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um... who me? uh i guess i'm the lounge's resident tranny. old school bustie formerly known as butta.

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entry Jun 23 2007, 11:49 PM
mood: mad.gif dry.gif

you know i try to stay all pro-lady most of the time, but occasionally some girl's gotta be a dick. i was at a friends wedding today. it was a retro affair. she's a burlesque dancer as are most of her friends, and of course they are all into the retro thing, and dresscode was tiki attire manditory. i was stressed out since yesturday trying to figure out what to wear since i knew all the other girls would be dressed to the nines, and when i got there i realized i had the perfect dress at home. i'd forgotten all about it. so i stuck with what i brought: i wore a halter with purple red and orange stripes (sounds ugly but it's really quite stunning. it's kind of a sharkskin material, a tight black pencil skirt with and a red and white silk scarf, retro black heels (round toe pumps with white piping and bows if you must know) i had spend last night putting my hair in curlers so it would look cute and retro-y without being labored over since, well, it's a weave and one that needs to be taken out at that. but i had been experementing with curlers , curling irons and hairspray for the last two months in anticipation of this, so i had it figured out. if you haven't seen the picture of me in the say cheese thread, my hair is black with cherry red underneath. it's been this way for going on the last 2.5-3 years. so the wedding was nice, they played that john prine song "inspite of ourselves" which is such a cute, funny, sweet love song. it's the hipster couple's theme. i knew a couple 15 years ago in sf who wanted to get married to that song. it really is sweet. so everything but the cake has been cut, and i sit at a table where there were some people who i didn't know but had met, and this girl and her husband sit at the table with two of her friends. by this time my shyness is starting to kick in, dispite my trying to keep it at bay by getting slightly liquored up. now this girl has hair that is similar to mine but instead of the under red/over black thing, she's got stripes (not highlights mind you). but it's red/black. i'm sitting there minding my own business and she makes this catty comment about buying hair and makes a motion indicating me, and her friends look my direction.

now, i'm thinking, really?

here you are, a burlesque dancer/ pin up model, you fly all over the country and get paid to have your picture taken, your married to a guy in a pretty well known band, and you need to cap on me?


seriously? i'm not half as beautiful as you, i'm a tranny for fucksake, and you need to make a catty comment about me? are you really that insecure? are you really so egocentric as to think that i was trying to copy you with my hair? do you really think you are the only person with that hair combonation of colors?


well, there's four things i can say for sure: 1). you know sometimes women suck. guys are rarely so petty. 2)you got some serious issues you need to work out. 3) i am glad i'm not you. cos: 4) lady, you suck.

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