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Now is a more crucial time than ever to be heard by our representatives in Congress. But people may not know the most effective way to get their attention. Emily Ellsworth, a former Congressional staffer, explains on Twitter why you should be picking up the phone: 

1. Staffers don't check social media.

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 1

2. Consider good old-fashioned snail mail...

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 2

3. ...but it's better to pick up the phone!

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 3

4. Staffers can't answer all letters personally, but they have to answer phone calls:

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 4

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 5

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 6

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 7

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 8

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 9

5. Encourage others to call too:

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 10

6. Consider writing letters and sending emails in addition:

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 11

7. Show up at town hall meetings:

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 12

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 13

8. Staffers want to hear your concerns:

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 14

9. Bring staffers into your communities:

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 15

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 16

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 17

10. The takeaway—make sure to inform your congressperson's staffers about the issues that affect you!

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 18

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 19

Emily Ellsworth Tweet 20

If you're not sure who your Congressperson is, use this search tool to find out. Follow your local community board on social media and/or subscribe via email for news about town hall meetings and public forums. Staying engaged and vocal is essential if we're going to resist Trump's plan for America—and the work starts at the community level. It's not going to be easy, but we can do this.

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