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um... who me? uh i guess i'm the lounge's resident tranny. old school bustie formerly known as butta.

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entry Aug 22 2007, 09:40 PM
the first thing that told me today was different was going to the tool room and one of the usually cranky tool guys, brightened and said, "what can i get you little lady?"

really? me? a little lady? seriously, if it's my kidney you want, you've just talked me into it.

i don't think i have to remind anyone that i'm 6'0" at the least. hell, you can have a lung for that comment too.

i went back to my usual station, where i work with one of my classmates from welding school, who, is my fitter. in the last 2.5 weeks ive come to loathe. why, you ask? it's simple: he's an unmittigated ass. my supervisor came by and asked m, one of my co-workers who i'm starting to get a crush on, (really, i can't help it-- she's a chubby little latina with thick legs...) if she wanted to go and weld elbows all day since she didn't have any work today. she wrinkled her nose and said no. he turned to me and asked me if i wanted to. i jumped at the chance. it's in a quiet section of the place, sectioned off from the rest of the place. and i like s, a cute little korean 80 year old lady welder they hired back when her hubby died, and t, who is her fitter. they are both nice, and t said when he and s were training me, that i was the only one who picked up different types of TIG tack welding quickly. he's right, to me tig welding is like a puzzle. i can figure out most welding assignments i've been given by about the 3 setup, if not sooner. if, and i'm discovering, if, i've got a good fitter. which my classmate, sadly is not. i would rather take pride in my welds, but when he doesn't care i don't care to spite him. but i digress. as soon as i told t that i was going to weld with him today, he said, i was hoping they'd send you. you're the only one who can tack. (yay!) i ended up welding with t all day. which was great. the night shift welded 24 elbows in 8 hours, we did 29, and according to everyone who came by, my welds were better. nice clean, tiny, beautiful....

there is a guy who is the janitor of the place. the quickest discription of him would be rudy from the fat albert (you know the one with the red paperboy hat), with a couple of gold teeth. he's nice, always says hi to me. so in the middle of the day, he comes by with this guy who works there, and introduces me to him saying "he's been asking about you since day one" he turned red and introduced himself, denying that he was asking about me. t teased me. i should have guessed they'd have people coming by to meet you... he smiled.

at lunch m and i talked food... again...we always talk about food. although yesterday was beauiful. there was a table all the women (or most of them), and i felt so wecome, so a part of the group...

before the last break i saw m. she asked if i wanted to switch with her. my fitter was driving her nuts.....

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and welding! yay for OAW!!!!

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