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looking for crafters for animal charity!

please email me if you might be interested in an opportunity to promote your craft and help an animal sanctuaryecosampler@yahoo.com

lost in this vow

How often do we get to go through high school? Once. When you were in hich school, how often did you wish to get out? Uncountable times. Now that you're out, how many times do you wish to be back...? My life though high school and beyond.

Love My Four!


Rockin' blog from an awesome girl.

Love Olla

Love Olla is about Olla, a twenty-something Northern Californian with a weakness for love and thrift store couture. While both her love life and wardrobe are lacking despite the effort put into it, she pulls things off that others can’t even ventur ...

Lushly Alive


wife and mother don't completely describe me but sex goddess seems a bit off as well... I guess for the time being I am neither fish nor fowl or good red herring. Hopefully you will help me find the real me.


Melinda Milkshake Blogs about life as the owner and operator of Melinda Milkshake Vintage on Melinda Milkshake is a fierce believer in independence and originality, a lover of the retro lifestyle, a creator, crafter, traveler and all around D ...


A pop culture grab bag of music, books, art, Morrissey and more!

Mamanomic$: The Blog

A blog of mixings. Culture, fashion, art and some of my crazy adventures.

Marie Fromage

Marie Fromage is an informative journal about the pursuit of my passions – cheese (!!), food in general, music and travel. I’m often asked for restaurant recommendations, recipes/how-to-cook something, along with “tell me all about your trip” and “heard a ...

Marketing Whore

I'm a Dirty, Dirty marketer.

Melissa Dixson, Taxidermist

Inspiration daily. Musings on art, fashion, design and natural curiosities plus news and events from a taxidermist in Brooklyn, NY.

michelle my belle

Thoughts on beauty, fashion, design, and pop culture from a 20-something aspiring actress and fashionista.

Midwest Neurotica

Find sweetness, joy & clean cottage style @

Mint Demode

Perfectly old-fashioned... Just here to offer some hints and advice to help navigate the day to day. I love everything vintage,interior design, fashion, food, and fun. More importantly, I love a good penny pinch!

miss604's Canuck Life:: Vancouver


Blogging since 2004 about being a born n raised Vancouver girl, life, love, travel, the Canucks & being married to an American - indie finds for your uncommon life

★★★★½ is indie driven and community-minded. I believe in supporting small business, independent designers & artists, and people & organizations who are working to make the world a better place. I believe that one person can make a difference an ...


Feisty Queerspawn blogger/memoirist who covers her quadrants of interest: Jews, Queers, Babies and Acting

More Than Four Walls

It is said that most rooms have four walls -- what you do with them is the only thing that matters. I'd like to extend this further into the universe, to the landscape which we work and play, in addition to that of our bodies.A design blog for the well-ro ...

My Blog

My Indie Charlotte

My Indie Charlotte fully supports DIY, locality, independent shops, and urban spaces. In an attempt to curb my consumer addictions, I try to make my own stuff, be extremely thrifty, and showcase others who do the same. I like sharing things that inspir ...