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an ideas, thoughts and alternative dance, movement, culture, arts and entertainment blog - the stuff you don't see everyday
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byAmandaT, April 25, 2011
Fun and informative are two very good words to describe this blog. I found it full of interesting news. I find every entry full of fun and entertaining anecdotes. A very enjoyable read every time.

The thing I enjoy most is the fact that it is content I don't find in other blogs I read. I read plenty of entertainment blogs and news blogs, but the stories here are ones I don't find anywhere else.

Without this blog I would have never found The Elitists, which have a sound like I have never heard and just makes me want to get up and dance!

Gia On The Move also makes you want to get up, get involved, and do! High energy writing really livens up your day.

Every entry brings something to the table that is well worth reading. If you are into movies, music, comedy, dance, fitness, or news... you will find something here you will enjoy! The articles pull you in and you don't want to quit reading! A well made blog I know I will be going back to read week after week.