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um... who me? uh i guess i'm the lounge's resident tranny. old school bustie formerly known as butta.

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 | Category: life
entry Apr 16 2007, 12:27 AM
mood: tongue.gif

so before i go any further i should say a couple of things: i am an old school bustie, i used to go by the moniker "butta" and 1000 variations thereof. i am a m2f non-op transexual, and yea, well, i named my blog "great. another shot in the ass."

why? cos. i guess it fits. i get a new hormone shot in the ass every two weeks from my ex, who, is a self-described sadist. she asks me on weeks that i'm not supposed to get my shots, just cos she likes putting needles in me. (really. she pierced both of my nipples, and if i told her that i've since taken the piercings out, and let them heal up, would beg me to pierce them again). but back to the subject: my ass. and i know whoever ends up reading this, will undoubtedly enjoy my ass, otherwise you wouldn't have bothered reading about my sorry ass. but i digress. the problem is my body doesn't particularlly like the shots, and tends to bruise and swell. essentually, the bump, (as opposed to my barely existing humps), ends up being somewhere between an inflamed, severe mosquito bite, and a mild bee sting. every two weeks. all to little effect. my boobs, are barely a cups, my build is essentually a boy's, even after my 6-8 years on the sauce. sigh. i suffer so. ok, ok, stop rolling your eyes. i know, so what. but these things are supposed to be genetic, my mom and sister are curvy, but me? heh. i get to be the giant. tsk! i day dream about soft sensuous curves, a pear shaped body with a nice bubble butt, and thick thighs and calves. pretty brown skin, like hills, cascading to my ankles.... mmmmm.... i drool in jealousy as my girlfriends bemoan their weight problems... that could be me. i could have been a contender! i could have some body, instead of a bum, which is the rap i got! yeah. about the only thing that has grown since i got on the moans is my height, (about 2-3 inches, making the grand total 6'2" ish). something that i am painfully made aware of, since ironically everybody remembers me being shorter than i am. oh, there is one other thing that has grown since taking the trucker's rig in my backside so to speak, i won't mention it, but let's just say, that everyone seems to be baffled by it's growth, since it's the one thing everyone expects to diminish when they start shooting the girl juice. ha! not me. i can't follow a goddamn rule to save my life, not that i'd want to in this (particular) case.....

so i was planning on not posting much but i do have a problem with diary diare...lets just say i don't know when to stop. but i am glad we get blogs. i think lots of the busties that i miss from the olden days might still be here instead of migrating to lj. i do hope that bust will have the same kind of hands off way of dealing with their blogs as they do with the lounge, but i think i should probably reign myself in. i had a blog on diary-x forever ago that got me fired, in trouble with my girlfriend at the time, and well, you'd think i'd know better. i just tend to shoot my mouth off and be horribly, terribly honest in a blog, after all, isn't that the point?

if you are expecting a thrill ride, i can guarentee it won't be. i am well past the "going out to clubs and causing drama" stage of my life. it was short lived, but it's over. nope, more than likely this will be talking about feminism (natch!), gender theory, pop culture, film theory, music, art, etc and the stupid, boring shmackity-shmack that is my life-- i.e. girl trouble with hormones, doctors, etc.

speaking of which, i wanted to post a little snippet here, to come back to later. its in regards to a couple new japanese manga/anime/gender terms i've accidentally come across in the last week...those terms are: futanari, bishonen, yoai/yoari.

well till it's time for a new shot,
later, skater!

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and welding! yay for OAW!!!!

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