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Creative Influences

A blog written by a freelance writer/painter. Blogger shares her paintings as well other artists. Topics range from art to design and decor. Details creative process and offers tips on decorating on a budget.

crunchy blog


I'm about to move to new york to be a full time actor. Step right up and smell the crushing self-doubt. - fashion. style. trends is the ultimate online destination for women seeking the best in fashion, style, shopping, trends, art, culture and more! Updated daily- is a lifestyle website that is sure to keep you engaged and entertained. is my blog/personal site with visitor goodies such as avatars, stationary scans, sayclubs, and more!

Curltastic is a blog dedicated to curly hair - we love the curlies! Product reviews, tips and tricks, and the editor's personal hair journey.

Da Goddess dot Com


Just a gal with nothing to say about anything. Yeah. Right. If you believe that - I got some nice oceanfront property in Arizona for ya.

Daily Pep Talk From A Best Friend

Get your mind off crushes, work, and other crap you can’t control by remembering what you’ve got going for you.Love yourself as much as your best friend loves you!At DailyPep, you'll find:a new pep talk everyday.a new podcast pics ...

Damiana Dolce

From the depths of the darkened theater a spot light summons forth the seductive siren Damiana Dolce.

Devilish Southern Belle

Just the blog of a weird mom and wife living in the south who loves fast cars, roller derby, loud music, long hair, and tattoos.

diane dipiazza at


the blog of type designer/graphic designer and pop culture lover, diane dipiazza

Diva on a Dollar

A blog focused on living luxurious on a budget. Diva on a Dollar also gives great online and local shopping tips.



A journal, plain and simple.

domestic affair


domestic affair attempts to redefine domesticity with ramblings and rants about knitting, vegan food, co-op living and zine writing.

Dull Cutlery, Reconsidered

Recent college grad/Bay Area transplant blathers about local produce (good), movies she's rented or seen at the cheap theater (good), and misses old friends (bad).

East Side Girl


One Couple. One 350 sq ft apartment. 147 Days until the wedding. Will they survive?

EcoEtsy - Greening Your Life

As a global coalition of eco-minded Etsy sellers, Team EcoEtsy’s mission is to protect the planet by utilizing methods to reduce the carbon footprint in managing their businesses and maintaining eco-friendly lifestyles. Not only do they practice these ear ...


Narcissism At Its Finest. Not a blog, not a diary, not a journal. LOTS of opinion.

Elina cuts loose!

blog about popcult, fashion, daily life in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), etc.

Mostly my photography, some of my poetry, a little bit about my activism with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and links to other cool sites. I'm a professional photographer; I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The School of the Art Institu ...