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The Wonderful Misadventures of Betty Rage

Tales from an Aspiring Roller Girl Updated Weekly

The Zaftig Chicks

We're two fun, fabulous fat chicks that like to snark, shop, watch reality TV, eat, drink, exercise and try new things, all for the betterment of the world around us (or some crap like that).

There are No Girls on the Internet

Musings on gender and geek culture from the perspective of a self-identified tomboy and geek. I try to point out what's great about sexual equality in geek/gamer culture, as well as the spots that still need work, from the point of view of a woman on the ...


THE KEEN AWAKENING TO LESBIAN SPARE-TIME! Lesbian Pop Culture, Art, Music, and everything in between!


ramblings of a 30-something former lush turned mother to be, from san francisco to her move to oakland and everything in between.

Urban Flora

I am a Chicana married to a white guy living in Singapore. I have two dogs, Lord Stanley and Little Joe. I have a voracious appetite for shoes, coffee, books, dessert and late night intellectual conversations with my husband. I started this blog because I ...

Urban Sapphic

Foor the International Lesbian: News, Politics, Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty and most importantly WOMEN

Urban Sapphic: The Blog

The Blog for Non Blond Dykes Worldwide (Although We Love Blonds Too) It's A Joke!

Utterly Smitten: A Blog On All Things Lovable

Written by two California girls who met in New York, Utterly Smitten offers a daily dose of happiness. Everything from books and fashion to food and home decor, we're all about inspiration, motivation, and being more in love with life. Come visit us!


The blog that follows my crafty vegan adventures!


Tasty vegan recipes, musings and products reviews from one crafty herbivore.

Velveteen Rabbi

A passionate, idiosyncratic, unOrthodox look at contemporary Judaism.

VeryModern Astrology


VeryModern Astrology and Stuff to Read

Well Soul

a woman's exploration of spirituality and health

What Would Lucy Do?

WWLD? Following the Gospel of a Comedy Goddess is a Lucille Ball-inspired blog celebrating screwball solutions to practical matters.

What's That?!

A little of this, a little of that. A pessimist trying to be an optimist (and occasionally succeeding).

Whoreders: four ladies on the cutting edge of cutting c...

The Whoreders are four broads who love getting creative with bargains, deals, freebies, giveaways, sweepstakes, sales, samples, recipes, fashion, and more. Whatever you want to call it, at the end of the day what they want is more stuff, more money in the ...

WineGirl Blogs

Watch, read, listen, and write as WineGirl describes the adventures of a DIY entrepreneur as she manages her own micro-winery producing ultra-premium Washington wine.