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entry Apr 23 2007, 09:45 PM
mood: laugh.gif
there are two things i'm obsessed with, film and gendertheory. ok, that's not exactly true, but i don't feel like waxing on about how much i love big calves and legs right now. i want to talk about film. since i started welding school i haven't watched many movies. which is odd. i'm always seeing something, usually it takes me a while to get to anything new unless it's asian, then or i can sneak into it, which would explain why i haven't seen donnie darko, i've got a slate of teen angsty movies which i started yesterday with the covenant, which was not-so-good but i can't resist horror, especially vampires, werewolves, witches, etc. today's list looks pretty alt. i've got dd, like i said, mysterious skin, chumscrubber, thumbsucker, and breakfast on pluto. but as i said, i favor asian films and i have been dying to see, charisma, and i have 2 coppies of-- one from the library, the other from netflix. the public library here is awesome and almost any movie i can find on netflix, i can get from them, so i'll probably cancel n.f. i've seen almost every movie by kiyoshi kurosawa, except this one. he used to be one of my favorite directors till joon bong-ho (the host, memories of murder, barking dogs never bite.) pushed him off the top. some of kurosawa's best films are: cure, bright future, pulse, and seance i'd recommend each very highly, but you have to know his films, he makes strange films, charisma, as an egsample, is described as an existentialist eco-thriller/fable. bright future made me cry, although some people think it a bit too poetic and oblique, and cure is one of the strangest serial killer movies, a genre that i think is way past it's expiration date: anything after se7en is a retread-- except cure. it's about a detective trying to hunt down a serial killer who hypnotizes people to kill for him, never knowing the person slain, and having only briefly met the victim who kills. along the way the detective may be falling under the killer's spell. it also has a very subtle end.... great movie, and seance will remind most people of the ring,(haunting by a wet asian girl), athough i think it came out around the same time, it's chills are much more subtle. it's best seen on the big screen. you miss too much on dvd.

sooner or later i should post my list of asian extreme films i adore, but i actually meant to hop on here and talk about the best black films, just for cos. i think it's mostly because #1 is in release right now. i've written about it a couple of times in the lounge. anyways here is the list, i should mention it is just off the top of my head. i might elaborate more later.

1)killer of sheep
2)black is, black ain't.
3)devil in the blue dress
4)sweet sweetback's badass song
5)do the right thing
6)cooley high
7)boys in the hood
8)stormy weather
9)daughters of the dust
10)a soldier's story

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and welding! yay for OAW!!!!

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