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Juels & Gems

A look into the mind of a Feminist Latina from Brooklyn with views on Sex, Female Sexuality, Relationships, Love, Women's Rights and LIFE.

Julie's Tacky Treasures

What makes something a tacky treasure? A tacky treasure is, first of all, tacky. However, to be a treasure, it must possess an additional quality, which could be any one of these: a naïve yet ultimately flawed effort to be sophisticated or stylish; a comp ...

Karalee Serra

The complete portfolio of Karalee Serra, a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art, designer, blogger, photographer and dog lover. She launched her jewelry design company, Karalee Designs, in 2006 and has also been in the web and print design business fo ...

Kisses & Chaos

Come for the weirdness. Stay for the love. Kisses & Chaos offers Your Daily Dose™ of positivity, love and weirdness with a focus on PMA, art and opinion.

Kitten Lounge

The Kitten Lounge is an NYC based site that focuses on fashion, style, beauty, food and music. In addition to daily posts, we have 8 guides throughout the year: Holiday Gift Guide, NYE Guide, Valentine's Day Guide, Spring Break Picks Guide, Beaches/Backya ...

Kiwi Chronicles

LIFE WELL the Bay Area and beyond: Travel. Photography. Outdoors. Food. Arts. Culture. Style. Gardening. Sports. Wellness. Philanthropy. Conscious Living. And all sorts of other goodies to make life grand.

La Belle Femme (The Beautiful Woman)

Women's Inspiration For The Beautiful Woman, Charming and Delightfully Presented Blog (mucho artwork and attractive photos) about really enjoying and creating a beautiful and pleasurable life. Steering away from the need for entertainment, and seek 'Il b ...

La Belle Lumière

A life full of yoga, travel, inspiration, France, San Francisco, thrifting, crafting, gluten-free food, and the photos to prove it.

La La Land and Others Blog

A blog exploring happenings in art, entertainment, and all things generally awesome. Some posts center around events and affairs within the Los Angeles area - and some don't! Fun and informative... lots of underground entertainment. This blog is new - but ...

Lady Warfield Presents

Lady Warfield Presents is a personal presentation of style, past and present, both sexy and iconic. Covering music, film and literary inspirations, a range of inspiring designers, stylists, photographers, models and unique boutique owners. She shares her ...

Laura Vernon: Illustrator and Such...

My blog is about my illustration, the process, and the things that inspire me in my life. I write about anything I feel is significant in my day to day life. I'm just trying to make it as an illustrator, and as a mom, and as a person. Please check it ou ...

Les Femmes Folles

The aim of the blog (including interviews, show features, updates, excerpts, poetry and prose, and question-and-answers by local women writers) is to promote and support the creative endeavors of Nebraska women artists of all practices and genres, by shar ...


News, Politics, Fashion, Beasuty and Entertainment from a 21st Century Lesbian Feminist Perspective.

Lez Girl in the City

Life through the eyes of a lipstick lesbian living in New York City.

Librarians are Weird

In the words of Neil Gaiman, “Librarians are weird, but in a good way.” This website has been created to share thoughts, reviews, and tutorials created by some of those weird librarians. We have extremely good taste and we thought we should share that wi ...

The blog and writing portfolio of college dropout writer, Rebecca Jones-Howe. She writes dirty stories that still have literary merit.

LisaLoves2Read - graphic novel and geek culture feminis...

This is my blog, in which I discuss alternative graphic novels (Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez etc) with a feminist slant. I also chuck in a few pop culture things in there every now and again just to mix it up a bit! Commements an ...


My world, shared with you. I visit and share my likes and loves ..... which includes noted places online to visit, shop, look, drool, fawn over and basically want to step into their world.

Living Cozy

Create a cozy lifestyle and read about topics like crafting, interior design, sinful indulgences, cooking, gardening, fashion, and cozy cuteness!