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Food Shenanigans!

Everyone takes cooking so seriously these days. There’s umpteen blogs out there about the virtues of grass-fed beef or farmstead cheeses, and that if you really care about yourself and the world at large, you’d only eat organic. And while al ...

for colored gurls

for colored gurls is a blog, well, for colored gurls. This includes (but is not limited to) women from shades of beige to dark chocolate. Well-rounded women who know that the world involves more than makeup, celebs and clothes. But they also know the lat ...

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Ask not for whom the Bell tolls, SHE tolls for THEE

Frappelattes Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Beauty, fashion, & lifestyle with a caffeine buzz!

From a Mess to the Masses

People know my sins, I'm overwhelmed! The blog of writer/musician D. K. N. Yuko

Funny the World

The musings of a 60 year old adolescent. Family, work, weight loss, theatre, biking, other stuff.


The blog of a college student with bipolar disorder.


A notebook for found scraps of poetry and literature. Chronicling the quotidian since 1999.

Geek Chic. Cooler than your mom...but not by much.

Personal essay website that kicks your ass, takes your lunch money and asks you to fill out that little comment card afterwards.

I make out with geeks.

Get AMPed

I live in the Greatest City in the World, because variety is my spice. I live my truth; I write it here. Smart, sassy, sometimes serendipitous - if you like the sound of that, you'll want to Get AMPed!


The adventures of a New York comedian who, by day, masquerades as a Legal Secretary (or, as she calls herself, a "barely legal secretary"). Sure to amuse, GET THE F OUT OF HERE is procrastination at its finest.

Get Well Soon

People with mental illness don't have a lot of options of where they can go socially. There's a lot of stigma out there. This is a place where people can come and feel safe...

Gia On The Move


an ideas, thoughts and alternative dance, movement, culture, arts and entertainment blog - the stuff you don't see everyday

Gina Sessa's MercanStyle Tumblr page

this page serves as a type of sketchbook / photoblog to collect snipits of eye catching things that either go with my style interests or are a part of my life... I usually post an item or two a day from my vintage shop with direct links to buy them

Girl Friday

A fashion and arts infused style blog complete with poetry weaving and aesthete sinuous sensibilities.

GladRags Gab - the official GladRags blog


GladRags ladies and their esteemed guest bloggers share the latest news, music, food, menstrual happenings and more!