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A totally scatterbrain blog about my life as a librarian, mum, feminist, domestic goddess, hot rod heir, pop culture curiosity and wannabe writer. Warning - includes unwanted advise, opinions and rants.

HoundsGood: Chronicles of a Virtual Volunteer

Change the world without leaving the house. Welcome to the world of a virtual volunteer. Stick around to learn about tech tips to help you get around the internet for those that may want to reach out and help someone, and how to find volunteer opportunit ...

House of Chen


Site of one cool chick, including the famous unspoken rules of girlhood.

How geek.

Blog of a single geek chic mom and her day to day.. month to month more like. Mothering, crafting, working and trying to have a dating life.

I Am You

Hi, my name is Tarah and I'm anorgasmic. Read as much as you want on my rather haphazard love life with Victor and discover my hang-ups (sex isn't one of them)on the three R's: race, religion and relationships.

i green eye

the ramblings and crafty goodness of a truly happy wife and mom.

I Hear You Like Stories!


Comedy-humor, recipes, and a picture of the day. Yup.

I Know What You Are Reading

What people are reading on the NYC subways and buses!

I Like Monkeys

Daily observations, social experiments including personal ads, and my attempt to date 100 men by the end of the year.

I Look So Good Without You

A blog that features humorous, honest commentaries on life; recipes; workout plans, etc. This blog is a celebration of recognizing one's true essence and being responsible for your own happiness.

I Love The Old World

A peek inside the world of a woman who just wasn't made for these times. Lots of talk about music, food, friendship, books and other things that interest me and might interest you, too.

i miss the stoned bunnies

The mumbled thoughts of a girl who enjoys looking for interesting rocks, whiskey, reading, colored lights. Time, the properties, use, waste and existence of. Skinny dipping. Mustaches and beards. Wearing an eyepatch so I can be my own evil twin. Low budge ...

I will not let this make me eat


I used to live in LA working my self to the bone in fashion. Now I'm in Boulder and I work in computers. Now I have to figure out how my $300 shoes and vintage hats fit into a world of crocs, khakis and hiking.

I'm Glowing!

A music blog that also covers film and TV. It's bold, sexy and above all, entertaining.

Illustrious Colours

Illustrious Colours was created to depict an honest and reverent portrayal of Clarity Star's imagination & the fascinating (inner) world she lives in.

In Her Shoes

Conceptualized by Renae Bluitt, founder of Crush Media, In Her Shoes was created to empower, enlighten and uplift women committed to realizing their dreams.As a relatively new entrepreneur, Renae has always been intrigued by other women’s stories: t ...

In Shadows...

A look at the darker side of Etsy's talented brood

Internet Business

Internet Business Path is a blog dedicated to helping people set up a profitable Internet business. Whether you are looking to setup your first ecommerce website or have an existing Internet business, you will find lots of helpful articles here.

It's a Mouthful!

We're hoping you need one more... guilty- pleasure-time-waster website to visit! We NEED you, plain & simple. Desperately Seeking: Writers. Submit your Story? We’re looking for edgy, provocative, funny, off-the-cuff short stories. We're intereste ...