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entry Nov 23 2008, 10:49 AM
a crossdressing friend of mine sent me this from a local craigslist ad:

Where is TS NXXXXXXXX? Sexy dominant black/brazillian - m4t - 40

It has been atleast 2 years now. I used to see this very sexy, tall dominant Tgirl escort.She is a mix of black and Brazillian. We hooked up on a phone chat line initially. She lived in XXXXXXXX in Seattle.She used a few different names but I knew her as NXXXXXXXX. She was truly amazing. Her looks and voice were unbelievably sexy. A true fantasy girl. I have lost her number and I do not see her advertising in any of the escort listings. Anyone have info? Thank you.

i know these things follow you, but when they do it's always like....ugh. it followed me. hmph.

i don't know what is going on, but there is something weird in the air. i like to chalk it up to 2008 and hope this year of hell will slip away quietly. too much bad shit has happened to people i care about...

i had a preminition, as i do sometimes, and as soon as it hit, i thought is mr t or her roomate in the hospital?

i should explain. my preminitions are not visions of what significant thing is going to happen in my life, but rather, a marker of when it is going to happen. something good or bad-- something important will happen within 3 days of them "hitting."

i should backtrack.

because of my hormones, i rarely remember my dreams, most of my preminitions don't come thru either. which is a good thing. before hormones i had 2 kinds of dreams: preminitions, which were just snippets of time on a notable date, (see above) or horrible, bloody, gorey recurring nightmares where everyone i've ever known/cared about his killed slowly in great detail in front of me. the nightmares can be episodic, lasting 2-4 nights in a row, with seamless continuity, or can just be one episode. but they are recurring. so i can dream the same nightmare either 4 nightly episodes, and then it repeats for 4 more nights of hell, or i can dream the single episode again and again for 4 nights.

not fun.

so you can see why i don't miss my dreams or want to remember them. the preminitons are a relief. they are utterly mundane. it's usually a conversation with someone i've not yet met, in a setting i'm not familiar with. so it's not deja vu. i can have the actual dream about what happens months before it hits. but just before it does, it's like the stars are aligning. the "scene" starts to brighten, and i remember exactly what will be said, i notice something, and then it's like a count down when a live show is about to go to air, and things slow just a bit.!

the people deliver their lines on time, and in 5 seconds it's over.

nothing important is ever said that relates to anything (near as i can figure). again. it's just a time marker. something is going to happen.

later that day, i was skating home and tried to avoid a low, not paying attention couple. i tried to swerve around them, but hit the curb, i flew, my wrists catching the brunt of the impact slamming them on the sidewalk.

*more later*

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