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Small Measure

Simple, daily gestures towards improving community, family and planet.


Exploring the minutae of every day life with a humorous slant and pop culture references

So What If I Like Pretty Things

Phenomenal Cosmic Powers, Itty Bitty Living Space: Big Dreams, Minuscule Budget. The story of a 22-year old Chicagoan working retail and maintaining sanity, featuring the clothes, music, places, people, events, and things that I love.

socially AWKWARD lesbian

a couple of NYC women (who happen to be ex girlfriends) writing about whatever is irking us.

Sojourner's Truths

A blog about spirituality, feminism, and my funky life.

soul of food

Recipes, Food musings, Gardening.

Steady On Her Grind

Every day, she's hustlin. At the Mickey D's, the front desk, your local Payless. And she's following her dreams.... Email if you wish to nominate a hard working lady in your life! Steady On Her Grind aims to showcase all kinds ...

Sticky Candy

Skipping and (s)tumbling my way through a charmed life.

Stiggly Holistics NYC

Stiggly Holistics is a NYC based one woman company - offering nutritional and lifestyle counseling from a holistic perspective. Individual counseling and group classes. Green workshops. DIY workshops. Farmers Market Tours. 101 Healthy Cooking Classes ...

Stix and the City


Knitting, fashion, and other random nerdly stuff...

Strawberry Anarchy

A blog full of Fashion,the bizarre, kawaii and crazy things. Colourful and somtimes dark. Strawberry Anarchy is gaining more and more followers every day! Come see what the Strawberry Anarchy revolution is all about.

Stuck in Retail Hell

Stories of working in the world of the general public.

Stumbling Towards Glamour

I'm a 23 year old lady with a pug and a large dish collection. I also have a terribly cluttered home, too many clothes, a million unfinished projects, an out-of-shape butt, and a hatred for exercising and eating healthy. These are my goals to change that, ...

Suburban Socialite

Twenty-Something suburbanite blogs about her favorite things from beauty and fashion, to music, gossip, and art. An awesome daily does of randomly delightful tid-bits from a lady of the burbs.

SucK My BlooD And FucK My SouL!


A self proclaimed gothic chic that luvs the colour purple & pink too.Has an obssesion with food,lingerie,cars & anythin angelic..Apprently pretty "gila"(crazy)..Can be a bit of a total control freak at times..thats sarcastic & swears ...

Supermodel Gladys

A blend of of fashion, music, personal photographic art from the eyes and ears of an aspiring model. As seen on Teen Vogue and Independent Fashion Bloggers.



A life inspired by music. Day to day trials and tribulations, happy occasions and general goings on in the life of a 20-something year old rockin' female!


Wife. Mother. Designer. Writer. All rolled into one neurotic, quivering mass. Seasoned Bleatings from a woman on the edge.

Sycamore Stirrings

Crafts, quilts, baking, photography, gardening, kid projects and bits about Seattle

Tales of a Dissident Daughter

Raised in a Southern Baptist congregation, the authoress left the church when she was thirteen years old. She spent the next decade exploring her spirituality in a wide-variety of religions, pondering the deep-rooted mystery of existence, and questioning ...