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Talking Pony


Art, politics, sock puppets, wigs...all in a day's work for the one-woman-show writer/actor/comedienne Audrey Dundee Hannah.

Tanessa Dreams

In this blog, Tanessa Dreams teaches you how to unlock the wisdom of your sleep. Find personal examples, dreams shared by readers and dreams from popular culture (music, movies, books, etc.). Tanessa has been a student of dreams since she was 14. Tanessa ...

Tarot Dame Blog

Tarot Dame's blog featuring daily, illustrated tarot (or oracle) card readings. A different deck is used for each week's drawings.


My blog about cute, tiny, kawaii crafts, tutorials, and animals. Updated at least two times per week.


An open dialogue between two young women exploring the interconnected, multifaceted experiences of health and gender. Friends for 8 years, we currently reside in Baltimore and New York City. We believe that from conversation grows understanding, creativit ...

That Jolie Girl

Ramblings of a crafty, yet shy girl.

That Saint Paul House

That Saint Paul House is a blog dedicated to describing the experience of making an old fixer-upper a beautiful home. Featuring crafts, renovation, diy, inspiration and decoration.

The Androgynous Femme

A blog about representations of female androgyny in culture, literature, and art.

The Angry Office Manager

Mandy is angry. How can she not be? She works at a place that her coworker Clifford once dubbed a "mock company for those of us who couldn't get real jobs." He couldn't have been more accurate.Comprised of a motley crew of employees that are bot ...

The D Diaries

A music, art, and fashion blog with a quirky twist.

the dirtygirl diaries

A simple love story between a girl, some boys, a bag of dope, a bottle of vodka, a pair of tassles and the most famous street corner in the world. Times Square 1974-1984. Ten years that changed a life forever.

The Emma Edition

The Emma Edition was started in February 2009 as a love letter to NYC through the lens of style and culture. I started the blog because there wasn't any others out there at the time about about style in NYC written from the perspective of a teenager (I'm ...

The Five Senses

I'm an actress and aspiring filmmaker. I have a blog that covers film, photography, art, design, and culture. I'm following many creative paths right now and love to write about what inspires me.

The Geeky White Girl Grows UP

The sometimes exciting adventures of a vegan married mother of three navigating the hazards of a hostile suburban terrain while fending off the current economic crisis. Information, tips and links on veganism, vegan cooking, parenting, being green in all ...

The Happy Hour Tour

Two girls conquering one happy hour at a time. Ok, sometimes more than one. Our wallets are light. Our drinks don't have to be.

The Inadvertent Gardener

It's amazing what I'd do for a good tomato.

The Knitty Gritty.

Crafts, feminism, fashion + lifestyle are all thrown into the mix.

The Merch Girl: Blog

burlesque apprentice, improv rookie, circus trainee. all-round creative chick. let me be your merch girl!

The Mourning Reviews

Boring, hyper, and a loser who loves make-up, music, movies, skin care, and black clothes.

The Ovarian Fist

The Ovarian Fist is a blog that discusses women in art, news, and music that every girl and boy should know!