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um... who me? uh i guess i'm the lounge's resident tranny. old school bustie formerly known as butta.

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entry May 13 2007, 05:12 AM

so my saturday date fell thru, and i suppose i should be sad about it, but, i don't know how i feel about this guy, e. *shrugs* honestly, i prefer women, but i'm not really in the dyke circles i used to run in anymore, so... besides, he is kinda sweet, but he pushes to see me at night. which, i don't care for. the last guy i would "see" if you would call it that, only hung out with me late at night, which i kinda understood, because he was in a loveless marrage-- i knew his wife, and i knew they were swingers, since the weekend i met them, the hit on me. i don't care for threesomes. triangles don't work where bodies are concerned, imho, but back to my point-- his seeing me only after he closed down the bar he owned made me feel second rate. not something i care to repeat. i have seen e durring the day, infact always durring the day, and i don't think that he is ashamed to be seen with me, i know that vibe. all the same, i do think he is a bit of a player, even though he insists he's not. but son has an ex-wife and a daughter by another woman, and just broke up with another woman he's been seeing, possibly because he was interested in me, and i didn't want to date someone who was dating someone else. god, do i sound like a prude? am i holding out for too much? ugh. we talked today and long story short for various reasons we didn't get together today. he wanted me to come over so we can make out, which, hell i was kinda wanting earlier in the week when we made the plans, but today, ick. it just seems like that's all he wants. and that is such a turn off, right now. i am so tired of being men's private little secret fetish, like i'm some sort of sexual bot, and nothing else. it just repels me. if it was about getting laid or making out, i could litterally put an ad on craigslist and have someone over in a half hour. but again, ick. i want to be woo'd. yeah, thanks for trying to make me feel sexy, but i got that covered. what i need is those butterflies that come with being adored-- someone finding me charming, and admired, all those things that made me fall for my girlfriends when i was a boy....and finding someone who i find charming...

but fuck that bullshit. i was thinking about what i should do instead, and getting a tattoo went to the head of the list, which explains the illustration way up there at the top of this post. it's something back when i was trying to be a tattoo artist. i was trying to catch up on the okay thread, when they started talking bout tats, and i was tempted to post the pic there with some others (and i still might), but i always feel so self-indulgent posting in that thread (as if i didn't with a blog, but, well blogs are all about self-indulgence, aren't they?). anyhoo, i haven't come up with a caption, so i busted out my slang dictionaries (i adore em!). i have a couple of old ones, my favorite came out in the 40's, and it's a riot. it's organized like a thesaurus, which makes it better than the rest, but it's very detailed, organized by categories like science, or careers, which has subcategories like crime or military, with sub-sub categories like pickpocketing, and an addendum which had extra words that were newish. but the one i ended up using is one i don't use all that much because it's so specialized. it's called western words, and it is a cowboy, western and logging dictionary, with words culled from the 30's-50's and then updated from the late 60's with new old material. what i am looking for is good things to put on the banner on the illustration. there are some things i'd change on the illustration. i have to finish her face which i did as an afterthought. i draw faces more than anything else, so i left that unintentionally incomplete

anyways, this post is something i am going to be adding to for sometime, to keep track of western slang words (i'm only up to the d's in western ways), and if i put them here, then i will have a more clear access to them here.....some words (bitch, bitty, boob, brunette vide poche, etc) are posted in the interest of word origins.
  • airin' your lungs-- cussing.
  • airin' the paunch-- vomiting
  • all horns and rattles-- dangerous, angry or a fit of temper
  • ankle express-- to walk
  • anxious seat-- a seat near the front durring revival meeting, or in the back to leave meetings early.
  • *anger* all horns and rattles, digging up the tomahawk, easy on the trigger, frothy, gettin' his back/bristles up, in a horn tossin' mood, on the peck, on the warpath, got his paint for war, riled, red eyed, sharpenin' his horns, snorty, in a sod-pawin' mood, touchy as a teased snake, needs to wash off his war paint.
  • artillery-- weapons; "he's packin' so much artillery, his hoss is swaybacked."
  • arbuckle's-- the most popular brand of coffee, one cowboy's recipe: take 2 lbs of arbuckle's, add 'nough water to wet it, cook for 2 hours, then throw in a hoss (horse) shoe. if the shoe sinks, she ain't ready."
  • arizona nightingale-- a prospector's burro, so called because of it's bray.
  • arkansas toothpick-- a large knife, a dagger
  • *arrive*-- to blow in, to blow in with the tumbleweeds.
  • axlegrease-- butter
  • baby beef-- a calf
  • *bachelor*-- lone ranger, sourdough
  • *bad*-- bad medicine, cat-eyed, wolfish, daniel boone, got wool in his teeth.
  • bait-- food, a meal.
  • bait can-- a lunch box
  • bangtail-- a mustang, a wild horse.
  • banjo-- a short handled shovel
  • bardog-- a bartender.
  • barking at a knot-- something impossible, "like trying to scratch your ear with your elbow"
  • base burner-- whiskey
  • bean master-- a cook.
  • jerky-- any type of meat
  • belly wash-- weak coffee-- loggers call it a "soft drink".
  • bible-- cigarette papers
  • biddy-- an old ewe.
  • biscuit roller/shooter-- a cook.
  • bitch-- a tin cup filled with bacon grease and a bit of rag used as a candle.
  • black chaparral-- a very thorny brush peculiar to the southwest.
  • black-eyed susan-- a six shooter.
  • boob-- logger's slang for a railroad tie cutter.
  • booze-blind-- stinking, falling down drunk.
  • boss simple-- stupid around or afraid of one's boss.
  • boston dollar-- a penny.
  • *braggart* flannel mouth, got calluses from pattin' his own back, talk like a texan, too much mustard, half horse, half alligator.
  • brain tablet-- a cigarette
  • brave maker-- whiskey
  • break a hamstring-- to do one's best.
  • breaking the medicine-- new, good luck, to break a jinx or spell.
  • brigham young cocktail-- strong whiskey: "one sip and you are a confirmed polygamist."
  • bring 'em close glasses-- bonoculars
  • broken mouth-- someone (or an animal) with missing teeth.
  • brown gargle-- coffee
  • brunette vide poche-- where the phrase "gold digger" came from, a suburb of st. louis nicknamed vide poche from the french, for empty pocket

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