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entry Jul 10 2008, 04:03 AM
so, do me a favor. if you are reading this little series, get off your butt. post a comment, tell me what you think, k? i thrive on being questioned. challenged, and even if you agree, ask questions. i need to interogate this.


i dissect this comment by no hope, you can read his post in it's entirety below, or skip to my post, where i quote liberally, and disassemble his argument.
Mar 19 2007, 07:33 PM
Girltrouble- I don’t think we can ignore that sex is a gendered concept in it’s own right. That male and female are not objective, empirical absolutes, but rather are categories in which people who are born with an infinite range of genital variance and even chromosomal complexity are sorted.

That this sorting is culturally subjective. To substitute male and female or feminine and masculine with butch and femme dose not in my mind simplify the questions we are raising but actually complicate them even more.

Society dose not for instance ask is this new born femme or butch. But if they did, they would still assign sex according to those categories.

Butch itself raises even more problematic issues in that, from my experience at least, Butch is a tem which caries with it an intrinsic femme element. To call a man in other words a butch is to challenge his masculinity. It says even though you have many of the markers of masculinity, under it all you are surprising a femme proclivity.

So which means that in a range of power categorized form the most masculine to the most feminine, butch lays somewhere in the femme power field.

Off course mornington points out that this is very problematic.

A man can do what ever he use whatever form of coercion he wants to assert his authority and gain a power advantage. Whether that is brute force or seduction.

A woman on the other hand is limited by the very definition of women. Women and femininity as defined with in patriarchy are repressive. Which is the whole point of expanding what it means to be both femme and butch or whatever.

When we use words like Butch and femme to categorize human potential we limit the ability of men and women to fully express themselves. Because these categories reinforce hetero-normative power structures.

It’s hard enough to stop thinking of our selves in polarizing gendered terms. It’s hard enough to try to reconceptualize what it means to be human with out one more piece of baggage walling in our minds.

How does conserving of the world as Butch and femme help me be a whole person? How dose that lead me to a unified gender theory in which my genital variation no longer becomes a social expectation.

Butch and femme to me are just one more prisons of the mind.

And feminism vs. patriarchy? Feminism is a product, a reaction to patriarchy. They are inseparably liked.

To say that feminism is in the “habit of erasing/discounting/erasing femme avenues of power.” Doesn’t address why. The why is your own fault? You are erasing femme power but moving one type of power out of the femme ledger and into the butch ledger. That is a choice you are making.

Once we accept power as gender neutral we can simply talk about what works when how best. Men do not have power in patriarchy because we value “butch power” more than “femme power.” Men are in power because they use effective strategies to subjugate women. Women need to be able to use those same strategies with out having to have their gender challenged by being categorized as “butch.” Similarly men need to be able to relinquish domination strategies with out being label femme.

The line of reasoning you are taking us down will never get us there. In fact it will never value women’s contributions beyond some narrow archetypal norm. Femme is just another prison for every woman who want to free to not have her every action categorized and held against her by thought who believe a women can only be one thing.

My fear is that many third wave gender theories will be and are twisted by the out side world, turning feminist analyses against women.

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