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um... who me? uh i guess i'm the lounge's resident tranny. old school bustie formerly known as butta.

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entry May 22 2008, 10:45 AM
a lot of people wonder about transitioning, and while i made the leap to full time a long time ago, there are little things that you learn that make a huge difference. most of the time it's just things that you notice-- like women tend to tilt their head when they talk, the way they move their hands, or this trick that i'd forgotten-- putting your shoulders down and back. guys push their shoulders forward and out to make them look wider. since i'm used to holding them like that, pulling them back and down, pushing my chest up and forward makes them smaller, my neck longer, and more feminine. it's hard work, almost like exersize. but it makes a huge difference in perception believe it or not. a lot of times passing is more a matter of those little subliminal things, the accumulation of which is the difference between getting clocked or not. and since i'm 6' 1" every little bit helps.

i called in sick today. i love welding, but i have a headache, and i really need to do some cleaning. my place is getting unbearable. the loft is built, and i really like it. it's in the worst place in my apt-- there is a resturaunt vent near it on the roof, so when it's on there is a vibration. i hope that when i buy a new mattress and put it up there it doesn't give me vertigo. i went up there and took a nap last night and it was nice, if a

so i'm sitting here posting and "grilled" is on comedy central. it's some ray ramano comedy, i've seen it plenty of times, i can't help it. i suppose it's my own personal kind of masochism. or possibly some sort of fucked up gaydar for trans jokes in films. every film i end up seeing, unless it's a period piece, ends up having some sort of slight against trans people. even iron man, has a little dig at transwomen in it. but let's talk about the case at hand.

one of the main charecters in it loridonna, played by Sofía Vergara. now if you've seen sofia, she is the picture of a latin beauty in that same way as cathrerine zeta jones....well, if she were latin (she's welsh, but i digress), in the movie, she is a bombshell, her hair is done in a slightly retro 40's style, and she wears a very 40's ish dress with short dolman sleeves. she's meant to be the quintessentual woman, so much so, she seduces the happily married man. the movie is shot in a way to make her the object of every guy's lust, until, that is, and i am sure you know where this is headed, it is revealed she was once a he. and ofcourse, once this is revealed, it is the ultimate anti-viagra. infact before it is revealed, sofia and ray are kissing, but the telling kills all of that. now i don't want to make out like this is the meanest movie ever. other than the fact that she's practically unloveable, she's still seen sympahetically. as much as she can be. after the reveal scene (where she sits, thighs open wide, elbows on knees, as masculine as possible), she goes back to being that bombshell. at one point ray asks if there is something "weird" between her legs and her story of the operation is rather gentle:"they just made my outtie and innie." when asked if she's ok with the operation, she replies, "ecstatic."

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and welding! yay for OAW!!!!

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