Let's Celebrate Holi, The Hindu Festival of Colors This Saturday

One of the most beloved holidays on the planet, Holi is a festival in the Hindu tradition that celebrates the transition from the darkness of winter to the brightness of spring with a huge dance party! Revelers get down to bangin’ Bhangra beats, nosh on savory Indian snacks, and most amazing of all, decorate each other with brightly colored powders that represent the virtues of happiness, love, and vitality.

Here in New York City, NYC Bhangra and India.com will be hosting their free outdoor festivities, Holi Hai, on Saturday, May 3, from 11 to 6 at 1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. And while the holiday was already commemorated in India in late March this year, similar bursts of merriment will still be cropping up in Hindu communities all over the world this season as the weather changes. So look for one in your area, or try throwing a throw down yourself by using this handy eco-friendly Holi tip sheet.

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