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 | Category: politics
entry Dec 27 2008, 05:51 PM
fuck obama....and the gay community too.

i'm sure you're thinking, wha?! fuck obama and the gay community too? but follow me here, k?

i know what obama was trying to do with having that prick-that-shall-not-be-named doing the invocation at his swearing in. it wasn't some sort of turn the other cheek, "bringing sides together" move. to the contrary-- this was done to quell the right. some stat came out that most people on the right still think that he is a muslim -- what is the best way to get a second look for those people and quash some of the resistance on the right?

pick a very visible right wing preacher to do something with high visiblility.

this is a totally selfish act. he is doing it, not with an eye towards bringing people together-- the inauguration isn't for all the citizens-- to the contrary, it's a celebration for all of the people who worked to put you into office. it's for your supporters, obama. not to further your political aims. not for some statement. the inauguration is to thank those who busted your ass for you. not to elevate a bigot to a higher platform.
don't tell me that it makes people think. prop 8 did that. don't tell me that this is that different kind of politics that obama was talking about. the religious right has been pandered to for more that 8 years. how is this any different? i call bullshit.

instead of giving us a reason to celebrate, to hope, you've taken a group of people who are already smarting from a recent political defeat, and not just slapped them, but spit in our face to boot. you've just disillusioned a lot of young queer people. good hustle on that, (commander in) chief.

i know there are those who say there are bigger fish to fry, and to that i agree-- but i think this was so insulting that a stink should be made about it, and there is certainly some bad blood flowing my way towards our incoming president.

i've caught heat from my liberal friends because i've never liked the clintons-- they did some things that pissed me off before they got into office, that i still dislike them for, and it looks like obama is going down the same road. i don't give a fuck about if they've got a D or an R after their name it's what they do.

and this is not a good sign.

this ain't change i wanna believe in.

that said, even though i know it's cutting off my nose to spite my face, i can't say i feel sorry for the gay community. they cry about getting 'thrown under the bus' but it was less than a year ago that most gay people were more than happy to throw trans people under the bus with a gay rights bill that was put forward by none other than barney frank, the senate's openly gay senator. he bowed and scraped, and kissed republican ass in stripping trans people out the bill which ultimately failed anyways. so fuck y'all too. y'all were talking about "we will get you in later..." and "it's too soon for trans people." yeah, whatever. the issue is that transpeople are the most visible, most vulnerable part of the queer community, and you are ashamed of us. all the same we are more likely to be kicked out of the house as a teen, more likely to be shunned by friends, most likely to be assaulted, most likely to be suicidal, more likely to be killed, but you were more than willing to sell us down the river. now that you are being told you have to wait, that crow you're eating don't taste too good right now, does it?

i'd like to think you'd learn your lesson, but somehow i doubt it.

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