"The BUSTshop" is a program we designed specifically for smaller companies with limited ad budgets, to help get them the best exposure for their advertising dollar. For $425, you get a full-color ad in BUST magazine, read by over 500,000 hip, smart women ages 18-34. You ALSO get a 120x60 pixel ad on BUST.com—our award-winning website with over 250,000 unique visitors a month!—for the full two months that the magazine is on the newsstands.

Advertisers in the BUSTshop have been getting incredible results. Here are some of the most recent testimonials from a few of our satisfied customers:

"I've just had my most amazing Christmas sales season in four years of selling t-shirts. My email inbox is telling me that it's NOT a coincidence that this rush is at the same time that I'm running a color BUSTshop ad." Richard, Dieselsweeties.com

"[The BUSTshop] is a great opportunity to get some quality advertising out to a huge (and hip) audience at the best advertising price out there! You're every small business woman's dream!" Liz, BolsaBonita.com

“As a small growing company with no advertising budget to speak of, we really wrestled with the idea of purchasing an ad with BUST. We eventually decided to take the risk on a cool, hip magazine with a mission similar to ours. We were ecstatic when the ad lead to new accounts, online customers and subscribers.” Dierdre O'Boyle, She-Bible.com

"I thought I’d drop a quick note to let you know that every Christmas gift I purchased this year was from a vendor who advertised in your magazine.
BUST is the only magazine with advertisements that are just as cool as the articles. New businesses don’t usually have extra cash lying around, so the people who bought space in BUST should know that their money was well spent. I always turn to your magazine for great ideas and I will continue to support the unique artists who advertise with you. Keep up the good work!" Mary Sullivan, Camp Lejeune, NC

1) A 2.25" x 3" color ad in 100,000 copies of the AUG/SEP 2008 (on newsstands July 28, 2009 and seen by 500,000 readers)
You can see what this page looks like here.


2) A 120 x 60 pixel color button ad running on Bust.com for the entire time the issue is on sale at newsstands* (the web site has over 350,000 unique visitors a month.) You can see what the web ads look like here

*note: web ads will not appear on bust.com until the magazine is on newsstands

1) Payment is due UPFRONT.
2) Ad space reservation deadline is JUNE 17, 2009.
3) Artwork is due NO LATER than JUNE 24, 2009 (print & web).

*all ad sales are final

Click here to make your payment on our secure web site using a credit card.

Click here to get a form you can print out, fill out, and fax to us with your credit card info.

You can also mail a check to us at BUSTSHOP, 78 Fifth Ave, 5th floor, New York, NY 10011. Checks should be payable to BUST, and in the amount of $425 U.S.

***KILLER AD PACKAGE DEAL! Save over $800!!!***
BUSTshop's special savings and promotion: Buy 6 BUSTshop ads (1 year in BUST) at 15% off the total and get the 7th BUSTshop ad FREE!
A color ad is $425 x 6 for a total of $2,550. Take 15% off for a total of $2167.50, and you will get the 7th ad for FREE!
Your total savings is $807.50! That's over a $115 off per ad!!! This is a prepaid advertising contract.
To submit your order for this special promotion, just contact your BUST Sales Rep, and click on this link, fill out the information, print it and fax over your insertion order

The ad should be 2.25" wide by 3" tall
The ad should be 300 dpi and saved as a tiff or eps file, (using Photoshop, Illustrator, or other image-editing program that is capable of saving in this format and this resolution. Sorry, but at this time, we do not accept InDesign files unless they have been exported as an .eps.) We prefer that ads not be sent as jpegs unless they have been saved at "highest quality." Please send CMYK files.

*For ads being created in Illustrator: Please remember to convert fonts to "outlines" before mailing us the ad.
Please save ads as your company's name, i.e., calvinklein.tif. Please do not save your file as bust.tif, or anything with "bust" in the file name, as it runs the risk of overwriting other files on our end.

BUST is not responsible for the outcome of your artwork unless it is accompanied by a printed proof.
We cannot guarantee type, image, color, or placement without this. Please remember to clearly mark your proof with your company's name.

Print ads should be emailed to bustshop@bust.com by JUNE 24, 2008. Please mail your proof to: BUSTshop, 78 Fifth Avenue, #5, New York, NY 10011

The ad must be 120 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.
The ad must be 72 dpi.
The ad must be under 15K.
The ad must be saved as a .jpg or .gif
The ad cannot be FLASH format, but it can animate as long as the file size is under 15K

Web ads should be emailed to bustshop@bust.com by JULY 21, 2009.