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um... who me? uh i guess i'm the lounge's resident tranny. old school bustie formerly known as butta.

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 | Category: politics
entry Apr 18 2008, 06:18 AM
sometimes i'm amazed at what is "dog whistle politics." you know, those words or phrases that some people get, and others have no clue about-- i watch msnbc when i wake up, and they were talking about obama doing that "brushing off the dust" from his shoulder. one said, "that makes him seem aloof!" joe scarboro said "we don't know what that move is..." and me? i'm thinking, wow. y'all are really, really white. or old. or the only people who don't get it. or all of the above. and while you hardly need to know, that that move was being done when kids were doing a dance called "the prep" when i was in jr high, or that it is just another expression of pride in the hip-hop set following just after "popping your collar," it doesn't take some sort of cultural interpeter to know it's a non-verbal way of saying "whatever." after all, the audience got it, as barack did it, the audience went nuts.

 | Category: politics
entry Apr 23 2007, 09:48 PM
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instead of calling anyone a brown noser, i just say, "good work, brownie!" with as much earnestness as i can muster. for the life of me, i really can't understand why anyone would admit to being a republican right now. even the ones who use "fiscal restraint" as their mantra.

not that i'm in the glee club for the democrats, they're an almost equally useless lot, if'n you're askin' me. but at least they hire people who are actually qualified to get the jobs they get. the reason i bring this up is that i've been listening to one of my favorite radio programs,between the lines along with counterspin and democracy now, you have all the major food groups that a growing mind needs. while i may listen to npr, i don't trust them as much, the proof is in the pudding after all, and of the sources i've just listed, only one of them never questioned the administration's need to go into iraq.

but i digress. i bring up between the lines, because they are talking about several topics i was going to comment on, anyways and just add fuel to the fire, but mostly they just fall under the rubic of republican incompetance. incase you have never heard or heard of btl, here is a glimpse of the work they do and the information they come up with. in this week they talk about the law school started by televangelist pat roberson, the regent school of law and it's ability to get graduates work in the bush administration. never heard of regent, well that's hardly suprizing since they are pretty much tied for last in a list of law schools, and 60% of it's graduates failed the bar the first time out. some how that didn't stop the bush administration from hiring over 150 of them to work in the department of justice. one of those graduates was monica goodling, who first pleaded the fifth, then resigned. and while i'm sure we'll hear more from that set, i was actually more concerned with attny general gonzales. there really isn't much to say other than he should have never gotten the job, but beyond that, i found it a bit rich to hear him say he thought some of those attorneys should have been fired for poor judgement. if what they did was poor judgement, then what would you call your time at as the attny general? oh, that's right, incompetance. throw the bum out.

the second person i was going to talk about is paul wolfowitz. now i have never been a fan of the world bank, the international monitary fund or the wto, but not unlike the sitch with mr. gonzales' comments, this story too, concerns not just incompetance but hypocracy. i know i can't be the only person who finds the moral failings of "christian" rightwingers ironic. i'm sure goddess rolls her eyes has herself a chuckle up in heaven everytime they start trying to claim any sort of moral high ground. since he got the job he has been talking about "corruption" and how he was going to clean up all of these developing countries' governments using money as a weapon (or carrot, depending on your want). yet, before he actually gets the job he does...what? something absurdly corrupt, suspicious, or....hell, choose an adjective. his girlfriend is already working for the wb, and he is informed that she can't work there if he runs the place, so he concocts a --harebrained, yet lucerative-- scheme to farm her out so she'd work under ms. c rice. then proceeded to negotiate two $60,000 raises, effectively pushing her salary higher than that of her boss for working at a place she really does no work! hey, lord knows we can all use a bf/gf that has that much pull but, seriously, what. the. fuck. sorry chumlee, if you are pulling that type shit, corruption shouldn't be your watchword, it should be your middle name. oh wait, i think it might be....

the next thing i wanted to comment on is only partly off topic, it has less to do with incompetance and more to do with worthy firings. i am speaking, of course, of don imus. the thing that interests me here isn't the words that got him fired as the "media's" reaction to the whole situation. first they seemed to dismiss it saying it was no big deal, then admitting he's said worse rationalizing that, it's just imus, as if it were some sort of real defense. the next step was never to really investigate much other than the surface. instead we were given a deflection: "well rapper's say the similar, or even worse things all the time." and while that may be true, it's comparing apples to oranges, and the thing we are talking about, and the thing they are trying to dance around is this is all about the old boy's club. this is not about some person who makes a record that may or not get air play, this is about a sexist, homophobic racist spewing his hate with the blessing of the establishment. i find it odd that you really didn't hear any of the army of "respected" journalists and politicos who have been on the show speak up, or really answer for having been a part of it. after all they were explicitly or implicitly complicit in condoning that hate, and for that they should have been taken to task. but instead we heard not talk about white men in power, but rather black men with none. if you went to nbc news head quarters you could throw a rock and hit someone who has been on imus, yet, did you hear many statements from them or did they simply keep quiet? the latter. for all you can say about the hateful lyrics of rap, they were not bankrolled by msnbc and cbs, they were not given several hours weekly, and they did not count washington players among their friends.

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