house into a saluter house and that the next president was going Purdue.

Obama is change, but he is not change we can believe in. In fact with out Palin threatening to take over the throne should McCain have died, McCain had a stronger change record.

Every one deserves a chance to make the right decision, but lets hold Obama to the same standard we held Bush and let him know that the streets of DC are our streets not his streets on Anogeration Day.;state_values=

entry Dec 2 2008, 01:29 PM
I have to say I find it surprising that people take it as faith that anything real is real a priori. Take math.

Mathematical concepts are often used as evidence of the existence of a priori truths. But I would argue that Mathematical concepts are not true a priori but are only true empirically.

2 + 2 = 4 not because of a social agreement, but rather because that computes in the material world. Dividing by zero dose not lead to an indeterminate set of numbers, it leads to an empirical contradiction.

People are means fooled by the magic of calculations because of their simple faith in the idea of a priori knowledge. If they just matched the theory to the empirical evidence they would realize that zero isn't a number, it's an absence of a number, and therefor to divide by it is meaningless.


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