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entry Apr 23 2007, 09:51 PM
mood: unsure.gif sad.gif

i just learned that dakota stanton passed away a few weeks ago, and i guess i'm especially heart broken because i can't verify it. i do have a taste for the obscure when it comes to music, still, it's hard to believe she doesn't even rate a page on wikipedia.

vocally she was somewhere between nancy wilson and dinah washington, i discovered her in my mom's record collection and thanks to some serious thrifting and record collection i found more of her. i remember the album, and the song, "the late, late, late show" it was thru my moms few records that i got into soul and later, jazz. she didn't have many records, but the ones that she had are still part of my collection, and i think i also inherited a lot of her taste, but i expanded it too. jo stafford, rosemary clooney, astrid gilberto, kay starr, vicki carr, julie london, dearie blossom, shirley bassey, shirley horne, nina simone, susanna mccorkle, billie, of course, and so many others. i loved female jazz vocals. it was thru that collection i found nancy wilson, dinah, and sassy-- sarah vaughn. but dakota...dakota was a mystery. i had never heard of her before i pulled her album from the sleeve. but more than that--how could i not love her name? it's it's almost "indiana jones," how can you not notice her first name is a state? now i don't know about you, but for me people who's first name is a state get the benefit of a doubt, in practially everything. seriously. it doesn't matter if they are talking medical advise or nuclear fusion. of course they know. their first name is a state, after all. i suppose dakota fanning doesn't count, naturally. she's just a copy cat. ms. stanton was the first, and while i didn't know what to expect,once i heard her voice, i was in love. she was like the funny, adventuous aunt from the 40's and 50's chitlin circuit i always wanted. her songs winked at you, gently nudging you in the ribs as she shared an inside joke with you and you alone. she had more than a clear, solid voice, like early dinah, it was the emotional componant that made her music swing. i wish i could talk about her, without comparing her to anyone else, but there really is no way to convey how she sang-- how she swung-- without comparing her. she was never as technical as say sassy, or ella, but she had her pyrotechnics, to be sure, she had that same whooping, swooping, voice that is so associated with dinah, but seemed to be having a great deal of fun with her material. writing this i find myself a bit depressed that she never found the popularity her talent deserved, but then i find a sweet little appreciation of a jazz reviewer who talks about how easily she could win over a crowd-- not with the usual chit chat between songs-- no, she just sang, and those fortuanate enough to have heard her, who smiled at her phrasing, her sense of humor, her craft, well, we knew. we loved her. we....we were the lucky ones....

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